Dog hit by car, denied vet care and left tethered outdoors by cord for months

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Just ten minutes before a brindle coated bulldog was to be euthanized at a North Carolina shelter, Rescue Dogs Rock, NYC stepped forward to save the dog who had been hit by a car, denied medical care and left tethered outdoors in the backyard for months. On Tuesday, the extremely friendly dog named Lt Dan, by the veterinarian caring for him, arrived at the organization’s partner veterinarian clinic where the first order of business will be to address his two untreated, broken legs.Dan the dog

“This is one of the most heartbreaking stories so far this year, ” stated Jackie O’Sullivan, co-founder of the rescue group who is known to come to the aid of dogs suffering the most severe cases of neglect and abuse. “Can you imagine his pain and suffering?”

Last Thursday, Wilson County Animal Enforcement responded to a report of an injured dog at a home located on Banks Lane. When authorities arrived, they found the bulldog tethered outdoors by a cable, dragging his back legs in the yard. According to the Wilson Times, the sheriff’s office chief of staff, Wanda Samuel, stated the owner of the dog, Yiovany Rodriguez Rosado, 19, told officers the dog had been hit by a car one to two weeks ago. It is suspected, however, that the dog may have been injured in September 2016. He also told the Wilson County Animal Enforcement that he didn’t have a car or money to help the dog, and didn’t know what to do. Rosado surrendered the dog to Animal Enforcement, who transferred the dog to a veterinarian where the pup was found to have two broken legs and other injuries. Sadly, Lt. Dan had been returned to the shelter where – because of his extensive injuries was doomed to die. Dan the dog 2

“It’s despicable cruelty and thank goodness the owner was arrested! Of course he’s out on bond,” Jackie sadly added, but her optimism quickly returned.  “Lt Dan had some angels looking out for him and they begged for help and for his precious life. They say he is amazing and deserves a chance! He can go to the bathroom by himself and feel pain and wag his tail, so despite all the time that has passed, there is hope! X-rays show disc compression,” and surgery is now a viable option,” Jackie explained on the group’s Facebook page.

Rosado has been charged with felony animal cruelty and for two counts of failure to vaccinate the dog and improper tethering. He was released on a $2,000 unsecured bond.

To help Lt Dan with his medical expenses, donations can be made by clicking here or or RDR NYC PO BOX 101 NY NY 10028.

Photos of dog left tethered outdoors and video courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC.

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Video of Lt Dan here:

Posted by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC on Tuesday, March 7, 2017






31 replies
  1. Barbara J Catanzaro says:

    OMG how heartwrenching! You know the older I get the more I believe in an eye for an eye! Somebody needs to go and break this man’s legs both of them then leave them in this house by myself cut the phone cord. What a despicable human being for a 19 year old! There’s just no excuse a 9 year old would know better.

    • Julie Enos says:

      OMG is right. Everyday there are stories coming out of animal neglect and abuse. If you cannot afford vet care take the injured animal to a vet anyway and Ieave it there. People are Really getting stupid

      • John says:

        Julie this goes well beyond stupid. Something far worse than intelligence is missing here.

  2. Darla says:

    I wish someone would have called authorities sooner. Surely, neighbors saw this poor dog as he suffered for MONTHS. I can’t even imagine the pain he endured. Of course, the POS owner had a horseshit excuse for everything. Thank you to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC for saving this sweet boy.

    • Julie Enos says:

      Your right Darla. People Know abuse of Animals are going on but tell themselves it is not their business. Well let me tell them. If you see animal abuse It is your business

  3. Roselyne CORNETTE says:

    Pauvre ange. Le barbare qui l’a laissé sans soins doit être sévèrement condamné, justice doit être faite.

  4. Kathryn Aldridge says:

    The guy’s 19 years old. He doesn’t have a CLUE. Fortunately, somebody noticed and RDRNYC came to the rescue! And this is a HARD lesson learned for the owner. If he reads this…I didn’t have a car for 7 months, but I asked friends to help, and they did. If your dog is injured, CALL SOMEONE and ask for help! DON’T just tie him up in the yard because you don’t want to see him in pain.

    • Coby says:

      He didn’t have a clue? Please. He is old enough to know right from wrong. Even children know that. You can bet if he were hit by a car he would know what to do.

      • Kathryn Aldridge says:

        I’m just saying…I have young friends and many of their friends are pretty naive. If this guy didn’t grow up with dogs, he may have just not thought of what NEEDED to be done. I’ve actually heard people say, “It’s a dog. They heal themselves.” Pretty stupid, I know. But some people just don’t THINK right.

    • Allan McNeil says:

      No excuse… this mother fucker will get his. I don’t pray for the dogs, I pray that every worthless piece of shit who does anything of this sort gets what’s coming to them 100 times over, lord are ya listening bring g the boom down on this mother fucker

  5. maxiemom says:

    So happy that Rescue Dogs Rock, NYC stepped in to help Lt. Dan! He didn’t deserve what happened to him, and he certainly didn’t deserve to have scum like his owners mistreat him as they did and allow him to suffer so. I hope that POS spends YEARS in prison, though I know he won’t, and I hope every single person in that family who failed their dog gets exactly what they deserve.

  6. Diana Bradshaw says:


  7. Barkley's Mom says:

    Why did this POS have a dog if he can’t afford to care for it? Funny somehow he was able to come up with the bond to get out on bail, Why didn’t he call Animal Control instead of letting the poor dog suffer like that? I hope they throw the book at this idiot, Prayers for Lt Dan, I hope he makes a full recovery and has a happy ever after ahead of him.

  8. Red says:

    I swear, some people are just to STUPID to OWN anything. If they could get to their brain they would take it out and play with it!!! This poor precious animal. He has every reason to HATE humans, yet he drags himself with a sweet smile on his face. Hopefully surgery and a new home will be in this babies future.

    • Beth Thompson Parker says:

      From what I’ve been told this is the picture of the dog when he was HIT by the car 6 MONTHS prior to being reported to Animal Control. A passerby snapped this picture and was told that help had been called and owner was waiting for a local rescue group to send someone out. When the rescue volunteer arrived on the scene the dog and the owner were no where to be found. No one knew where the dog had “disappeared” to or any clue as to who the owner was or where he lived. THANK GOD the passerby had the good sense to SAVE this picture with the date/time on it, so it proves that this young man had enough sense to LIE to authorities about when this happened. That in itself shows he he KNEW better. This whole story is sickening. So grateful to WC Humane Society volunteers who fought to save him, as he was getting ready to be “destroyed” at the kill shelter in this county when they stepped in. Thank God for Rescue Dogs Rocky NYC for saying YES. YES his life is worth saving and we are going to do everything in our power to do so. If anyone has any extra $$, or wants to skip a fast food meal this week, or that Starbucks coffee, and instead donate towards Lt. Dan’s medical expenses I’m sure it would be greatly appreciated. Rescue Dogs Rock NYC takes on cases everyday of abused/neglected/tortured dogs that others give up on. This cost of treatment for Lt Dan is going to be astronomical, but they have high hopes for his FULL recovery after his medical evaluation. #becausehislifematters #justiceforltdan

  9. Gloria brandt says:

    They need to do the same to his owners n let them drag their legs n feel the pain n suffering this poor guy felt n feel no remorse about the treatment n throw their asses in jail

  10. Jill Wachter says:

    What an idiot, I don’t have a car. Call a cab loser!! Pos to the core!! Hope he gets hit by. Train & dies!!

  11. Edward Nagle says:

    i am with barbra. put his picture up. somebody drive. him 200 miles out. to desert. take a bat and break both of his legs. and laugh your ass off. ps. take dry ice chips. and. put them in his retinas and burn out is eyes

  12. Nancy Raymond says:

    Interesting, Yiovany Rodriguez Rosado couldn’t find the money to pay for his dog’s broken legs, BUT somehow came up with $2000.00 to bail his filthy butt out of jail. Thank God for Rescue Dogs Rock who came to the rescue of Lt. Dan – and hopefully this innocent neglected dog can be healed from this horrific cruelty. This punk Rosado is another viable candidate for the wood chipper – no conscience, no compassion.

  13. Johanna Pontin says:

    It is beyond comprehension why humans want to keep a pet and then leave to die.. Who are these people, what kind of disturbing childhood and life must they have had? They too should be treated for mental illness and never be left alone with animals or children!

  14. Lisa Burger Clesi says:

    Omg! The cruelty of some humans! How do you see your dog day after day suffering in pain and do absolutely nothing. You must have a heart of stone. You could have called someone for help yet you would rather watch your dog suffer. You need your ass kicked and your legs smashed and thrown out in the desert somewhere. The worse thing is he probably loves you. I’m glad he was rescued and is finally getting the help he deserves. I hope he makes it and is able to walk again and gets a home where he will be loved and taken care of!

  15. Joanne says:

    ????☹️???????????????????????????????????????????? Heartbreaking, Sad, and Horrific! ???? Precious Lt. Dan, I’m so very sorry your heartless, despicable scumbag owner failed you so miserably. This breaks my heart, you deserved so much better. Lt Dan, I’m praying for your speedy and complete recovery and that you will be placed in a loving and caring forever home where you will be pampered, respected, protected, and live a healthy, and happy life with a loving and wonderful family. May God shine His light brightly upon you and bless you with the ability to walk again and have a fulfilling joyful life. Lt. Dan, Angels are watching over you, sweetheart. LT. DAN, YOU ARE LOVED. ♥️????????????????????????????????????????????????????♥️

  16. Pat says:

    ???? Shame on the soulless scumbags that witnessed this poor innocent dog suffering agonizing pain, horrible mistreatment, and callous neglect, and did not report this despicable abuse to the authorities! OMG, what is WRONG with some people, do they not have any soul or conscience! Ignoring this cruel and disgusting mistreatment of helpless, voiceless animals is inhuman, callous, and unacceptable! Lt. Da, I hope and pray you will be blessed with a full recovery, and a loving forever home, and that the Lord will bless you with a happy life and joy in your heart. Please help this beautiful boy so he will be back on his 4 paws soon.????????. God bless you, Lt. Dan. ♥️????????????♥️


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