Dog found duct-taped and abandoned in Texas

duct-taped dog
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This week, a mail carrier discovered a dog who was duct-taped and abandoned in Gray County, Texas. According to KTXS News, the disturbing discovery was made on Thursday morning off of County Road 14 near Pampa.

According to the report, the situation was brought to light after the incident was posted on Facebook – the taped dog was freed by the woman who discovered him and he was gone by the time that someone from the local sheriff’s department responded to the area.

According to someone who commented on the Facebook post, the dog was found and is being taken care of by someone in the area. The Gray County Sheriff’s Office is hoping for leads in this case of animal cruelty – anyone with information is asked to call (806)669-8022.

(Screenshot KTXS/David Sperry)

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    • Exactly! Duct tape the hunk of maggot shit and leave them in the desert – anyone who would do this deserves to get exactly what they gave.


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