Dogs belonging to disabled veteran are missing

Disabled veteran’s desperate search for missing dogs

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Residents in and around Bearden, Arkansas, have been on the lookout for two missing service/emotional support dogs who belong to a disabled veteran who is desperate to have them back home. According to Wednesday’s THV 11 News, the missing dogs, “Hope,” and “Brody,” belong to Air Force veteran Ashley Crites, who has been searching for them since they got out of the house on New Year’s Eve.

Crites told THV 11 about the help that Hope, a poodle, provides, “If I fall in the house and my husband is out, she can get out and go to my neighbor’s house and get help.” She added, “She is more than just a family member or a pet,  She’s almost like my cane or my wheelchair or my medication.”


Hope was wearing a pink collar that reads “Service Dog,” at the time that she disappeared – Brody, a Boston Terrier, was wearing a blue collar. Anyone who has information about the dogs’ whereabouts is asked to reach out to Crites at 724-822-3652; a $200 reward is offered for the safe return of the dogs.

(Photos screenshots via THV 11 news)


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  1. pennysdachshund says:

    I sure hope they are found alive and are not tortured and lying dead in a ditch some where It has now been five days !!! This is not good … as to finding them alive!!! After all Just read the animal abuse in this Putrid Southern State!! The law enforcement isn’t much better than the dog fighting rings, thugs, and riff-raff that run this State of Atrocities!!!!

  2. pennysdachshund says:

    Hell I think Deliverance was fashioned after this Troubled State!!! They should film a new version Called Arkansas The Deliverance state!!! BEWARE MEN< WOMEN CHILDREN & ANIMAL"S !!!! YOU ALL COME BACK NOW!!!!

  3. Barkley's Mom says:

    I hope these dogs are found safe and sound, I fear something bad has happened to them or they would have been spotted or come home on their own, If someone has them please get them home! This veteran needs her service dogs!


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