Denver police officer loses one vacation day after ‘forgetting’ about his horse

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A Denver police officer has been docked one vacation day after he “forgot” and left his horse tied in a stall for 16 hours without food or water. By the time the horse was discovered, released, watered and fed, he soon suffered from a severe case of colic and had to be humanely euthanized.

According to Channel 9News, the Denver Police Department mounted patrol officer, Joseph Teeter ignored his horse MC Hammer after the two had patrolled the downtown area on September 26, 2016. Teeter returned the horse to the Denver Police Mounted Patrol Barn, removed the saddle and tied the horse-leaving two to three feet of slack. Documents state Tweeter “became distracted doing paperwork and forgot he had left the horse tied in the stall.”

MC Hammer was discovered the next morning still tied to the eyebolt. Although he was fed and watered, the horse colicked, however veterinarians could not conclude that the illness was a result of being tied for so long. In a December 20 disciplinary letter, Officer Teeter’s “forgetting” “exposed a live animal to cruel and extreme conditions.”

MC Hammer was ten years old and had been with the police force for nearly one year. The disciplinary letter stated Teeter was extremely remorseful about the situation and had been devastated at the time of the horse’s death. The district attorney’s office did not press charges.

Rest in peace MC Hammer.

(Photo of Denver police horse via website)

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  1. pennysdachshund says:

    What a SLAP in THE FACE to SERVICE HORSES EVERYWHERE IN OUR COUNTRY!!! My husband and I have 5 rescue horses!!!! We also help feed and care for 7 horses in a pasture That belong to an organization that work with crippled children all winter YES EVEN in Brutal Weather…. A horse suffering Colic is an EXTREMELY BRUTAL DEATH ” THEY WRITHER IN TATAL PAIN & SUFFERING With TWISTED GUTS”!!! I have NO ! ( not that they give a SHIT) NO! RESPECT for the Denver POLICE DEPARTMENT COMMANDER for Allowing this POS Officer to walk off and STILL have a JOB < RETIREMENT and BENEFITS after treating his service animal…. IN SUCH A HYPOCRITIC FASHION!!! Being a neighbor of Colorado I have ALWAYS been impressed with the residents of this state (for the most part) for their advocacy of Animal RIGHTS!!! This is nothing short of a TRAVESTY !!!

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    Now there is a punishment, being docked a days vacation for not taking care of your horse! (sarcasm). I’m sure “Teeter was extremely remorseful about the situation and had been devastated at the time of the horse’s death”. but what the Hell, it’s just a horse (again sarcasm). Surely this warranted more of a punishment than this!

  3. Audra Lacey-Ehrlich says:

    No exscues luck his ass up if it was a regular person they be charged with abuse that is manslaughter against a officer of the law that is a official officer even if it’s a animal

  4. Emma williams says:

    Is this a joke cuz it sure sounds like it. He only Lisa’s one vacation day that’s not even a slap on the wrist that’s crap that’s nothing that’s bullshit

  5. Joanne says:

    Heartbreaking, Despicable and Horrific! This poor innocent horse suffered agonizing pain, hunger, abuse, trauma, profound neglect, and ultimate betrayal! Teeter was docked only ONE vacation day – is that what a life is worth! This LAME and stupid punishment is WRONG and UNACCEPTABLE! Animals are living, breathing souls created from God, they have feeling and emotions and they feel pain. Shame on that heartless, careless, inept subhuman that did not care for the welfare of MC Hammer, and shame on the other despicable subhumans that did not give MC Hammer deserved justice (they just docked ONE vacation day from that inept jerk – such a lame, inappropriate, and tiny punishment for such horrible act of neglect and abuse. Such a betrayal and slap in face for Service Horse MC Hammer that suffered excruciating pain, cruel neglect, hunger, trauma, and death at such a young age! The horse paid the ultimate sacrifice of his life because of an incompetent, inconsiderate, cruel and absent-minded asshole! Teeter said that he “forgot” about the horse; MC Hammer was not a thing, he was a living, breathing soul that required proper care, attention, and food. This is extremely wrong, shocking, and outrageous! Poor innocent MC Hammer suffered a needless and cruel fate because of Teeter’s cruel neglect, carelessness, and incompetence! I hope and pray they reconsider this LAME punishment, and give this inept asshole a severe and fitting punishment – fire that POS Teeter, or hit him where it hurts, in the pocket and fine that POS for thousands of dollars and give the money to a horse rescue organization in the memory of MC Hammer. Angel MC Hammer, I am so very sorry that humanity failed you twice, by not giving you proper care, and by not giving you deserved justice for your death. It is so heartbreaking that his cruel and painful death was preventable and in vain. Rest in Heavenly Peace, MC Hammer, you are now safe in the tender loving care of Jesus. Angel MC Hammer, I am praying for your deserved justice. Angel MC Hammer, you are loved, and you will not be forgotten. RIP, BEAUTIFUL BIG BOY. ????????????

  6. susispot says:

    No words. Water and food should have been given in small increments just like for a starved dog. Horses gulping cold water are in danger of foundering. Warm water should be offered. Whom ever fed and watered this horse may be to blame for his deadly bellyache. RIP MC.

  7. Irene Mettlen says:

    I don’t think That officer should have gotten off that easy! Abuse is UNCALLED FOR, NO MATTER WHO DID IT! THEY/HE NEEDS TO BE CHECKED INTO STRONGER LAWS! THIS WAS A PAT ON THE BACK! WHICH I AM SORRY, HE NEEDS TO BE LOCKED AWAY LONGER!!!????????????????????

  8. Susan kraich says:

    Of course the cop didn’t get charged with abuse to animals, esp a police animal.
    The cops story is lame, the judge a jerk.
    Remember to vote the judge out of office and keep cameras rolling to end the abuse of power of bad cops n sheriff’s. ..their everywhere!
    If it were ANYONE ELSE they’d be in jail!!!
    But a cop don’t lie….let’s prove they do.
    Start watching them as much as they do us with camera and sound.
    End the good ol’ network of abuse of power hungry lying no good pieces of shit.
    One day vacation pay! For the life he was meant to protect. Says a lot about how this guy would protect you, probably kill you and go on paid holiday until cleared of all charges for killing an inset citizen.
    Did the CSP ever find out who’s horse killed the kid near greeley in November (apox?
    Seems odd it’s hush hush!


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