Dead dog found in trash, another starved dog found at residence

Dead and starved dog found at Iowa residence
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According to Saturday’s KWQC News, a disturbing discovery was made at a Clinton, Iowa, residence this week. The body of a deceased dog was discovered in the trash outside of a home in the 200 block of 5th Avenue North and an alive, albeit starved, dog was also found.

Few details about the heartbreaking discovery have been released. According to the local news source, a local dog breeder by the name of Robert Edens was alerted to the presence of the dogs by an area veterinarian. Edens and another breeder visited the residence on 5th Avenue North and found the dog in the trash, as well as the emaciated dog.

The situation was reported to the Clinton Police Department, which has not commented on the case. The surviving dog was taken to a veterinarian for treatment and released – exactly who the dog is being cared for at this time was not stated.

It is unclear if the residence where the dogs were found was occupied, or vacant.

(Photo screenshot via KWQC News)

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    • That’s so sad no-one cared. We must continue to do what we do out of the goodness of our heart regardless; so keep on trying for the animals’ sake 🙂

    • I appreciate you! I carry a large bag of dog/cat food in my trunk for when I run into a stray animal. My friends call me crazy but who cares. For me, I could care less who appreciate me or doesn’t, it makes me feel damn giud inside & that is all that matters.

      • Nothing wrong with having someone show appreciation for being kind, however, these owners didn’t care. They may have dropped off these dogs to fend for themselves probably the reasons for their lack of appreciation. I am sure you’ve been upset when someone didn’t show you appreciation for your act of kindness.

      • No need to be harsh! Obviously no she didn’t. But, from their lack of showing appreciation……makes me wonder if they really cared for the dogs and perhaps abandoned them. Thanking someone is important I was taught that as a child.

    • Those animals appreciated you for helping them and making their lives better and that’s what matters the most…. And animal lovers like myself around the world appreciate you feeding and housing those animals.

  1. Well, someone bagged the dog up and put him in the trash. If it were a caring neighbor I would think they would have checked for more animals. That obviously didn’t happen. Speedy recovery to the survivor. A swift end to the one responsible for this.

  2. Thank you Patricia for feeding the stray dogs.I’m sure that the dogs appreciated you even if the owners didn’t .Whoever left these dogs to starve to death should be thrown into a cage and starved to death.What the hell is wrong with you idiots? I am so sick of people who do these horrible things to animals.I am also sick of the assholes who let them off easy.Don’t you have any balls to get tough on these people.I’m tired of these cowards getting so many chances to do these horrible things.We need to send a message to others that you will not be let off easy.put the pressure on these people to give them hard time in prison and no early parole bullshit.These people are worthless cowards and the people who let them off easy are worthless too.They should all be thrown into a lions den or into a pit of fire and video it so others can see.So what if it is cruel and unusual punishment,what they do to these poor helpless animals is beyond cruel the animals were innocent.,The people aren’t innocent.I don’t how any of them can stand to look at themselves in the mirror after the horrible things that they do.They don’t deserve second chances .They didn’t give the animals second chances.

  3. Governments should be petitioned to make laws to protect animals. In fact laws are not fit for purpose in many cases. Both against humans and animals.

  4. My ex-husband was from Clinton and moved back there after our divorce. From what I know about the town, there won’t be any real investigation. RIP sweet dog.


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