Dog discovered dumped in bag on NYC road with mouth taped shut

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Animal advocates from the New York Bully Crew joined together on Wednesday to save the life of a dog who had been dumped in a garbage bag on a NYC road near a Brooklyn highway; the dog’s mouth had been taped shut.


According to the New York Bully Crew, a Long Island non profit animal rescue, the senior shepherd, estimated to be between 10 and 12 years of age, showed signs of long term neglect with urine scalds on his stomach.  The Veterinary Emergency & Referral Group stated a good Samaritan passing by noticed a large black trash bag moving on the side of the highway, heard what they thought were breathing signs and called the police.

Officers at the scene cut the bag open and found the dog now dubbed Saint Vincent. He is currently being treated with antibiotics, pain medication and intravenous fluids. At this time, Saint Vincent is unable to move his hind legs – thought to be the result of a spinal condition and hip dysplasia. Further tests have been ordered, and the dog is scheduled to undergo an MRI and treatment for his condition.

“He was deliberately put there to die,” stated the rescue group representative Carla Mohan. “One person couldn’t have done this alone. He was left there to suffocate.”

The New York Bully Crew updated animal advocates and supporters on Wednesday evening to announce the beloved pooch had been showing signs of recovery and had been eating and drinking. Once Saint Vincent recovers, he will be available for adoption. What could be sweeter than this old guy finding the perfect person to love him tenderly?

A $4,500 reward has been offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for this heinous crime of animal cruelty. Anyone with information is asked to call the NYPD Crime Stopper hotline at 1.800.577.TIPS.

Donations for Saint Vincent’s care can be made by clicking here.

(Photos and video via New York Bully Crew of dog dumped in bag on NYC road)


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  1. I want to know what goes through peoples minds when they do this? Do they have so little regard for a life that they just do not care? I’m sure somebody knows this dog and they should speak up otherwise they are an accessory to this crime. So glad SOMEBODY was vigilant and noticed the bag moving.

  2. Someone KNOWS who owned St. Vincent and I hope a $4500.00 reward will make them step up and turn this hunk of maggot puke in. Anyone who would do this to an innocent defenseless animal needs to nailed to a tree and used as target practice – they proved they are a worthless piece of shit. Thank you to the kind person who saw the bag moving and rescued him – and of course, to the Bully Crew who stepped up and is giving St. Vincent the helping hand he so desperately needed.

  3. PLEASE FIND THE SCUM BAG LOW LIFE HORRIBLE monster who is disguised as a human. How in the name of all that is holy can anyone do this? ONLY heartless monsters.


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