A distant memory: Tortured Doberman with severed spine recovers

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On January 4, an Isabella fawn and rust purebred Doberman was brought into the county shelter in Kershaw City, South Carolina. He was severely injured, emaciated and scarred. Someone had cropped off his ears in an egregious home botched job, but that wasn’t the worst of it for this one-year-old dog. His back was completely bent over and contorted as he hobbled in pain. The shelter staff believed the clearly starved and abused puppy had escaped from the hell where he had been existing, and as he tried to eat a dead animal lying on the road to stave off his intense hunger, he had been struck by a car.Spencer after

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, and co-founder Jackie O’Sullivan came to Spencer’s rescue that day; the dog with a severed spine, and even though the costs to help him had been estimated to be extremely expensive, there was no hesitation to help:

“We took him because he was suffering, and he deserved to live,” Jackie posted to their followers on the rescue’s Facebook page. “It was the right thing to do, but we need your help. We put down a $3,000 deposit just to bring him in the front door. It is no wonder so many dogs can not be helped. In addition to the operation for his spine, his stomach is full of bones – which is another problem we will have to address.”Spencer after 2

And so the long road to recovery began that day for the tortured Doberman. Transferred to the  VCA Animal Specialty Center of South Carolina, tests revealed Spencer was so young and could still feel his legs, he was an excellent candidate for surgery to repair his severed spine. His stomach, however was filled with bird bones which threatened to perforate his stomach lining, but that was a chance rescuers decided to risk.

“I’m proud, strong, determined and a fighter,” Spencer seemed to have been telling everyone at the surgery center.” I am overcoming all odds and I will succeed! I will take my life back and find my own happiness! I will win!”Spencer after 4

In the days following Spencer’s successful surgery, the determined puppy was eager to get to work at his physical therapy as the staff helped him build muscle and support his own weight. Even the splintered bones threatening to pierce his gut had safely passed through his intestines, thus eliminating the need for a second surgery. And then came the toys- Spencer just couldn’t get enough of playing with them. Obviously, he had never before known the pleasure.

“Spencer has taught us a lot and has much more to teach,” wrote Jackie as the puppy continued his recovery with never a complaint. “It’s hard for us to put his rescue into words because it’s been such a whirlwind. He literally took us by storm crashing our website in his first 24 hours! It’s been an emotional roller coaster with just the type of ending we’d hoped for! Our goal all along was to make Spencer whole again; happy healthy and forever loved…”


And on Saturday Spencer went home. He has a special nonslip floor to help with his continued therapy. Everyday is an adventure, and now Spencer – who just six weeks ago barely existed in this world, has been truly rescued. Spencer is scheduled to commence hydrotherapy as everyone looks forward to his complete recovery.

“Spencer thanks everyone for the incredible outpouring of love and support! It’s been a very long day, driving home, checking out his new house, yard and room and he’s finally settling in and relaxed! Could very well be the best sleep he’s ever had! What an amazing feeling for him! He did it,” stated his new family. Spencer joins two other dogs – all of whom seem to be settling in fine.

Many thanks to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, who so often step up and offer the abused, tortured and seemingly hopeless cases a second chance at life. Many thanks to all of the volunteers and advocates who donate their time and funds to make all of this possible. To help more dogs like Spencer, donations can be made,  please click here,  or here. Donate@rescuedogsrocknyc.org.

(Photos of Spencer the Doberman and video courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)

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Read the Doberman’s original story here.

Check out his video: (Spencer wants that toy hedgehog out of his bed)


23 replies
  1. Jill says:

    So very happy that Spencer is doing sooo great!!!!!! I remember when he came in and it was sooooo pitiful to see a dog like that! Thank you to. RDR and all the people who helped him and are still doing so!!!!! We love u Spencer!!!

  2. LInda B says:

    We’re so happy that Spencer has been given a chance, and now has a wonderful home! My dog is a rescue, and we can’t imagine life without her! Congratulations to Spencer’s new owners! You & the folks that rescued him, and brought him back from the brink are Wonderful People!❤️

  3. Leslie says:

    You go gorgeous!!! Thank you for helping that angel out. Go live your new well deserved life and as a treasured family member!

  4. Kathleen Drude says:

    Thank you for giving him the chance he deserved! I’m a veterinarian who specializes in catastrophic injuries! He will now be able to live out the rest of his life being loved! To the piece of garbage who abused this beautiful soul, on you I call down my curse that you and yours will suffer as you made him suffer!

  5. Earl says:

    Black lives matter..blue lives matter.. all lives matter… but when YOU are responsible… it really matters to those in your care.. Spencers new parents are in for new life..

  6. Tina Chancey says:

    Amazing! Just amazing! It’s hard to believe this is the same dog! I’m so happy that he is finally enjoying life and to finally feel what love is! Thanks to all who help to save this baby. You all are the bomb!

  7. Kathi says:

    Thank you for saving this precious soul! God will bless you all! Love this doggie always feed him and play with him never leave him alone outside for long! And most of all just LOVE him ! Thank you again -kathi

  8. kodi says:

    these people who hurt animals shouldn’t have them in the first place! the dogs should have people who love them and care for them and meet there needs. not to be abused and hurt.


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