Despicable teen who crushed 79 piglets sentenced to jail

Piglets were crushed by a farm worker
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A despicable teen, accused of repeatedly belly-flopping on dozens of piglets at a farm in Huercal-Overa in Almeria, Spain, has been sentenced to time in jail. According to Wednesday’s Daily Mail, the now 19-year-old farm worker (who has not been named) caused crushing injuries to the piglets when he landed on them with his sizable girth.

A total of 19 piglets were reported to have been killed immediately when the teen fell on their bodies – an additional 60 piglets suffered grievous injuries and had to be euthanized. The teen has stated that he was just joking around when he flopped onto the penned piglets three times – another young man was taking video of the cruel act.

A judge stated that the man’s behavior was “repulsive.” The teen was sentenced to 15 months in jail. Both the “belly-flopper” and the guy who took the video have been banned from working in any job connected to animals for three and a half years, and fined.

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  1. Why is this person still living. His crime is similar to terrorists. Why do you think he would not value human life he same l would crush him to,death

  2. Horrible asshole who did this evil killing poor piglets what a horrible death I pray this asshole will be crushed by a truck or cement & dies god bless piglets bg

  3. I hope both of these F…..g POS’s have lots of fun in prison…… getting the “royal treatment” from bigger and meaner fellow inmates…… prefer they don’t survive and get to Hell ASAP where they will burn forever for their cruelty…….

    RIP poor precious little treasures, your lives did matter…… you didn’t deserve to be treated in such a horrible way as “amusement” for these worthless POS’s!!!

  4. Hopefully, this punk will get his punishment in jail when he encounters some predatory inmates who will make good use of his ‘sizeable girth’ everyday all day long. He deserves every abuse they can dole out.

  5. These morons didn’t get half of the punishment they should have! They KILLED innocent piglets and videoed it like it was a joke. Lock them up and throw away the key! They don’t need to be among decent people!

  6. These heathens need to be in jail for 10 years, minimum. UNTIL sentences are substantial, these idiots will continue to think it is funny to do this to animals. Lets see how funny they think it is when they are hit with 10+ years in prison for their joke. No one is laughing. Damn their ages. If they can do the deeds, then they can pay the price for their actions.


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