Homeowner arrested after he shot doe and her fawn for eating his garden plants

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A Tiburon, California man has been arrested last weekend after he shot a doe and her fawn on his property because they were nibbling on his landscape. Mark Dickinson was arrested on animal cruelty charges after he was reported shooting the deer with a pellet gun because they were eating his new plants.

According to AbcNews, neighbors had spotted the doe and her baby for weeks and were horrified to learn what had happened.

“This is outrageous, to scare deer away, all you have to do is look at them, you don’t need to shoot them,” said resident Linda Meinberg.

Tiburon Police Chief Michael Cronin stated he had been notified about someone sneaking around at 5:00 a.m. with a flashlight. When officers arrived, they found Dickinson standing over the body of one dead deer and near the other one who was dying.

Dickinson’s lawyer defended his client stating he had no intentions of killing the deer and just had hoped to scare them away.

The Marin County District Attorney’s office is reviewing the case.

(Photo of doe and her fawn Pixabay)

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13 replies
  1. Marsha Squibb says:

    Fucken barbaric son of a bitch!!!!Put a fence up around your precious plants you asshole and no one has to die!!They were trying to live and you just had to kill them!!! KARMA​!!!!!

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    OMG, you have got to be kidding! Scare them away with a gun? This POS needs to sit in jail awhile and think about what he did! He murdered a deer and her baby for NOTHING! Too bad they “nibbled” on his new landscape, put up a fence if you don’t like it! Mark Dickinson you are a worthless piece of humanity!

  3. Nancy Raymond says:

    Instead of using non-lethal methods to prevent deer from eating his precious plants this asshole snuck around in the dead of night to purposely kill a doe and her fawn – if his intent (which I doubt) was to scare them, he did not need a gun – I hope the judge in this case has a damn backbone and treats him as poorly as he treated these innocent animals.

  4. maxiemom says:

    You filthy POS!!!!! I’ve had a problem with rabbits in my yard for the past 2 years, thanks to our city’s failure to take care of the ‘drainage easements’ behind my home which gave the rabbits a great habitat and food factory until they finally removed all of the growth so it could take care of the rainwater as it was supposed to do. Once that was done, of course, it sent the rabbits into neighboring yards, especially those, like mine, which are wildlife friendly with lots of trees, wildflowers, etc. I had to mow over an entire flower bed this year due to the destruction, and it took a lot of work maintaining that bed along with the others! It has NEVER (seriously) occurred to me to kill those rabbits, nor would I want to. People have suggested I trap them and have them taken elsewhere due to the damage they’ve done to each of the beds, but I’m too afraid that would kill the babies.

    What does that bastard think gives him the right to kill those deer just because they ate some of his plants? BUY MORE AND REPLANT, A*****E!!! THERE’S ALWAYS NEXT YEAR IF NECESSARY!!! I’ve put up with the same s**t for the last 2 years: so can you and / or anyone else!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. SaraD says:

    Do people not realize that we have to coexist with animals?? We are invading their habitats not the other way around. Deer, coyotes and bobcats are just a few of the animals we have roam through our yard (and I live in a developed subdivision….we just have a wooded strip abutting some lots). We just make sure to be out with our furbabies at all times and don’t put anything out food-wise that would entice wildlife into come into our yards. Do they come into the yard from time to time? Sure, but we figure the wildlife was here first.

  6. Pamela Garlisch says:

    Yeah right, I don’t believe their “story” for a minute, if they’re that stupid they need to be put in jail, next time it could be a kid. Please prosecute them and DON’T just give them a slap on the wrist!

  7. Adrienne says:

    If he was just trying to “scare” them, why then did he sneak around at 5 am in the morning to scare them or really find them and kill them. Why have a gun if your intent is to just “scare” the deer. Through him in jail and take whatever guns he has away. A threat to his community and their lives.
    Co-exist with animals, not do away with them.

  8. Red says:

    DO NOTE BELIEVE THIS MONSTER OR HIS attorney!! If he wanted to scare them off, you simply stomp your foot, clap your hands or yell and they will run!! He knew what he was doing, now make him pay. LOCK HIM UP a minimum of 10 years, $10,000 fine and a life time ban on ever owning, buying, adopting or living in the same home as a companion animal. He is useless.

  9. pamela bolton says:

    If he had no intentions of killing them, why was he out at 5 am and, WHY DID HE HAVE A GUN???? This POS needs put under the jail. This is one disgusting HUMAN. If they PLEA DEAL him out, you should vote the whole bunch out of office at the next opportune time.


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