Defeated and hopeless, Bernese Mountain pup needs help out of shelter

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At the DeKalb County Animal Shelter located in Decatur, Georgia an extremely frightened Bernese Mountain dog mix dubbed Bernie cannot wait to leave the shelter. A volunteer offers his heartbreaking description:

“This boy is just terrified; he pushes himself as far into the corner as he can go in hopes that it will help him feel safe. Bernie dreams of a place where he can decompress and receive some TLC to help his true personality blossom.”

Shelter staff estimate the dog to be three-years-old. On, Bernie has been identified as a Saint Bernard mix. Make sure to reference 35884794 when making inquiries about this boy. A Facebook page for this dog can be followed here. For more information about this dog, contact the shelter by email at or call (404) 294-2963.

Photos via video of Bernese Mountain dog mix by Urgent Animals at Dekalb County Animal Services.

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Bernie’s video is available here:

RESCUED!!! We have hundreds of dogs who are still in desperate need. Visit them at the shelter or see them at cannot wait to leave the shelter behind. This poor boy is just terrified, he pushes himself as far into the corner as he can go in hopes that it will help him feel safe. Bernie dreams of a place where he can decompress and receive some TLC to help his true personality blossom. If your group can help Bernie, please email

Posted by Urgent Animals at DeKalb County Animal Services on Wednesday, July 12, 2017


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12 replies
  1. Cynthia Como says:

    This is a stunning magnificent dog and I’m at a complete loss how he can be dumped at a kill shelter! But then again the assholes of humanity do this all day everyday! I hope every jerk that abandons their dog to a kill shelter because they are too damn lazy to work on rehoming them have nothing but misery in their life! Cold hearted monsters! PLEASE PLEASE SOMEONE SAVE THIS BABY!

  2. Pamela Garlisch says:

    Can a rescue step up for this boy? I’m sure he would not be hard to place once his true personality blossoms, they are fantastic dogs! The previous family of this dog did not know that they had a gem and should not be allowed to take care of another animal.

  3. Barkley's Mom says:

    I’m sharing this in New York State, It is all I can do. I am so sick of seeing these poor scared beautiful dogs being treated like yesterday’s trash! Thank God for the volunteers that try to get them noticed and adopted. Without them many more would be lost.

  4. Gail Calhoun says:

    This is tragic. I hope there are transport options and a foster to take him out of Georgia. These are great dogs for sure. Maybe he is frightened now, but this experience will prove to be his only dark days and a better happier future is ahead for him. Places in the U.S. are proving to be challenging for animals–Texas, Southern California, Alabama, border states. Sometimes all States. The reason for owner surrender wasn’t offered, but if the reason was one of these “Well, it is the 4th, and I want a different kind of dog” there must be more stringent constraints placed on acquiring a dog, especially for those who have “owned” 5 different dogs in their lives and no dog survived past his 2nd birthday or worse, maybe not beyond puppy days. There has to be a animal abuse Registry! The Humane Society of The United States has a petition available to ask for this- Please sign it!

  5. Angela Corso says:

    I just saw on their site that he is adopted. Thanks Josephine for confirming. I was looking at airfare to GA so I could adopt this beautiful baby.


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