Desperate woman found burned German shepherd and had nowhere to turn for help

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In Los Angeles, a desperate woman discovered a severely burned German shepherd on Monday morning, and initially had nowhere to turn. Shocked and upset by the dog’s condition, the Good Samaritan immediately took the injured dog to a nearby veterinarian who, after examining the dog, gave her no option other than to euthanize the dog she had already named Charlie. As for Charlie however, he immediately bonded with the woman – following her every step; knowing this was the human who would help him, and he desperately needed someone to ease his pain and loneliness. 

Completely heartbroken and defeated, the woman left the veterinarian’s office with Charlie right by her side; perhaps an omen from somewhere in heaven suddenly appeared. In an instant, another person handed the Good Samaritan a piece of paper; on it was written the contact information for  Westside German Shepherd Rescue’s. When the call came in, rescuers knew they had to step up and help.

“We can only imagine how Charlie’s skin had been burned and the pain he is feeling, but through it all, he has remained loving and faithful,” the rescue organization wrote on their Facebook page as the photos of the injured shepherd appeared.

Charlie has been transferred to the organization’s partner veterinarian where he is currently receiving the best of care. Updates will be provided as more information is made available. To help with Charlie’s medical needs, donations can be made by clicking here or by check. Please mail to WGSR 3016 S. Hill St., Los Angeles, CA 90007.

Get well soon Charlie. Everyone is hoping for the best. Photos of burned German shepherd courtesy of Westside German Shepherd Rescue.

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19 replies
    • Jeannine says:

      I’m with you Jeanette, do the same to the one who did this to this beautiful shepherd. Laws are not struck enough.
      My father always told me when I was growing up, “just because an animal can’t talk doesn’t mean they don’t feel”. I have never forgotten that people just can’t ever be loving and compassionate about animals who are so devoted to people.

    • tina says:

      Include the damn vet who wouldn’t take the time to help Charlie. Thankfully the Good Samaritan chose not to agree with the vet.

      • Nancy Raymond says:

        O Tina I agree with you wholeheartedly – this so called ‘veterinarian’ needs a huge lesson in compassion.

  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    Keeping Charlie in our prayers, thank you Good Samaritan for not giving up on him and to Westside German Shepherd Rescue, you are angels!

  2. Melanie says:

    Thank you good Samaritan.. Thank you for saving Charlie n loving him without even knowing him…God bless you!!

  3. Red says:

    Thank God he sent an angel to find this poor sweet animal. May God bless and heal this precious dog. May karma find the Piece Of Crap that did this and H U R T THEM REALLY BADLY!

  4. Blanca Soto says:

    Oh my god what crazyasshole did this to this dog I started to cry just looking at the picture the dog look like he was going to survive his misuree I hope the dog have a chip cause that it’s s start n I hope that the one who did this goes to jail he is a animal I know the dog is in good hands n I thank the lady that save him lots of love to her

  5. susispot says:

    Westside GSD rescue has helped so many. Just got my anniversary shirt that counts lives saved at 11,000 in 15 yrs. I hope this one can be added to their list of successes. Thank you Westside for giving this dog a real chance at a second chance.

  6. Ed says:

    It takes a TRUE COWARD to deliberately subject a living, breathing, feeling animal to so much NEEDLESS pain. That has Agravated Cruelty written all over it. Possible $20K in fines with up to 10 years in prison.

  7. Nancy Raymond says:

    Huge THANK YOU to both the kind lady who rescued Charlie and the person who directed her to the German Shepherd rescue group – I truly hope Charlie makes a full recovery and gets the safe loving home he never had. And if I could get my hands on the POS that burned him, they would never be walking upright again – that’s a promise.


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