Dog dragged into shelter against his will, heartless owner just didn’t care

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UPDATE: as per Christina Dickson: “I updated everyone on this dog. Long story short Miami Dade Animal Services no longer takes owner surrenders as walk ins; this lady was a walk-in and she admitted that this was her dog she has been given an appointment to come back and surrender the dog at a later date.”

The owner has an appointment to surrender her dog on June 19th. Hopefully she will change her mind; nevertheless we are confident Christina will do her best to help this dog and continues to help. Stay tuned.

As to the “real” Tito, here is his Pet Harbor listing. Please share his story. This boy still needs a home. Follow his Facebook page here.

As Tito’s owner dragged her dog into the lobby of the Miami-Dade Animal Services on Monday, animal advocate and shelter volunteer Christina Dickson’s heart broke into a million pieces. Tito knew! This was not the place he wanted to be, and with all his might, but still as gentle as a lamb, Tito pulled back, as if begging the woman he knew as his human companion to leave the building and return home. Without a doubt, Tito loved her.

Still it was not to be. Christina spoke with Tito’s owner, who stated the dog had been a stray who the family took in and fed. Their female dog had become hostile towards Tito and refused to even let him eat. Perhaps if Tito was neutered, he would no longer be perceived as a threat to the family’s other dog? Perhaps if Tito was neutered, in the end there would be no more accidental puppies who most likely would wind up in a shelter just like their dad? Trying so hard to keep Tito with his owner, Christina even offered free veterinary services for the dog’s sterilization; his owner declined, and Tito’s death sentence would soon become a reality if no one came to the shelter to adopt him.

The dog’s Pet Harbor listing describes him as follows: (Please note this ID# has not been confirmed as of this time. Edits will be provided if there are any submitted changes)

“I am an unaltered white and cream American bulldog. I have been at the shelter since June 5. The staff thinks I am about two years old.” For more information on this dog, contact the Miami-Dade Animal Services at 305.884.1101. Make sure to reference ID#A1878910.

A Facebook page for this boy can be followed here. Share this dog’s plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives.

(Photos and video of dog dragged into shelter via Christina Dickson)

Watch Tito’s heartbreaking video as he is being surrendered by his owner:

Updated June 20thRocky is his name and he is now at MDASA 1878807 Here he is finally !I'm so excited to see who gets him and makes sure he gets the life he deserves.Owner SurroundedTNR department is located in the back of the shelter next to Surrender is why I see this everyday.

Posted by Christina Dickson on Monday, June 5, 2017

54 replies
  1. maxiemom says:

    YOU BITCH!!!!!!! Even with free vet care you’d rather see him dead than saved? You are a pathetic excuse for a human, and I hope you get what you deserve from this moment on.

  2. Stormy Wallace says:

    Help Tito, please, look at how gentle he is – everything will be done, all he needs is a loving home.

  3. Barkley's Mom says:

    Neutering probably would have helped the situation, but it sound like the person dumping this dog, doesn’t want to be bothered. I hope and pray Tito finds a new home.

  4. Nancy Raymond says:

    Tito deserves MUCH better than to be treated so cruelly – Tito was NOT the aggressor in this situation – he was the victim but treated like dirt by this piss poor example of an owner. If this idiot had any sort of brain power he would have kept the dogs separated – but NO-O-O – just dump the poor dog at a kill shelter – no wonder I hate people. I hope some kind hearted person steps up and adopts Tito – he desperately needs a safe loving home.

  5. Helen says:

    Dogs can smell death in kill shelters, so it’s no surprise Tito resisted. I pray Tito finds a forever caring family. He deserves so much more. As for his owner, I hope she rots in hell!

    • Marilynm says:

      Why do they even call a killing place a shelter? Why do they kill the animals at all? I’m assuming these places are funded by someone or many someones. Why not open them as a real shelter? And the owner is one poor example for a human being. Karma bitch is real!!!!

  6. pamela bolton says:

    This idiot just didn’t want to be bothered. I TRULY hope her kids dump her at a home when they don’t want to be bothered anymore. They should remind her of the way she treated her dog. Some people have no business of owning an animal of any kind. This is one of them. I truly pray that this dog is adopted by someone who cares. Even when offered free medical, she said no. REALLY LADY ????

  7. Darla says:

    Tito’s owner is a POS. She won’t even accept free neutering. I hope Tito can find a home where he will be loved.

  8. Pamela D'Angio says:

    I don’t even have to see this ugly bitch’s face all she wants to do is drop off this poor dog. Maybe after she left a car ran her ass over. Besides she probably can’t afford the dog and just plain doesn’t give a shit with her stupid accent.

  9. dianaroby02 says:

    Watching Tito’s “surrender” video is horrible. He’s so heartbroken. He needs our help to get out of this shelter. Please, don’t just make a comment and leave. YOU can help save his life by posting his Facebook page on YOUR public Facebook . page. He needs a foster home, pledges and a rescue group to help find his furever home. Please don’t let him be destroyed for time/space. You can help make a difference in his life.

  10. Wendy Green says:

    You would have to KILL me before ANY of my animal FRIENDS would EVER find themselves in ANY shelter-they will NEVER leave me…………………….This is HORRIBLE!

  11. Conni Robertson says:

    While it’s obviously not the best situation for Tito, at least she cared enough to bring him to the shelter for potential rescue and care until his new family comes forth. She knew her limitations and instead of subjecting him to abuse from their dominant dog (potentially) or dropping him on the side of the road, she turned him in. Tito deserves a second chance; just look at that face!

    • Jasmine says:

      Tina, please call and inquire about Tito; here is his information.
      Animal shelter services
      Ph. # 305 884 1101
      Reference. ID#A1878910

  12. Bernice A Shepard says:

    This guy is so handsome. Wish I could take him. Love the Brindle First thing that makes him so handsome. Too bad she wasn’t shot.

  13. John says:

    This makes me SICK. This Stupid Bitch who done this should be Put in Jail to see Who She Likes it. I Hope Karma gets to do a Number on You.

  14. Stacey says:

    This is so friggin’ stupid. The dog is unwanted. You don’t force people to care for an animal they can’t handle. Her dog was aggressive towards it and she couldn’t handle them both. She says it came into her house, which sounds like it wasn’t even hers. She’s taking it to the animal shelter people. You know, where they take unwanted animals. She’s not posting for free on craigslist or dumping the dog on the streets or backwoods, unaltered to make more. Get over yourselves.

  15. Jack says:

    I’m going to start by saying that I am a long time reader of PRR, and a dog lover/owner. However it is appalling how this owner is being treated in the video and social media, and I believe that this video/story should be edited to only highlight Toto or be taken down.

    Poor woman took in a stray, (already a sign of a caring person) and there was unfortunately a conflict with her other dog. The woman instead of abandoning the dog in the wild, (like too many others stories we all read about.) took him to a shelter where he at least stood a chance of being placed in the right environment. Only to be confronted by a condenseding “volunteer” and then placed on social media where she is blasted as an evil person and has foul language and threats pointed in her direction.

    Unfortunately situations do arise where an owner, does have to surrender there pet. The question to be asked is with video like these are we are actively pushing owners to abandon their pets instead of bringing them to a shelter for fear of being derided on social media?

    • Kim says:

      Agreed! This has been circulating on my FB feed and I am truly disgusted by the comments that I have read regarding this poor woman. How is it so lost on these commenters that this woman took a stray dog in? When it didn’t work out due to coflicts with her resident dog, she did what most people would assume is the right thing to do. Bring the dog to the local shelter.

      Was it sad that the dog was scared? Of Course! But, this mob mentality that is so pervasive on FB, is completely unacceptable.

      • Nicole says:

        So before I even write anything I am an animal lover myself. I have three cats and a lab pup! I agree 100%! We do not know all the circumstances of this surrender, maybe the lady really would have liked to keep this dog but her dog was just to aggressive, maybe her dog really attacked this one. I read the article and came to the same conclusion this dog was not even hers to begin with, she did not adopt this dog nor have him from a puppy either. She tried to help the dog and take the dog in sometimes that just does not work out EVEN if you get the dog fixed! So the point is we expect people to keep an animal and live in a situation that is not working out for anyone animal included? Wouldn’t it be better for the dog to be adopted out? The dog has a higher chance of abuse and neglect if left in a situation with people who don’t want him or the other dog is too aggressive toward the dog. Of course the dog is scared it is a new place, noisy and we also don’t know this dogs personality some dogs are very tentative even going to a park which is a fun safe place! So does it mean that this dog loves this lady with all of his heart not really, in fact it takes time to build a bond like that and if this is a stray dog she tried to take in then I doubt there was any real bond yet! I think she did the right thing, I mean come on people she could have abandoned the dog somewhere, she could have threw him off a bridge, killed him etc the list goes on! In this case a person is a monster no matter what they do, there is never any right only wrong when someone has to surrender an animal, it is always oh the evil monster human that should be killed or have the crap kicked out of them! People on here saying those things should be ashamed of themselves for saying such things, your the real monsters here because you are wishing harm on another when this lady didn’t do anything harmful to this dog. And the worker at the shelter had no right to film the lady and post it on social media, in fact without a persons permission that is a crime! I hope the dog will find a good home. People need to just stop if this lady was a worthless evil human she would have done much worse to this dog, in fact the dog might even be dead!!!!

      • Barkley's Mom says:

        Her words were the dog came into the house! Was it a stray they found or was it a dog they thought they could breed their unspayed female with to reap the monetary rewards? Did you not see the video with her husband waiting outside with a dog as she said “was like the one” she was turning in. I’m not giving this woman a pass, I don’t believe for one moment turning this poor boy into the “shelter” is doing the honorable thing. You can tell when she was asked why her husband didn’t want to get them spayed and neutered, she had no answer for that!

  16. Michelle Moorhead says:

    I hope someone in Miami sees this video and kicks her f**king ass! If I lived closer I’d do it myself! Bitch, you’re nothing but a worthless piece of trash!

  17. Nancy says:

    Please, some rescue go save this dog. Don’t let him be killed. Rescue, and I am sure we can find him a home, just don’t let time run out. Share so a rescue can get to him

  18. Star Shelley says:

    So sad for this adorable pup , prayers for a good loving home. Sharing his story thru Facebook and tweeter for possible rescue.

  19. Megan says:

    I commend Christina Dickenson, without this video Tito would be another lost soul with a minimal chance of adoption! His story has gone viral and more than likely he will have an opportunity to find a loving home that he deserves!

  20. PetMom says:

    Conflicting info. Tito supposedly is a different dog, not the dog in the above photo. Dog in photo above supposedly has appointment to be surrendered on June 19 at MDAS according to one Facebook comment. Check his comment threads on Facebook.

    • Cheryl Hanna says:

      Yes, I was just notified about that today. I will update as soon as i can, but the dog is not due to be surrendered until June 19.

  21. Jacinta says:

    Is there an update on this confusing story??? Is the dog at the shelter ??? The links are all broken and wrong. This story needs to be rewritten correctly.

  22. Judi French says:

    Every time I see an animal treated poorly and unloved I cry my husband and I moved back to the area with the sweetest pit ever no one would rent to us my mom said I didn’t raise you to camp in the woods I told my mother this dog took care of us and when you get a pet it’s for life and we camped west’s coast to east and back


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