Detroit animal shelter owner accused of killing thousands of pit bulls

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A disturbing post on a  Detroit dog rescue’s Facebook page continues to create a media frenzy as irate animal advocates are asking for a thorough investigation.  On Saturday, No Place Like Home Rescue of Michigan, founder Anne Marie Rogers, allegedly wrote the following biting comment on her organization’s page alleging she killed thousands of pit bulls:

“Person (Britt) asking a question.” Are you the whack job killing all the bully breeds?”

“Anne Marie Rogers” (accepting the person’s invitation to join her No Place Like Home Rescue’s Facebook page)  Yep, by the thousands Britt. Did you want me to take care of yours? They only scream a little…”

Rogers denies she has killed any dogs. In a statement to Fox News, she admitted she doesn’t rescue any pit bulls, but she doesn’t hate the bully breeds; she just doesn’t think they are safe to be around children or other animals. So why did she say it advocates ask?  There are multiple media articles on Rogers’ page about pit bull attacks – including her own opinion:

“Every day another victim of a pit bull attack.
Where are the responsible pit bull owners on this?
According to the pit bull apologists who troll this page, it’s never the dog, but it’s always the victim’s fault they were mauled or killed. Sociopaths!”

The all breed Detroit Dog Rescue weighed in on the apparent controversy on their own Facebook page, stating that they didn’t find anything amusing about Rogers’ comment referring to killing thousands of dogs:

“I will never take it lightly when someone threatens an animal’s life. Let’s remember, defining a Pit Bill visually is completely subjective, so it’s not Pit Bulls she may be killing, it’s dogs in general. Where does she get these dogs? Does she report them to authorities or are these loved pets being killed? Who is directly euthanizing these dogs and what are their ethics? These are all things Detroit Dog Rescue is looking into.” Detroit Dog Rescue Director, Kristina Rinaldi, said in a statement earlier today.

This also serves as a reminder to know the rescue groups you support. Are they transparent with their animals and funds? Are they certified by the state? Does their social media or website show a long list of rescues and, more importantly, adoptions. All of these indicators can give you a pretty good idea of who you are supporting.

Even more important, if you need to re home a pet, always try to obtain support from a reputable organization and scan potential adopters. Never offer an animal for free on sites such as Craigslist or Facebook groups.”

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50 replies
  1. Nancy Raymond says:

    No one blames the victim for an ‘attack’ by a so called ‘pit bull’ – it is the owner of the dog who is to blame – these dogs are continuously used by dogfighters and abused and tortured until they will fight – THAT is where the blame is to lie. I am so tired of these people who claim these dogs are ‘dangerous’ – the only dangerous ones are the humans who have forced the dogs to be aggressive. I would not hire Anne Marie Rogers to clean my cat litter – SHE is the danger, not the dogs.

    • Jayne E Isaacs says:

      You are so correct!!! We got a stray staffie and got him neutered and shots and even tags out of our pockets He is a big 69 lbs. boy who we adopted out. We ask for references and checked those references and made sure they had a high chain/privacy fence in case he jumped ( which he never did when he was w/us). We went the x-tra 10 miles to make sure he was going to the perfect home loved.fed, & happy!!!

      • Pamela Wilson says:

        I have a friend the has 4 of that breed and they are well trained and sweet. No breed is bad, just bad or irresponsible owners that don’t train them properly or train them to attack.

    • helen says:

      Obviously Rogers is a nitwit for commenting that. Of course it’s the owner of ANY dog who is to blame.

    • Tina Pounds says:

      Actually we do get blamed by pit bull advocates for our attacks all the time. Despite LEO and ACO investigative reports, witness statements, and my voluminous medical records, I am called a liar, I am told we must have done something, the dog only wanted to play, etc. I am called horrendous names for speaking out. If you could have seen the nasty comments you could understand us perhaps. But advocates do not try. They attack, victimizing us again. The comments I have seen against the parents of children killed by pit bulls are heart breaking.

      • Doña Starbird says:

        Tina you say pit bull advocates called you a liar and blamed you for your attack. I doubt it. In fact I have had several anti pit people call me names and a liar when I share my attack stories. Why because I witnessed a mauling death that was done by black labs. They tried to convince me I had the breed wrong. Sorry but both dogs were AKC registered show dogs. Any breed can attack and any breed can do damage. I had to have corrective surgery to my Achilles tendon thanks to a daschuand.

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    Maybe she was being sarcastic to the person who asked if she were the “whack job killing all the bully breeds”, but her response was far from “funny”. May be she hasn’t actually killed any “bully breeds” but her attitude toward them is appalling for someone who professes to be a “rescue”. I’m thinking she needs to be investigated and I’m thinking she needs to NOT be in the rescue business at all! No Place Like Home Rescue is “No Place” I would want to support.

    • Linda Szymoniak says:

      Throwing gasoline on a fire you’re trying to put out is never a good idea. If this woman said what she said in sarcasm, she basically just fueled the fire, rather than putting it out. She needed to give a straight, honest answer. IF, however, what she said is true, I really hope she rots in h***! Detroit is a horrible place for dogs, although several rescues have been doing a great job. But, it’s like putting a Band-aid on a hemorrhage. Too many people getting Pitties to use as guard dogs for for fighting. I cry for all the precious dogs who deserved to be loved, and not used and abused. Yes, the vast majority of dog bites are because of bad owners. If the courts would start giving owners strong penalties, perhaps things would start to get better.

    • Fatima says:

      Seriously? The fact that she said “they only scream a little” is a sign of a psychopath.
      There is no doubt in my mind that this woman has killed lots of animals and actually enjoyed it.
      She is a sick bitch!!!

    • Annie Misiaszek says:

      Plus she is doing the devils work as a501 charity, which means
      This monster isn’t paying taxes on her horrifying business. She actively searches for bully breed in the Pontiac area. She also has comminicated her support of BSL.
      A serial killer of dogs,
      Of a certain look, size,head shape, all thought to be a bully breed. Since 1995?

  3. Cynthia Como says:

    If this is true I’m completely outraged! I’m thinking it’s more than likely true! Some of the inane,callous idiots that run some shelters is unacceptable,the total indifference shown towards ALL dogs in some of these places and society as a whole is absolutely appaling and IMMORAL! This freaking bitch needs ousted for her comments alone! For the life of me I do not understand how these dog killing,”I could care less” jerks end up running these places! The name of this place alone is a freaking joke! I feel most people are aware of the injustice done to so many dogs in this country BUT not to the extent and depth because they DO NOT want to hear the dirty details! And therein lies the problem,people NEED to hear the dirty details of what goes on with the abused,neglected,maimed and murdered dogs in this country,be it in homes,back yards,in the streets and in shelters! In my opinion it’s a NATIONAL SHAME because we can and should do better!!!!!! Anne Marie Rogers is a fucking bitch of the highest order! May she rot in the fires of hell for all eternity!!!!!

  4. Vicki Hood says:

    Where in heck is Detroit that records are not kept with authorities? Pounds are required to give not only financial records but kill rates, costs and there are supposed to be audits. The financial records alone would prove kill rate. Detroit has a dog hater in charge of a facility that belongs to the public. All employees at this facility need questioned and possibly prosecuted. Keep us posted as we don’t quit. This has got to be prosecuted. Anne Marie Rogers has got to be removed from any contact with this facility NOW. .

    • Belinda Knoblock says:

      I don’t think this is a public entity. It sounds like it is a dog rescue supported by donations.
      It seems pretty clear that the woman was being sarcastic. While it may have sounded crude and politically incorrect, what I understand from reading her comment is that she found the accusation to be ridiculous.

  5. Wendy Houghton says:

    It’s not always the owners fault. It’s not always the Pitbulls fault either. It can be in the training and it can be in the bloodline of the dog. Aggression can be in any breed.

  6. Elaine says:

    There is excuse to euthanize a dog because of its breed. If other countries can handle having pitbulls, then the notion of euthanasia because they are a pitbull is not logical or fair. Maybe they should start euthanizing rapists and murderers and child molesters, they are more dangerous than any dog. That sounds rational to a lot of people, and you would see a lot of support on that. Seek help from other countries about rehoming pitbulls, or better yet, revisit these ridiculous law these states and cities have.

    • Karen says:

      Other countries are as cruel as we have gotten towards animals we need to take care of our animals and not transport them to other cruel places. Spay and neuter . Stop ALL breeding.

  7. maxiemom says:

    I have no doubt that it’s true. Her FB page is full of hate against pits, and she makes no explanations for any of it. In fact, the stories she posts PROVE that pits are victims of people, just like the people injured were, but she’s too damned dumb to figure out that bad owners who can’t keep their dogs behind a fence, socialize, train, etc., them are the problem, yet THIS idiot runs a rescue. I hope she’s shut down and jailed. Anyone who loves dogs would KNOW AND UNDERSTAND what’s wrong here: instead, she takes negative comments off the page, gives no explanation / comment back, and refuses to allow the person to make another comment. Sounds like guilt to me and someone who has no business doing anything with dogs. Evil.

  8. Sherry says:

    Her comment was beyond distasteful . I expect more from an owner of a proposed rescue group. Her negative articles she posts about bully breeds to her site only makes the discrimination against all of them and all that look like bully breeds worse. They are already the number one euthanized dog in the u.s. as well as the number one abused breed; they don’t need a supposed rescuer doing them any such favors in a world stacked against them already. I have a ten year old gentle giant pit bull I rescued nine years ago sleeping in bed with me every night; she is dying of bladder cancer. She has been the most gentle dog I have ever known; with great disposition and kind to her lab sister and her daschund sister (now deceased). I am disgusted by this woman and a thorough investigation of her and her place is warranted PRONTO> She doesn’t sound like any dog lover I know, making jokes about them yelping in euthanasia. Maybe she is innocent of that, we shall see, but her comments and negativity of an entire breed make her no good candidate for running a rescue.

  9. Marla says:

    If she was trying to be funny…. There’s an element of truth & seriousness behind every joke. Something is terribly wrong with this woman.

  10. Jennesse Grayswann says:

    The Dogs were being euthanized at the Michigan Anti Cruelty Society. Anne would collect them through her rescue weekly and take them there to be murdered and burned! Promoting Change on Facebook and Detroit pit crew along with Chained is a group of people who have been protesting there for months. Please go there to follow the updates.

    • helen says:

      She claims she doesn’t rescue Pit Bulls, but, if she had there must be proof from the shelters. MI Anit Cruelty Society would also have proof if she brought them there to be PTS.

    • Jennifer Krikorian says:

      She’s a lying sick bitch! She admits it & there’s proof! Time to put her down!! Might as well stop lying ann your done! Check out her past ! She’s been arrested has lost her job ! Better tell daddy your going to need a lawyer!

  11. Tracy Whitcomb says:

    This is BULLSHIT!!!!! I hope that Bitch gets fired then fried. She needs to get the hell out. She does NOT deserve to be there.

  12. Cristen McConville says:

    I would hope she was being sarcastic ~ that said, NOT funny… It definitely should be investigated….

  13. Gilbert says:

    I am a pitbull breeder I have raised 15 Pitbulls at one time they all died of old age I have never once seen none of my pitbulls attack will be aggressive towards people they’re very lovable it’s just shows how a person can be cruel to a pitbull by making them fight it’s not the dogs to make a name for themselves it’s the people who put them to fight if you raise a pitbull they will come out to be very generous I have had them around my grandkids for years never in my life have I seen that one of my dogs bite my grandkids it just depends how the person raises the dogs to be I’m against dog fighting and Against Animal Cruelty the clady who posted comment about those pitbulls she needs to be investigated she is a no-good knucklehead that doesn’t know any better they need to strip her from rescuing dogs anymore if they do investigator I hope that it is not true and if it is I hope the courts Punisher to the full extent

  14. Dorothy Faye Reynolds says:

    Anne Marie, I can only hope that someone gets a hold of you and make you scream a lot and give you a good ol’ Chicago ass kicking…!

  15. Dori says:

    One day Miss. Anne Marie Rogers will meet her maker!!! Special place in hell for her.
    It ‘s not the Pit bulls fault or the victim’s fault, however it is the owners fault.

  16. andrew polk says:

    She needs to do some research, back in the 1700s Pit Bulls was the babysitter or nanny pick one, she is a poor excuse for a human being

  17. Amanda A Bailey says:

    I’m a pit bull owner of 2 and I’d put my life on the line for them just as they would me, and 16yr old female is a trained service, and therapy dog…works everyday, and the other is 1yr old male in training behind her rescued many (15) all of which I have trained and I’d trust with any one or any child to the fullest and I’d take any of them all back!! No questions. Just txt and make sure I’m home..some are and were registered and some back yarders… None the less all pit bulls by appearance and bred for mere $$$$!! I’d euthanize her myself! Pit bulls exceed and excel by far above any breed and well in my opinion by far above most of the ignorant people walking around out there!

  18. Christina Schiffer says:

    This disgusts me….I have a 1 1/2 year old pitbull that is so gentle with my grand baby and loves everyone. He is the best dog I have ever had, seriously the best. He is part of the family and when he is gone 🙁 I will get another. Just love this breed! Shame on her for her lack of knowledge as a so called rescuer. She doesn’t know anything about pits and how good they really are.

  19. susispot says:

    Check her out and dig deep. She is too snarky for my taste. What is under that ?? exterior? She has only her smart mouth to blame.

  20. Kelly says:

    I know Ann Marie personally and she wouldn’t hurt an animal! She takes care of my pets for me while I’m on vacation and played a critical role in caring for my father-in-laws golden retriever while he was in hospice. She’s a very caring person and all of this negativity is ridiculous!

    • Barkley's Mom says:

      I am willing to bet the dogs she takes care of for your are NOT “Pitt Bulls”. My problem with her is her attitude, like so many others, that “Pitt Bulls” are ALL vicious and should be eliminated. I don’t care how caring you SAY she is, she has a vendetta against a breed of dogs and I wouldn’t trust her with mine and mine are German Shepherds. Her snarky response to a question and the nasty postings about “Pitt Bulls” on her facebook page is what got her noticed in a bad way, she has only herself to blame for that.

    • Cynthia Como says:

      Well good for u! U know her personally!! She takes care of ur dogs and ur father in laws dog,just tell me we’re any of them a bully breed! She is Satan reincarnated and I hope the vile BITCH crases and burns!! Wondering just how long u have known this psychotic bitch? Do u have a clue what she does 24 hrs a day? I doubt it!! NO DOG RESCUER OR DOG ADVOCATE OR DOG LOVER CONDUCTS THEMSELVES IN THIS WAY NOR DO THEY MISREPRESENT THEMSELVES AS A RESCUE WHILE TRYING TO ELEMINATE AN ENTIRE BREED OF DOGS! U listen up this woman’s misdeeds have been going on for a VERY LONG time across more that one state! I suggest you look into her past and talk to the many people who have dealt with her! She is nothing more than a piece of shit masquerading as a rescue,and while ur at it try choosing better friends,oh and watch ur back and I’ll be praying for ur beloved pets well being while u stupidly leave them in her care and control!!!!! Smh

  21. Joolz Nancarrow says:

    This AMR person was fired by her job in County because she put to sleep a rottwhieler ILLEGALLY in the back of her van, so her saying she has never killed a dog is just the first of her many lies….


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