Dog found lying in a crate freezing, swollen and in pain

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In Dallas, Texas, rescuers were shocked when they spotted a shivering dog curled up inside of a crate lying near the edge of a lonely road. He was a dog who obviously experienced the worst of humanity, but late on Saturday night his luck would finally change. His rescuer, Leslie Ysuhuaylas had spotted him before in the isolated area where irresponsible owners too often abandon their dogs and leave them to fend for themselves. Benny, as he was dubbed, had previously eluded capture. This night however was different; the critically injured pup had just given up; he painfully crawled into the crate and waited for

“Laying in a crate in freezing temperatures, shaking. He has avoided capture before, but tonight he could barely move. His face swollen and his skin ripped from his leg almost to the bone. He has given up. Tonight was supposed to be his last night. He is being rushed to the emergency room right now in critical condition,” Leslie wrote on her Facebook page asking advocates for help for Benny and his canine buddy.  “He has infections in the wound, infection in his genital area, but the swelling is what needs to be determined and watched. Poor guy was crying while we were there and his wound was dripping pus. You could see down the skin.”

And Rescue Dogs Rock NYC immediately stepped up to help. Stacey Silverstein, co-founder of the organization, made arrangements to send Benny to a partner veterinarian emergency hospital where the dog continues to fight for his life. Early Sunday morning, Benny’s update indicates he remains gravely ill:dog-in-a-crate-3a

“Benny is in critical condition and was admitted last night and remains at the Emergency Hospital in Dallas Texas today. This video is so heart wrenching as Benny cries out in pain. The open hole on his leg is infected and is so deep , the bone is exposed. Benny is on an IV as he is completely dehydrated weak and starved. X-rays were taken of Benny‘s leg and chest. His head is very swollen and the medical staff are continuing to run tests to figure out why. As you can see it cost the rescue close to $2300 just for the night. Benny will get the very best care but we need your help,” Stacey posted on Facebook.

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Photos and video of dog found lying in a crate courtesy of Leslie Ysuhuaylas and Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. Benny’s companion was also rescued and is currently in foster care. Betty, a chocolate Labrador retriever is currently being transported to the veterinarian hospital for a full checkup. She had also been hanging out in the same area – possibly for weeks. Once Betty gets medical clearance and receives all of her vaccinations, she will be transported to New York City. If anyone is willing to foster Betty until she is adopted, please contact Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. (Betty is in the foreground with Benny in the box moments before both were rescued.)betty-with-rdrnyc







Video of Benny’s rescue can be viewed here:

Posted by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC on Saturday, January 7, 2017

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  1. Johanne l Bertrand-Cantu says:

    Can not watch the video, I have seen to many of these poor souls on fb. This makes me gravely ill and mad. My 2 dogs are in the house, and have been since 530 last night.

  2. Edward says:

    It wasn’t too bad of a picture that poor dog trying to take some food quick move I like my fucken Justice and since the government of the United States doesn’t do Jack schitt people like you I would think you pick your f****** a little ass up and drop you into a bucket a f****** hot burning oil mother f***** no we’re not done yet by the farm and then take you out if you’re still alive and put some ice chips in your f****** ass you can never ever hurt another animal you f****** a little piece of s*** great job to the rescue New York City you are the best God bless you and your team


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