Death row pup uses her toys as ‘pacifiers’ to soothe her broken heart

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Wednesday Update: Saved by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. 

Tuesday: Pelusa has not been rescued. She is on the “To Be Destroyed” list again. Please share her story and help her find a loving family.

Meet Pelusa; just four years old, health and sweet yet she’s on the list to be euthanized at the Brooklyn facility of the Animal Care Centers of New York City. Surrendered by her family because “they were developing allergies towards their dog,” Pelusa has not been able to understand why she has been separated from the only family she has ever known, and as she waits for their return, her toys have become the “pacifiers” to help soothe her broken heart. In her old life,  the  61-pound dog loved to run in the park and go for walks, play with her two-year old human sibling and follow her family around the house. She thought everyone loved her and would be part of the family forever.

A volunteer describes her interaction with Pelusa:

“Pelusa is a sensitive little lamb of a dog that has stolen my heart! She is a little anxious to find herself away from her whole-life-family, but has found an adorable way of coping with it by using toys like pacifiers! She talks to me from her cage (really, she’s on the verge of stringing sentences together) and is just as sweet as can be. She likes carrying toys around in her cage and LOVES to play with them outside (she drops them right in my lap when she’s ready for another go…she is so fun and it’s the perfect outlet for her energy!). She loves treats and already knows “sit”, “paw” and “down” and she’s happy to take a belly rub as a reward for the latter. She’s super affectionate and likes becoming one with my lap and kissing my face clean. We’re told she does well with strangers and children and wants to play with other dogs. She is TRULY a doll and eager to find someone to be the apple of her eye (and she’ll be your sunshine in return!).”

Sadly the stress of shelter life has taken a toll on this dog. A recent evaluation indicates she is at risk for behavior challenges, although no concerns had been noted by her previous owners. Since entering the shelter when she was  social and affectionate, Pelusa has been showing signs of resource guarding in her kennel and has been reactive towards other dogs. Pelusa needs to find a home, and animal advocates are her only hope to survive. Share this dog’s plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives.

Follow this dog’s plight on Facebook by clicking here or here. Although this dog was on the euthanasia list slated for Saturday afternoon, her life was spared. It is expected she will again be on the list Sunday evening. When inquiring about this dog, make sure to reference A1110710. Need assistance?  Email [email protected] for guidance and assistance. If necessary, the group will provide you with links to New Hope rescue applications to foster or adopt via rescue.

PELUSA – A1110710 is available to be reserved on the ACC directly. Contact

Shelter contact information:
Phone number (212) 788-4000
Email [email protected]

Photos of dog using her toys as pacifiers via Julie Carner, Animal Care Centers of NYC, and Must Love Dogs

Check out her video here:


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    • prayers are good, but the dog couldn’t find home on her own, maybe you can help and find a home for her? talk to a bunch of people you know and ask them to take the dog?

      • That’s a real nice way to ask someone to take a Death Row Dog. How about you! I got 5 dogs 2 cats 1 rabbit 1 guinea pig and a turtle. Let us all help get her out. Thank you KINDLY

      • I’ve been networking this sweetheart far and wide… social media doesn’t savery them all, wish it did, but it’s a wonderful tool. 🙂

  1. There are some humans we need to “put down” before these poor animals. Those people who have the power to have these animals put down will meet their maker and when that day comes they will tell their maker”they were just dogs”. With a sinister twist of Fate, a smirk that will forever bestow shivers thru the once dog murderers spine, will be the only thing they will have to remind them that whats about to take place is a walk thru a park in comparison to what I imagine was 100’s of dogs if not 1000’s they killed!


  3. This is a bunch of B.S. Why turn over this Young Dog because you have a Allergy. You could have Found a Family Member. Then you Turn this Beautiful Dog to a Kill Shelter. I Don’t Understand. Karma will get You.

  4. Me neither. It’s disgraceful that people can be so heartless. I don’t understand how they can be when you look at your sweet dogs face and those huge puppy dog eyes stare back at you with nothing but love and respect. Why do some people have to make it soooo difficult, it’s not, it’s so easy to love animals.

  5. It appears These Buzzard Vomit Individuals weren’t “allergic ” enough to raise pups off this little girl!!! She looks so helpless sitting there with her only companion (toys) I sure hope that a CARING RESCUE WILL SPARE HER LIFE!!!

      • From the looks of the photo and her tit’s I would say she definitely had pups not too long ago!!!

    • I bet she’s soothing herself with those little ‘companion’ toys because she misses her babies. Looks like she was being used as a breeder. Poor baby.

      • this whole story has sickened me I live about 3000 miles West of NYC and helpless to adopt her …. I am sure she recently had pups and the Ass Hole owners waited to wean them and tossed Mom aside… the shelter people ( only they could give a shit) should have seen she had recent pups… Now she is going to be killed again… Our Country has gone to Hell in a “fruit basket”!!!

  6. Poor sweet Pelusa. I’m praying that the family of her dreams finds her in time. It would be a real tragedy if she was killed. Please give her time for her forever family to find her. Don’t kill this sweet, pretty dog.

  7. there is no need to have kill shelters there are plenty of safe shelters. These kill shelters needs to be shut down permanently I hope that Pelusa finds another owner before its to late for her

  8. PELUSA – A1110710 is back on the kill list 5/22/17 at NYCACC in Brooklyn, NY. She is available to be reserved until noon (pickup must be made in person within 48 hrs). Transport is available through a New Hope rescue – generally you must live within 4 hrs from NYC to foster and within 6 hrs from NYC to adopt. She was given a 2nd chance, when most only get 18 hrs, please share her. Thank you!

  9. It would be a tragedy if the NY ACC doesn’t give Pelusa more time with everyone sharing and networking her. A foster home will step up or adopter.

    • Go to the link and contact them directly. Pelusa is on the euth list for tomorrow and needs rescued/fostered ASAP!!

  10. She has been adopted. I received this email…. “Thank you for your interest in adopting from Animal Care Centers of NYC! Pelusa has already been adopted.” They sent it at 3:21 EST! Great news!

  11. I’m confused…. has she been adopted or not? I see some peeps saying she has, but then read the article and that says she’s back on the euth list…. please clear this up… I pray she has been adopted

  12. This dog has not been adopted and is on the euth list for tomorrow the 24th. She still needs a rescue/foster/adopter!!

  13. If they were the only family she knew why did it take almost four years to start being allergic to her? What a crock.Most people that have pets they really care about would never give them up after having them for this amount of time.It would hurt them too emotionally. She does look like she has had babies.

  14. Has she been adopted? I saw 3 posts saying she has, then another dated yesterday saying she hasn’t..someone clear this up???

  15. She has NOT been adopted. Follow the link to the Facebook page for an update. She is tagged by a rescue but still not listed as safe.

  16. I would take her in a heartbeat and every dog in need if I could!!! I swear once I become rich (realistically comfortable) enough to help these poor babies in need I will! It’s so heart breaking knowing the only thing I can do is share for these babies in need 🙁

      • Thank you so ! so! much Cheryl This made my day….. I would have liked to give her a home myself as I was so concerned that she was going to be put down… but living over 2000 miles to the west it was impossible … Rescue Dogs Rock NY it one of the finest and caring rescues WITH INTEGERITY !!!! May she find the home she deserves!!!

  17. I’ve shared this sweet girl far and wide… checking back here to see any updates. NOT SAFE UNTIL SHE IS OOB… Hoping this lil sweetheart gets her freedom ride asap!!!

  18. NO ANIMAL IS SAFE UNTIL THEY’RE OOB – I can’t stress this enough!!! I’ve seen dogs put down with a confirmed tag… rescue in transport. Please keep sharing this baby!!!


    Contact these animal rescue groups for more information.  They are FREE or LOW-COST

     ▪ Facebook transport groups for ALL states in USA

    Independent Transporters:

    Texas Transports


    ↔They are FREE or LOW-COST:

    If you are interested in this pet but live far away transport can be arranged. Many are free or low cost for rescue animals.

    Please use this link to look up any state’s rescues and copy/paste the dog’s link into their email and/or FB  pages.  (This list is NOT a complete list of ALL rescues. Please google for rescues in your particular area for other possibilities.)


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