Dog bred to look like a bear caused by ‘irresponsible breeders’

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A stray dog with the facial features of a bear was brought to a Russian animal shelter in Chelyabinsk. In an attempt to find the dog’s owners, the shelter released photos of the dog, but the animal’s obvious physical features and his lack of socialization and apparent aggression has brought severe criticism labeling “irresponsible breeders” as having caused this poor dog’s dilemma.


According to the Siberian Times, the street dog dubbed Medvebaka Potapych  from the Russian words for dog and bear, has the body of a dog and the face  and head with a snout like a bear. He is thought to be about four-years-old and veterinarians contend he might very well be a cross of Chow Chow and another long nosed breed. Medvebaka has the blue tongue consistent with the Chow breeds which originated in China. Shelter volunteer, Polina Kefer called the poor pup, ” a badly made chowchow.”

“Remember those pet markets where irresponsible breeders sell dogs pretending they are pure breed?,” Polina wrote. “Once puppies grow into something like this dog, they throw them out like a broken toy.”

Tragically, Medvebaka is in “serious stress” and volunteers have not had much luck trying to socialize him. Even when he was placed with a foster family, he never wanted to make friends with the family and repeatedly tried to escape. One owner who sadly had to return the dog to the shelter tried his best:

 ‘The dog hid inside an out door kennel and refused to come out. With his new family he was trying to escape. He hated the leash, and showed no interest whatsoever in making friends. We tried our best foods on him, but the dog is clearly so stressed that it might take weeks, if not months, to help him trust people again.”

The shelter has not given up on  this poor guy. Let’s hope the pooch can make some progress and start to trust again.

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(Photos screenshots via Polina Kefer)

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8 replies
  1. Nancy Raymond says:

    BREEDER is just a fancy name for PUPPY MILL – these ignorant idiots who did this should be hung in public. My heart breaks for this poor dog who was treated like a damn experiment.

  2. Jacqueline Kenny says:

    Poor thing it’s not his fault, my heart breaks for this Animal, he can’t figure out if he wants to attack like a bear or just live a miserable life not understanding. Shame on people who breed for no reason they should be held responsible and fined as a result!

  3. ellen cottone says:

    wow, how ,what, what is that. how do you….!? I do not think that is a dog, a wolf or a bear. but he’s suffering they need to try another foster. . they should take him to the area they found him and put him in a harness and let him lead them to his home. that dog misses someone

    • linda says:

      susispot, photo shop my ass. I think it is mutation or someone crossed a Chow Chow with a Long hair GSD. How do you account for hairless cats, the Scottish Fold and the Rex. Mutations of all animals exists and so does breeding with different breeds to get a different looking breed. Photo shop is very easy to detect…this is not a photo shop! Do your research on You tube!

  4. Mark says:

    It may have been a natural conception or a mutation. If not stop screwing around with mixing breeds. Now this dog is suffering the consequences because it looks different and it has no social skills.


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