Dog blamed in accidental strangulation of child

Dog blamed in accidental strangulation death of child

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A family’s dog has been blamed in the accidental strangulation death of a child in Pennsylvania. According to Monday’s Fox 29 News, the five-year-old boy, identified as John Bruno, of Warrington, died on Saturday.

Bruno was discovered last week lying face down in the snow – he had a scarf around his neck and the family dog, a young hound mix, was tugging on it. The boy was unconscious when he was found by his mother, and although he was rushed to a hospital for treatment, his injuries from ligature strangulation ultimately proved to be fatal.

On a GoFundMe account which was set up to help the family with expenses, the boy was described as, “a vibrant 5 year old boy. His smile and boundless energy was electric. He loved Ninja Turtles, Pokemon, Superheroes and being silly. Above all else John loved his mom, dad, and big sister.”

Investigators have determined that the sad situation is the result of a tragic accident.

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    • Ave says:

      They probably got rid of it. Why would they keep it, afterall, it WAS NOT the poor innocent dogs fault! He was just playing tug-a-war with his favorite little human boy. If anyone is to be punished, it’s the irresponsible parents for not supervising their son! What a shame. 🙁 RIP little boy. :'(

      • Julie says:

        They did not get rid of the dog. It is very disrespectful to make assumptions and he has two amazing parents.

    • Linda Szymoniak says:

      The story says it was ruled an accident. The dog isn’t being blamed, but I wonder if the family might not want it after this? I just hope they keep the dog and accept that it was an accident. I do wonder why a 5-year-old was outside by himself, though. Where were the parents?

  1. Kathleen Drude says:

    This is a tragic accident! Why would you leave a small child by itself to begin with? This poor dog was playing with the little boy! This was not a malicious act! What has happened to the dog?

    • ellen cottone says:

      yea really.
      do you get the feeling something happened to the kid and the dog was trying to get him to neglectful guardians?
      and he was left holding the “Bag”

  2. Beth says:

    What a horrible loss for this family. What happened to the dog? This is a tragic accident and the dog deserves no punishment whatsoever.

  3. Vickie Anderson Kidwell says:

    Such a sad situation. My condolences to the grief-stricken family. Why was he sent out with a scarf not tucked into his clothing, so it could be caught on something or pulled?

  4. Rev. Dr. Yvonne Ray says:

    Is it possible that the dog was trying to revive the unconscious boy? I agree with Dixie that this needs to be further investigated.

    • Beth says:

      I agree with a previous comment that the dog might have been trying to revive the boy. Regardless, the dog should not be held responsible or punished.

  5. Rayvn says:

    Sounds suspect to me. What kind of dog was it? How was the boy wearing the scarf? Any other evidence, or any evidence of foul play? You can’t always see a scene and automatically blame the animal/person. Need more evidence.

  6. Marie says:

    I wish people would stop leaving their small children alone with animals. This mother learned the hard way. Can’t imagine what she must be going through. To have to live with this on your conscience for the rest of your life would be torture. Sad.

  7. Beth says:

    I know we would all like to see an update added to this article as soon as possible regarding the dog’s fate!! If they no longer want the dog as a painful reminder even though he is a family member, I hope they at least find him a loving home and do NOT abandon him at a kill shelter. Eagerly awaiting an update…


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