Dog critically injured by owner’s boyfriend – cruelty caught on video

Dog critically injured
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A Florida man is accused of brutally beating his girlfriend’s dog and the sick act was caught on video. According to Monday’s CBS 12 News, 40-year-old Jason Snead is the man identified as the individual who left a Cavalier King Charles spaniel critically injured.

Snead initially denied that he was responsible for injuring his girlfriend’s dog, but surveillance video captured from a camera at Off Lease Only proved otherwise, reported WPBF News.

The video revealed damning footage – including Snead allegedly dropping the three-year-old dog out of his truck, “aggressively” kicking the dog and multiple punches. The footage showed a vicious beating which lasted for several minutes.

In addition to charges for the animal cruelty, Snead if facing charges for his possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia. He was taken to jail and the injured dog was transported to animal control for care.


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Image – Screenshot via CBS 12 News

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  1. Takes a real POS to attack a dog as mellow as a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Scumbag should be locked up for the next 20 years.


  3. And keep in mind this breed is known as being the gentlest, sweetest breed there is. Poor baby. We’ll take him.

  4. Another serial killer in the making. Florida does have the death penalty. He shouldn’t have been given bond! Death by lethal injection would be too humane for this scumbag. Hope the little fur baby recovers and that her owner presses charges and dumps this scumbag boyfriend. She may be next if she doesn’t!!

  5. Asking God to heal this poor baby. Speedy recovery little one. I hope that “girlfriend” finds a better home for herself and her precious dog. If she’s a user, let the dog go to a real home.

  6. Don’t trust ur kids or ur pets with a boyfriend that I’m sure has exhibited disturbing behavior before these kinds of incidents happen!! Praying this sweet baby recovers! Not holding out much hope for a decent punishment to be handed down to this evil punk!!!

  7. If there is a god send this son of a bitch to me in South Carolina for same amount of Tim’s he beat this defenseless baby… I promise he will never be able to harm anything again or eat solid food, please show some heavenly justice!!

  8. WHAT A MAN HE IS! Beating up a 15 pound little dog know as the sweetest, most gentle soul in the animal kingdom. God saw what you did Jason Snead and believe me nothing any human can do to you will compare to what God can do to you for ETERNITY! You will pray to die but you won’t you will just sit in fire forever and the only one who may have had mercy on you will be the baby dog you beat.

  9. What is the dog’s status? Animal control? Animals don’t receive “care” at animal control. Sick and injured animals are killed. Hope a rescue organization will care for this dog instead.

  10. I would love to know if there is a way to donate toward this angel’s care. This baby does not need to go back to the home. And the owner doesn’t need to own any pets if she is going to have that monster of a man in her life. Any pet will be in danger as long as that man is around.

  11. Jason Snead needs a gigantic beat down then hogtied this useless sack of horse manure and dump him in the everglades – the ONLY thing he is good for is gator lunch. May he get the same mercy he gave an innocent dog – NONE!

  12. What a monster to beat a defenseless dog so badly! I have a Cavalier and they are known for being one of the sweetest and gentlest breeds there are. I hope this poor excuse of a human being gets locked up and gets beaten so severely that he will only recover enough to live with pain every single day for the rest of his life.

  13. Why do you allow these people to post their cruel horrible crimes you must stop allowing abusers to not show and be proud of what they did ????It really doesb’t to die but by letting these abusers post is part of the killing game ! Stop abusers from posting vile crines and upsetting our great life when there’s is shitty ! She should killed puppies is a shit person I would never want to know !

  14. Laws pertaining to animals must be changed and made more severe for people like this. This scum had a girlfriend and did this to her dog? I hope she has left him or else she could be next. Glad this tiny dog is doing ok.


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