Detroit puppy recovering after she chewed off her leg

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A one-year-old friendly Detroit puppy still wags her tail even though veterinarians say the dog chewed part of her rear leg off after getting a cord wrapped around it. According to the Detroit Pit Crew, a non-profit rescue organization, volunteers received a call from a neighbor concerned about the dog who appeared to have part of her leg missing.

“We responded and went to the location (on the city’s east side) and found this poor dog, now named August in poor condition, dragging a chain and with her back leg partially missing, ” wrote Teresa Sumter on the organization’s Facebook page. “We were unable to make contact with August’s owner and we found out that a cord had gotten wrapped around August’s leg. Her owners weren’t able to remove it, so they left it and eventually August chewed her own leg off.”

In a news report from NewsXyz, the owners surrendered the dog who lived in their garage and whom they had named Princess. 

“And there was no emotion when we were taking the dog. It wasn’t like, ‘oh thank you for taking care of Princess. Thank you for coming here to help her.’ It’s just like, ‘here you go. I signed. Goodbye.'”

The rescue group rushed August to the veterinary hospital where she will need the rest of her leg amputated once she is in stable condition. Sadly, the young pup also suffers from tetanus and neglect and will need further treatment. Veterinarians at Center Line Veterinary Hospital stated the dog could have chewed off her leg because the wrapped cord was causing too much pain or because her leg began to rot.

When a member of the household where August lived, had been asked if they were aware that August must have been in excruciating pain to have actually chewed off her part of her limb, the resident stated the dog had already been living in the garage when they moved in, and they did not own the dog. It is not known if a criminal investigation into animal cruelty charges will be pursued. For now, the concern is helping August heal. 

Donations to help can  be made through PayPal at or they can be made by calling Center Line Veterinary Hospital at 586-758-5620. A YouCaring account can be found by clicking here.

Get well soon August.

(Photos of Detroit puppy via Faceboook)

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Check out the full interview when August was found:

Dog in Detroit chewed off his leg after a cord was wrapped around it. Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue talks with Syma Chowdhry about the pup.

Posted by WXYZ-TV Channel 7 on Thursday, August 3, 2017

9 replies
  1. Cynthia Como says:

    This horrific case of neglect and cruelty deeply hurts my heart and enrages me! The so called former owner needs a BIG,STRONG fist planted right into her face! If the authorities do not arrest and charge August’s STUPID,CRUEL abuser the community needs to raise holy hell!! She needs harshly punished and OMG talk about not having a working brain in her head! GOD BLESD AUGUST AND GOD BLESS THERESA AND HER DETROIT PIT CREW RESCUE! THEY DO SUCH AMAZING WORK AND I ENJOY FOLLLING THEIR ORGANIZATION GET WELL SOON AUGUST

  2. Pamela Garlisch says:

    There should be charges brought against the current owners plus the previous owners! Somebody started this and the other party was an accessory to the crime! Get well soon little girl, finally somebody spoke up for you!

  3. Nancy Raymond says:

    These ghetto dwellers who allowed this poor animal to suffer need that damn cord wrapped around their necks several times – another bunch of subhuman maggots who should be eliminated from this earth. Too friggin lazy to even remove the cord. They are lucky I don’t live in Detroit.

  4. Barkley's Mom says:

    I can’t believe they let poor August suffer like this and not do something! I don’t care if they “supposedly” didn’t own the dog, you get the pup help Thank goodness the neighbor saw what was going on, at least she has a chance now.

    • Mark says:

      I know and they couldn’t cut the cord? The dog was already living there?! Sure she was. Thank you to the neighbor and rescuers.

  5. Adrienne says:

    Thank God this dog was rescued or else she would have died without these despicable people doing anything about it. Even if they saw the condition of this dog, why didn’t they act sooner. Criminal charges should be filed against them and if found to be the owners of this dog, they should be forced to pay all vet fees. Horrible people in this world and seems to be getting worse.

  6. Sherry says:

    AH, another great example of humanity. No emotion regarding this poor long suffering animal that chewed it’s own leg off because no-one would help her. Jesus , Joseph and Mary, this is torture. I can not imagine how human beings become so icy cold hearted, but here ya go; another zombie family letting one of god’s creatures down. Shame on mankind. This is repulsive. PLEASE investigate the criminal aspect. That is part of the problem, the authorities are so unconcerned. No-one wants to be bothered with doing their jobs. SAD.


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