Dog locked away after spat with a cat

Dog held at animal shelter over a year after spat with a cat

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A dog in Iowa has been held in solitary “custody” for over a year after she got into a spat with a cat – the dog, named “Pinky,” has never bitten a person and she didn’t kill the cat (though the cat was injured) but she has been deemed a dangerous dog and her life is in jeopardy.

The eight-year-old mixed breed dog managed to bolt from her owner’s property in March 2016 – she tangled with a neighbor’s cat and since that time, she has been locked away at the Animal Rescue League (ARL) while a battle is waged over her life (or death).  In November – several months after Pinky was seized, ARL issued a statement explaining WHY Pinky has been declared dangerous:

The City of Des Moines declared the dog “Dangerous”, a declaration that comes after a bite/s happen to humans or other animals, and mandates euthanasia per the city’s existing animal ordinances (it is a city declaration per the city ordinance – not an ARL declaration). The case is still open in the court system.

Per the city’s contract with the Animal Rescue League of Iowa (ARL), the dog has been in our care during this time. We are ONLY the holding facility for this dog during the court case. We do not have any say in the case or the outcome for the dog. The policy to not allow the owner of Pinky to visit her was made by Sgt. Jim Butler, Chief Humane Officer for the city of Des Moines.

Many people in the area are fighting to see Pinky freed – a petition (click here to read and sign) has been created, as well as a Facebook page (Save Pinky’s Life) to help advocate on her behalf. In March, Save Pinky’s Life explained the “vicious dog” label which has been attached to the mixed breed dog:

This is Pinky, labeled a Pit Bull by the ARL when she was only weeks old. This made her an automatically vicious dog then. She’d done nothing wrong they seized her out of her yard when she was weeks old and used an arbitrary checklist on what is now a 60lb+ dog when she was a puppy at approx 15lbs.
She is now fighting for her life for having a spat with a cat.
Josh Colvin states they do not do checklist and breed labels on puppies, They did on Pinky at weeks old.

Pinky has been at the ARL for almost a year while her owner fights to save her.

Many people are concerned about Pinky’s emotional well-being during her extended confinement – worried that the months away from her family, living in a kennel run, are damaging her mentally. ARL has stated that the dog is receiving daily exercise, olfactory and auditory stimulation, in addition to toys for play time in her kennel.

On May 16, ARL stated that the confinement of Pinky will continue – for how long remains unknown:

Update 5/16/17: On April 17, 2016, the District Court entered an Order upholding the “dangerous dog” declaration by the City of Des Moines. Because Pinky is still subject to a “dangerous dog” declaration that has been upheld on appeal, the ARL cannot release her.

City of Des Moines website here.

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(Stock image via Pixabay free images)

Image – via Save Pinky’s Life

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70 replies
  1. Gizmos Mommy says:

    This is BS of the nth degree. Lots of dogs don’t like cats. One of my adopted Chihuahuas doesn’t like cats. Another adopted Chihuahua of mine was attacked by a stray cat so she doesn’t like them either. She was hurt pretty bad. Did the cat who attacked my dog get labeled “dangerous” – NO. Double standard in operation. And please don’t interpret my comments as an “anti cat” rant. This poor dog should NOT be labeled dangerous. I adopted my Chihuahua even though I knew she didn’t like cats.

    • Barkley's Mom says:

      Many dogs don’t like cats, one of mine didn’t because she was actually attacked by a cat when she was a pup! This is a case of BSL pure and simple, someone has it in for this poor dog and letting it drag on this long is despicable!

      • Gizmos Mommy says:

        You’re so right. My adopted Nicki barks and goes nuts when another dog goes by!! But if they come up to the gate, she touches noses and all is well. She’s just a very good watchdog and protects our home.

      • ellen cottone says:

        barky mom why did you change to sunshyn?
        the reason why your dog was so called attacked as a pup was because he went into the cats space when it was clearly trying to avoid him. And a swat to the beak was enought to teach him respect not fear. Cat never provoke bigger animals. Cats are too smart .

        You are trying to sell that cats are the problem here and they are unreasonable people.and deserve to be attacked also that they have it coming because they Provoke. they do not.
        All they try to do is survive from a much larger animal who has it out for it. As in this case. The dog had been planning that attack for a while.

        At best what your seeing is the battle of wits between home animals. Its their biz. Most cats and dog who live together love each other. I would not harbor an animal that would draw blood. Thats the broad line.

      • Sunshyne says:

        Well than ellen, the cat should be seized and killed too, it bit and scratched the dog. Duh

      • ellen cottone says:

        Now I cant get the picture of Ginger Cat Thom being arrested out of my head.
        He hisses they “Got the wrong cat!, Man!.”

        But if you guys are upset this dog is going to be killed dont. That deal was done when elected animal officials started loosing sleep. about a year ago. thats why you pay for a lawyer and he alerts the world.

        The real crime is him sitting in the big house. wouldn’t it be nice if he could be re homed into a more secure home and keep him out of trouble. Your “save pinky worked” but its the family they dont like. they refused to play the game. but i think also pinky liked to push passed kids at the front door.
        I wish pinky was fostered and then proven family worthy and introduced as

        Captain Kirk,
        (may formally be Pinky on another planet)
        Delightful St Francis Terrier , Fawn color, Maaayyy like some cats. Experienced dog adopters only.
        What cant that happen? Seems fair.

  2. linda says:

    What a rat bastard Sgt. for not allowing the owner’s to visit Pinky! I’m concerned that the owners will not want Pinky back once if a decision has been made for her freedom. Pinky was a few weeks old. Seriously they considered her a “dangerous dog”? Such stupidity!

  3. linda says:

    Just re read the article….I’m confused. It states in the second paragraph she is eight years old, however, in the sixth paragraph it states she was weeks old when she was seized from her yard. WTH?

    • Terry Ohlerking says:

      Pinky was seized by the ARL Animal Control the first time when she was a few weeks old. They charged the family a fine and a dangerous dog label, then gave her back, which they’ve done numerous times. It seems to be a money-making ploy that they use. Tom Colvin is in charge of ARL animal control, his wife has a position in the upper echelon of the ARL Animal Control and they’ve hired their son to also have a job in management. The city council continually renews the contract with ARL, I don’t know if they have ever considered having someone else provide the service. They have a multi-million dollar contract, and now, they’re considering building a new facility. I think it would be nice, if they’d consider another vendor, or several vendors, with more transparency.

      • tina says:

        Terry I went into the face book page for Pinky and It comments ARL and Sgt Butler have refused to release her because they (owners) live outside the city limits where Pinky cannot live. True?

      • Terry says:

        Pinky cannot live within the city limits, because she’s been declared a dangerous dog, by ARL The current owner lives outside the city of Des Moines, so there is no reason they can’t release pinky to the current owner.

    • Pinky Supporter says:

      She was seized from her yard when she was weeks old back in 2009 when she was still with the breeder and labeled a Pitbull a BSL breed in Des Moines by an ARL employee with 0 proof. The ARL made money off her then. Which automatically labeled her vicious by their outrageous, prejudice code, she had done nothing wrong, she was a baby. She was seized again out of the home in 2010 by the ARL animal control who was just nosing around, illegally seized from her new owner again, she again had done nothing wrong, they snatched her up because they said he didn’t have some kind of paperwork in order which they didn’t know until they hassled him, nothing but harassment. They did not follow the ordinance and ordered him to release her to them by court testimony.

      Bothering this man who’s dog had done nothing wrong while they let their friends and those with status in the community keep their pets and go down and get their license or whatever updated. They made money off her a second time in approx a year.

      Pinky until 2016 and now around 7 years old had done nothing wrong, not even ran at large. Then the incident with the cat took place. The ARL has seized this dog 3 times and made or will make thousands of dollars off her by the time all is said and done and may still kill her. Her only crime that is witnessed is being at large on a neighboring property and she could have been chasing an at large cat off her own property.

  4. Pamela Bolton says:

    Once again “HUMANS ” crucifying dogs for being dogs. God gave you brains. USE IT. My dogs chase cats and they aren’t dangerous. IOWA you need your brains examined. You are making the dog mean by keeping him away from his family. Send him home “without ” the dangerous dog label. That is ridiculous. Shame on you.

  5. Olga says:

    Really this is not unusual everyone deserves a second and third chance this pinky had trouble with a cat in the past regardless this sweet dog deserves a great life I pray you find a perfect loving forever home in Jesus name ????????????❤️

    • Terry says:

      Pinky has a home, the owner has been fighting in the courts for over a year to get pinky released from Animal Control. She has a home to go to outside the city of Des Moines and out of Polk County. But they won’t release her. They’ve been to court numerous times, right now they’re working on an appeal

  6. Cynthia Johnsonk says:

    This is wrong a dog gets a death sentence for a fight with a cat that didn’t die. However people who abuse animal with is a felony walk away with a slap on the wrist were is the justice in this country. Free this dog to her family the court system and the judges are so unjust. I think there are more important things the judge should be taking care of then a cat fight. Guilty until found guilty that’s how this country works today. Heartbreaking.

  7. Pinky Supporter says:

    There is nothing that states the ARL who has nearly all the control over the City with their Animal Control contract can’t drop the case and release Pinky.
    There is nothing in the ordinance that states the dog cannot be released to her owner, it just states dangerous animals cannot live in the city of Des Moines. Pinky’s new home is over 100 miles away and in a rural setting.
    The ARL has a complete disregard to the ordinance and breed labeling when it suits them or it is someone’s dog who their employees have a relationship with or has higher status in the community. Dogs have been witnessed attacking, killed other animals, bitten people, run at large habitually and they are allowed to go home or are never seized. It’s been stated that the ARL as put dogs up for adoption who have killed other animals. But Pinky must be taken away from her owner and or killed? The ordinance was ruled unconstitutional by a lower court yet instead of abiding by that the city continues to fight it and the ARL animal control continues to use it arbitratily.
    There is no reason Pinky even needs to remain at the ARL while it goes through the court system. Out of spite and retaliation the ARL and CHO Butler have used this poor dog as a pawn along with a city attorney who was known for civil rights work helping them keep her locked up and kill her, he’s obviously lost his way or maybe doesn’t like dogs?

    The Chief Humane Officer Butler who is supposed to be a liaison between the police and animal control and is a failure according to many, his attitude and own words of “Oh We Got Her,” when asked by a concerned citizen at that time when she was first seized, why he was trying to kill this dog speaks volumes, it’s like he gets pleasure out of tormenting families and their pets?
    The offer was made by a concerned citizen who is now Pinky’s present owner to remove her from the city over a year ago, they refused.
    At this point the ARL’s bill for Pinky’s time spent in their solitary confinement cage in a back room is over $5000.00. The ARL makes a lot of money off these seized animals they are fully responsible for seizing.
    Pinky has never had a proven or witnessed attack on anyone or anything, she’s never killed another animal, the cat who was illegally off her property could have been on Pinky’s lawn first and Pinky could’ve been chasing it off, that’s her right, the cat could have attacked Pinky and Pinky could have been defending herself. No one knows how it started but the blame was placed 100% on Pinky even though she had injuries too that were never documented or photographed, an incompetent animal control officer just charts Pinky attacked with 0 proof and no investigation.
    This corruption with only certain people’s pets or people who want to help save them has gone on for decades.
    This Animal Shelter brings in over $2,000,000.00 for their animal control contract with the city of Des Moines with no accountability.

    The cats owner did not want Pinky seized much less killed.
    As far as Pinky getting all this enrichment and stimulation, no proof and coming from a place who illegally seizes animals and keeps them from their owners and kills non suffering, non dangerous, adoptable, treatable pets, that’s hollow words and mean 0. Pinky was a nice, spayed, trained, lovable indoor family member, the ARL has done nothing to contribute to this though they appear to be trying to take credit for it.
    Just more Snake oil for sell at the biggest, non transparent Kill shelter in Iowa.

    • Sheila Duhn says:

      So sorry you opened my eyes to a part of the ARL I did not know existed. Our son witnessed a friends dog being killed by cops and it was ruthless to say the least, to a dog that was harmless.

  8. Rosio Duarte says:

    Thanks for much for covering this! It needs national attention to put pressure on these authorities to do the right thing!!!

  9. Terry says:

    City council seat is an electable position. This farce, known as “hiring a facility to provide animal control services, “needs to be ended. The service needs to be opened up for public bids and go from there. Gag orders should NOT be part of a contract. City council members should read a binding contract BEFORE signing it. City council members should AVOID conflicts of interest. City council members should be ABLE to answer questions about animal control, asked by constituents.
    Employment positions at Animal Control, since they’re contracted by the city, should be publicly posted rather than just give the job to another family member. Personally, I’d appreciate the opportunity to bid on a job that pays six figures, especially since no specialized education is required.

  10. Sheila Duhn says:

    Boo to the City of Des Moines for doing this to Pinky. I am ashamed of the ARL for helping hold this dog and will discontinue any future help. All over a spat with a cat???? Are you kidding me? How do you sleep at night….

    • ellen cottone says:

      no sorry you can not erase the fact that he bolted from his home and entered another property and attacted a cat. no excuse . he was not protecting His home . He attacked a smaller animal With intent to Kill. dont fool your self or cloud the facts. This dog is a killer and some of his children will be killers. its a sad fact but its the truth.
      dont sign a pitition its a done deal all your signitures mean nothing. hes branded spend time getting good dogs off kill lines. there are gentel pit bulls that need to be saved. they deserve it. be their advocate.

      • Sunshyne says:

        Nice Fiction, you don’t even have the sex of the dog correct. This dog isn’t the least bit dangerous. In fact with the Comments you are making I’d feel safer in a room alone with Pinky than you. What an asinine post.

  11. Dawn Rupard says:

    Dont you ADULTS have anything better to do than pick on a dog? I mean really. Grow up, send tbe dog home & find something cobstructive you can do to benefit your community. Fibd a more noble way of feeling good about yourself. Picking on a dog to stroke your ego & flex your “authority” muscles just makes you look like a pathetic ass! Grown people bullying a dog. Nice, Des Moines…real classy. Good grief

  12. Sherry says:

    How IGNORANT can the city of Des Moines be? Apparently almost as moronic as that chief officer that won’t even allow Pinky to be visited by the owners after ALL this time! Imagine a dog not liking cats. They can’t be serious. I am heartbroken for Pinky, whose solitary confinement is cruel and unusual punishment, and for her family. What kind of ridiculous law Iowa has on the books! If dogs that didn’t get along with cats were all euthanized, we wouldn’t have many dogs left. The family just needed to beef up the security keeping Pinky inside or on leash under their control. I can’t believe such a ridiculous thing is taking place. Thing that makes me the sickest is this F*&*&head of a chief officer that forbids the family from visiting their imprisoned dog. Should they be judged so harshly! Scumbag! How long are they going to make this animal suffer? A person can torture and kill an animal and walk away; justice system is ass backwards.

  13. ellen cottone says:

    Reality check! he got out and the first thing pit bull did was go for a family pet because even as a pup he considers something smaller as prey. That is the Red flag . He blew it and is now even as apup considered a danger and will grow up and attack children and people if he got the chance
    The dog is dangerious. this is an example of a dangerious pit bull. this dog kills. dont tell me the cat is injured. This dog is a pit bull that brings the whole breed down. This dog is a born killer. This dog is hard wired to kill. Wake up people. we are all animal lovers here but nobody is taking the side of the cat and its family. the cat was attacked on her property so No protecting his family .
    This dog is a menace and will never be returned to freedom. Thats this dogs reality.
    The family must go to a kill shelter and pull a death row pit bull who has passed all temperance tests. Thats a dog that deserves a chance at family life. Get it straight and dont be blinded by your own pitty.
    Have pitty for the good pitt bulls who languish on a kill line waiting to be killed , Guilty of no crime.
    Whas the matter with you people? Nobody cares about how the cat feels here? she was minding her own bussiness and was almost killed at her own home.

      • ellen cottone says:

        I didnt say he killed a cat when he was young said he went to a cats home and attacked a smaller animal. socially unexceptable behavior he sees smaller things as prey. small dogs, rabbits, cats, children . he will see them all as prey . its a sad truth like some people , like some dogs are a danger.
        They at best can be handeled by a registered rescue person but should not be in the hands of a family who can not keep his butt out of hand cuffs.. Can not be allowed in any home. this is not a family pet . its a mauling

      • Terry says:

        You cannot judge a group of dogs based on the behavior of 1, that’s how BSL came into being. My understanding is Sergeant Butler gained his position because he didn’t play nice with people, he had 20 minutes of training regarding animals and then was foisted into the position of an animal control officer. It sounds like you work for the ARL.

      • ellen cottone says:

        Dont take it to heart terry. Im not mean. I care for cats, dogs and people and animals of the feilds.
        But I also care about fairness and justice and saftey and harmony between animals and humans.
        Here for some reason nobody is standing up for a cat. he also deserves to live in peace.

        My first care taker was a male german short haired pointer named max. It was a unique relationship he thought I was his pup. I was first born, My mom had my first brother 9 months after me and my second brother 9 months after him. She didnt have time for me. He did.
        she had her hands filled. I was better than fine and nobody blinked an eye.

        He Never had me out of his sight. From the time I was an infant. When I first started to stand he would gently put me down on crawl mode because he thought I was a dog. He was not intrested in My brothers and never would be. Nobody knows dogs better than me. It was my first launguge. I know them well and they know me. I meet new creatures every day. I notice animals in need that most people are compleatly oblivious too. You asked me more than once how I know things. well now you know.

    • Pamela Bolton says:

      REALITY CHECK!! All Pit Bulls, or mixed thereof, are NOT destined to be killers. You need to get yourself out in the world and meet more dogs. You are SO wrong. You have my sympathy.

      • ellen cottone says:

        Plenty of pit bulls in My world. you can trust them with a baby. this one cant be trusted and will kill.
        agressive and sees smaller animals as prey.

      • Terry says:

        ” this one can’t be trusted” sounds like you’ve been spoon-fed your opinion. Both animals in this spot were injured the dog was injured and the cat was injured. There is no one who witnessed the spat, so for you to say the dog went into the cats yard, is incorrect. The cat’s owner said that the cat was at large, no one knows where it started which leads me to believe that you’ve been told your opinion

      • ellen cottone says:

        The sad truth is . its these dogs that are responsible for alll the bad press that pit bulls have.
        And the thousands of dogs put down in shelters because of the blood lust of dogs like this. Incedentally,
        There have been many other unreported mis behaving from this dog. dont fool your self. Im sorry but its the truth.

      • ellen cottone says:

        Dont need Your sympathy. I didnt say pit bulls are destined to be killers.I said this dog is a danger and will not be returned to the family. He failed the Kills cats test. He sees small animals as prey and will attack again givin the chance. they will make sure he dosent get the chance.sorry maybe you can offer the family your sympathy.
        Or maybe the helpless 5lb cat as it tries to defend its self on Yes its own property. Cats dont tend to wonder off their property and on to an agressive dogs property.

    • Pamela Bolton says:

      Yeah and you see CATS persecuted like Pit Bulls are don’t you?? There has to be some common sense used here on occasion. It was a puppy for heaven sake!!! Let’s start persecuting HUMANs for their stupidity. Sounds only fair to me.

      • ellen cottone says:

        Terry I think in some way you may be familar with my mind set. I can not be spoon fed anything. nobody can alter my opinion I have clear vision. the first thing to do is tell it like it is. lets replace “Spat” with the Truth. The word is “attack” The dog bolted to anothers property and attacked a defensless animal on its own property.
        The word Bolt was used. not defend as in he was defending his property.He was not.

        His owner failed him by not being able to control an agresssive animal. so yes that meant ran like hell , got loose from owner uncontrollable in kill mode. the owner was there . The only reason the cat wasnt ripped to shreads is because a human did intervean. No 5lb cat would survive an assault from a 60lb dog in kill mode.

        Owner said the cat was at Large!? Lets reword. the truth. owner really said. I own an indoor out door cat My cat was minding its own bizz on its own property.

        All of these cute word play is to garnish pity to muster signage to a pitition for an animal who already failed the temperment Test. it cant be changed . This dog is hard wired.
        Maybe you can put your energy into advocating for the 100s of gentle pit bulls who are red listed for No crimes.

      • Terry says:

        Ellen, I’d like to know where you have gotten your information. You speak like you’ve read reports….Police or ARL? If neither of these, then you’re making lots of assumptions. I feel “icky” just listening to you

    • Dog Lover says:

      No proof she’s a Pit Bull don’t be ignorant. Cat was at large and could have provoked or attacked Pinky.
      You don’t even have the sex right of the dog. When people speak without educating themselves that creates more problems. You sound ridiculous.

      • ellen cottone says:

        A cat is a few lbs and defensless against a 60 lbs charging pit bull with a steel trap mouth of teeth.
        Im not sure what you mean by” no proof shes a pit bull”? As far as having the sex right?Not the real issue. kathleen d.

      • ellen cottone says:

        Dog lover,
        A cat “provoking”or better, (he he) attacking the 60lb pit bull 50lbs bigger then its self.Now i know this is kathleen Druid. you get real funny when when ya got nothin to say or add. be quite. the grown ups are speaking.

      • Sunshyne says:

        ellen, there were no witnesses, so save your BS. It was testified in court the cat was at large, the cat was off the property and was not licensed, nor wearing tags, all against the ordinance. They were both off their property, both injured, no witnesses to who started it, quit making things up for whatever reason. Butler pay you to do that, or the ARL? What a fool. Dog is a mix breed. You’d be the perfect candidate for the ARL Animal Control, you’ll fit right in, write up fiction and present it as fact. Maybe you really are already with animal control huh? You talk like it.

      • Sunshyne says:

        Ellen, you make 0 sense, none. Put the meds down. Cats provoke and attack larger animals every day.

      • ellen cottone says:

        Stright up pit bull kathleen. I didnt think Anyone would question that bit of obvious truth. Your todays winner. Brava!! now, consider your self “educated” . This will help you in the future to be less ridiculous. Im happy you have stopped pretending your a vet. You comming along.

      • ellen cottone says:

        That icki ness you feel is your own shame and embarassment for knowing the truth when you hear it. For some reason their is resentment on your part but even more so you seem a little shocked maybe jelouse of my unobstruted vision

      • ellen cottone says:

        Sin shine,
        Now you know thats not true. Kathleen . You do so live to lie, lie, lie. you made that nonsense up.
        its the witnesses who saved the cats life as well as put the pit bull in jail where he belongs. as for the cat who was the victim of the attack on her property.
        You can squawk all you like.
        She is free. the dog is not. Nice try though. The one i like is , cats always provoke bigger animals. Are you really referring to your self.

      • ellen cottone says:

        kathleen, sinshine, dog lover, clinically depressed,
        Brace your self and keep your meds close by, The cat wanted to eradicate this dog from the neighbor hood.
        She as we speak she preens herself on the porch of the dogs former home, still free, still with out collar and not registered.
        She is considered a hero. She set him up and got away with it. you should Wish you were as smart as this cat. But alas, you will never be.

      • Terry says:

        Ellen Cottone, you are mean spirited, I suspect you don’t like dogs. Whether you do or not, I’m finished interacting with you.

      • ellen cottone says:

        yes she provoked the dog.
        She sat on her porch and gave the dog the finger when no one was looking. And he bolted out of the owners grip.and ended his freedom.
        Go ahead and verify if ya got the balls and the time. No need to get back to me. I know the real story.They will wonder how you had these specific correct details to ask though

      • Sunshyne says:

        This troll Ellen is off the meds and hitting the bottle. S/he is probably in the basement with a glass of cheap whiskey, trolling any site that will give him or her attention. She knows nothing about the case, can’t spell, can’t think and probably can’t put two sentences together.
        Terry, you have far to much class and brains to bother with such trash. It’s not animals we need to fear it’s the crazy ellens in the World.
        FREE PINKY!!!

  14. ellen cottone says:

    poor sunshine who is kathleen druid,

    I love how you freek dance every time I hit one of your many nerves. I can hear you gasping for air as you read and become ragefull and frustrated as you wonder if any attack will have effect on ellen.
    What to do, what to dooo!?

    And the best you can do is fling meds and grammer snips that have absolutly no effect.
    Oh yes and try to Ass Kiss in the Hopes that someone will join you. You need it that bad. To try and sooth your humiliation. This is what happens when you provoke a more dangerious animal. You get a swat to the beak.
    You and I will repeat untill your trained. You decide how many beak swats you need.

  15. ellen cottone says:

    You guys are the best pen palls I ever had.

    I understand where every one is comming from. I get it. Nothing is coming from a bad place.
    This site does not attract bad people. This site would not tolorate it. There is not one person here who would not stop their car in bussiness attire and risk the crossing a 5 lane high way in the rain in rush hour to rescue a crying and desperate cat or small dog trapped and terrified with its face pushed into the mediam prayin to god for help.
    You would deliver. All of you. I know that.

  16. Pamela Bolton says:

    OMG! Is Sgt. Jim Butler, Chief Humane Officer for the city of Des Moines.absolutely insane? If you want a mean dog, keep him from human contact any longer and you will get your wish. Damn, my dog chases my cats and they grew up with them !! What’s the cat doing running free in the first place?? Pit Bull, really? She looks nothing like a Pit Bull. Send this dog home and stop letting your stupidity show. You should be ashamed of yourselves for allowing this to carry on the way it has.

  17. ellen cottone says:

    psstttt…. linda
    oh my god , im dying here.
    i dont know why these keep surfacing but im laughing my ass off. and im very embarrassed by my self at the same time.
    its a funny post rude awakening. its a good thing i dont have to see you guys at work tomorrow.
    fighting, like its over something important. fighting with my pals. like were kids in the back seat of the Chevy on a long car ride.

    • linda says:

      Yup I’m here, Lol. Oh my after reading all the comments this post certainly did not lack any emotional outbursts from both sides.

  18. Free Pinky says:

    That is not true that Pinky must be killed, it’s not euthanasia because she is not medically suffering (the ARL causes suffering with their solitary confinement) and she’s certainly not dangerous. She just cannot live in the city of Des Moines. Her owner lives 2 hours away in rural Iowa. Out of spite and retaliation they refuse to release her. The city attorney is defending the actions of the Animal Rescue Leagues of Iowa and Chief INhumane officer Jim Butler. She can be released anytime.
    The ARL is far more than a holding unit. They make hundreds of thousands of dollars off seized dogs.

  19. animal advocate says:

    Sounds like this dog has a high prey drive. That IS dangerous. If a dog with a high prey drive can’t be kept from ever escaping it’s owner’s property, and doing harm to other animals or people, then it would be in the best interests of ALL to put this dog down, in the most humane way. My suspicions tell me that this case may have taken a different turn, had Pinky injured(or even killed) a child or elderly person. As far as the kitty, this would’ve been prevented had the owner kept him/her safe inside. 2 animals caught in a mess because of irresponsibility and negligence of humans.

    • Mark says:

      This dog who has been confined to a yard and escapes ONCE and sees a much smaller animal is apt to chase after it and perhaps it didn’t occur to the dog that it was another kind of animal who is considered weaker of the two. SOOO you think it should be punished?!!!!!! Chi chis have been known to attack much larger dogs not realizing how small they are.


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