Death and tragedy in Texas backyard

Death and tragedy after backyard mauling in Texas

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A young boy and four dogs are dead after a tragic incident which took place late last week in the backyard of a residence in El Paso, Texas. A four-year-old child, identified as Jacob Brooks, was left by his mother in an enclosed trampoline in the family’s yard on Thursday evening – the boy was reported to have been left alone with four of the family’s dogs.

According to Monday’s KVIA News, the dogs turned on the boy and by the time help arrived, he was dead. The dogs involved in the mauling, three shepherd mixes, and a pit bull, have since been euthanized.

The local authorities released information about the tragedy, “The child had been left by his mother in an enclosed trampoline in the backyard where there were four dogs.” Neighbors in the area are stunned by the boy’s death, but at least one person claimed that the dogs at the house are “aggressive.”

The boy’s mother, who has not been named, was placed in protective custody and taken to an area medical facility.

On Tuesday, KVIA News released a statement from the boy’s aunt. The statement reads in part:

“Our family has been devastated by the tragic, unexplainable death of Jacob Brooks.  Jacob was a beautiful, kind, intelligent little boy. He was loved by many and our family will never be the same without him. There have been statements trying to place blame of the accident on mistreatment of the dogs, but this is coming from people who have no knowledge of the situation.  Although the dogs were large breeds, they were indeed pets and had not shown aggressive behavior before around any of the family.”

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12 replies
  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    Another incident of a child being left alone with dogs. Unexplainable as they seem to think it is, you don’t leave a 4 year old unsupervised on an enclosed trampoline either!

    • Kathleen Baker says:

      This sounds like the parent didn’t want the child anymore. So she neglected those dogs and they went after the child. And of course the dogs were going to be destroyed bc they got the “taste of blood, they were already a danger.”

    • Nancy Raymond says:

      Texas as usual – this dumb ass bitch left a four year old outside by himself and allowed their four dogs to be there – IF these dogs were aggressive she should have known better – BUT also with a kid bouncing around on a trampoline – it may have excited the dogs BUT I blame Mommy for her lack of common sense. They killed the dogs, how about Mommy?


        I totally agree Nancy. So sad for all of them dead because of irresponsible parents! Makes my heart boil and seems an epidemic in Texas.

  2. Helen says:

    You never leave small children alone with dogs unsupervised. It’s a tragedy a 4 year old child and 4 dogs are dead because of poor judgement by the mother. Why is the mother placed in protective custody? I think there’s more to the story. I’m sorry Jacob died in such a terrible way.

    • Daniel Clarkson says:

      I agree that there is more to this than we have been told. The parent or parents of the child should be aware that you don’t leave a child with any number of dogs, even only one.

  3. Bunny Peters says:

    I am very sorry for the family on this horrible loss.

    It doesn’t matter how large or small a furbaby is, one doesn’t leave a 4 year old alone with ANY furbaby…….

    I hated leaving my husband to babysit…….. & he is a “responsible adult”……..


    This is ridiculous! Texas and their love to euthanize dogs makes my blood boil. Rest in peace voiceless dogs, and in heaven dance with the angels.


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