Charleston man facing charges for neglecting dogs

Discovery of starving dogs leads to arrest of Charleston man

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The recent discovery of two starving dogs has resulted in the arrest of a North Charleston, South Carolina, man. According to Thursday’s ABC News 4, in November, after an officer discovered a starved German shepherd and “frail” American Staffordshire terrier, at the home of their owner, identified as Kurt Evans Smith II, it was apparent that the dogs had been surviving without care for some time.

The officer did not make contact with Smith on the first visit to the Little Sydneys Way residence, but later, when Smith was questioned, he admitted that he had basically left the dogs to fend for themselves, telling the officer that he had “been out of town for a couple of days.”

According to the ABC News article, the German shepherd was taken to the Charleston Animal Society – no word on the current location of the American Staffordshire terrier. Smith was arrested and he is facing an animal cruelty charge for the alleged neglect and a charge for lack of current vaccinations.

(Booking photo via ABC News 4)


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  1. dianaroby02 says:

    This is very troubling not only because of the shape of the TWO dogs but the fact that only ONE of the dogs were rescued at the time. This is from the ABC 7 post:

    “Dispatch received a call on November 7, 2016 about the dogs at Smith’s Little Sydneys Way home. At the time of arrival, the officer didn’t make contact with Smith and transported the German Shepherd to the Charleston Animal Society for evaluation.”

    It’s like the other dog, an American Staffordshire Terrier ceased to exist. Your article is the only place that really mention’s the second dog in any detail. I couldn’t find anything at the animal society or the police department.

    Very troubling. Makes me wonder if the dog is deceased, either by the “neglectful” owner or because the poor pup was left there for some unknown reason by the police officer for some unknown reason. Either way, I will continue to try to find out what happened to the terrier.

  2. Jan McClay says:

    Hoping they find the American atafforshire terrier soon! This dumbo knows where he is .
    Out of town a couple of days…right! So callously neglected them… on purpose!!
    Hopefully he will get his due justice!!

  3. ellen filoteo says:

    you ugly piece of shit !!!!! need to be in jail shame on you hope thy bit you up there in jail those helpless dog do not deserve what you did to them .evil psyco maniac .


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