Devastating update on injured puppy

Devastating update on pup injured at boarding facility

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Devastating news about a puppy grievously injured while being cared for at a Newport News, Virginia, dog boarding facility was shared by the dog’s owner late Friday night. The 10-month-old Australian shepherd, named “Fenway,” died at 11:32 p.m.

In a Facebook post, Fenway’s owner, Jason Fox, wrote:

We are simply devastated! Our Fenway lost his fight tonight at 11:32pm

Fenway had been left at the Coastal Dog Services facility while his owners went away for the weekend – in a short period of time, something terrible happened.

Pup severely injured at boarding facility

Fenway’s owner, Jason Fox, recounted the tragic situation on August 27 in a Facebook post:

Needing prayers for our poor puppy Fenway Fox. We trusted our dog in the care of Coastal Dog Services in Newport News over the weekend and the neglect that they showed him is beyond humane!
Our poor baby boy was attacked and basically left for dead and they tried to tell us he had his collar stuck in a fence! Then they just dropped him off at the emergency vet and basically said not our problem. This is so not right and our poor dog is very bad shape. I am definitely going to take this to court, so beyond words right now.

As reported in Williamsburg Yorktown Daily, the boarding facility disputes Fox’s claim – a trainer utilized the business’ Facebook page (the post and entire page have since been deleted) to provide his details about what had happened to the pup:

“The dog’s collar got stuck in a fence and the dog ‘in a panic’ injured itself trying to free itself,”

When Fenway was examined at a veterinary hospital, he was found with a raging infection and his kidneys were compromised. Read more about this tragic situation here.

More news and updates at the National Animal News Facebook page.

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11 replies
  1. Donna Hawkins says:

    That poor thing was mauled ! It’s clear as day! The fact he had a raging infection showed he was left untreated for some time ! That place should be shut down! That’s horrible! Obviously incompetence and disregard for that pups life!


    The boarding facility needs to be shut down! Run free precious, you are spared from this planet’s chaos and destruction.

  3. Tracy Whitcomb says:


  4. Cynthia Como says:

    OMG! I’m stunned by this! And I’m sorry but anybody with a working brain and eyes can see these horrific injuries were in no way shape or form caused by a collar getting stuck in a fence! NO WAY! Now Fenway’s owners are going to have to deal with not only heartache but guilt as well! This facility better have some insurance because they took on the responsibility of keeping Fenway safe and they failed miserably to do so! If it were me I’d be suing the pants off of them! This is devastating news and it truly breaks my heart! RIP SWEET BOY FENWAY❤️

  5. Barkley's Mom says:

    I don’t see how a dog gets in this bad of shape by getting his collar caught in a fence. The dog obviously has bite marks and was apparently attacked by one or more dogs and this kennel is lying about it! I’m so sorry Fenway didn’t make it. I hope Fenway’s family sues the pants off of them and I hope and pray they get some justice for Fenway. There is no excuse for this happening when you are paying someone to take care of your pet! This is just heartbreaking!

  6. Nancy Raymond says:

    I hope Mr. Fox sues the hell out of Coastal Dog Services – they provided NO service to Fenway and just made unbelievable excuses for his injuries – my deep condolences to Fenway’s family – he did not deserve such lackadaisical and neglectful treatment – they should be put out of business since they have proven their irresponsibility towards those left in their lousy care.

  7. casey spinelli says:

    No way in heck did that dog only get stuck in fence. It looks like the puppy was abused a lot. They did nothing for Fenway. Coastal dog services should be ashamed. They left him there to die.

  8. D M-G says:

    I am hoping for an inspection….don’t know if they do this in that state. I feel so bad for the owners…this must be the worst. Hoping for the kennel owners to be educated and find out what they could have done better.


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