Daughter charged with neglect of her elderly mother in filthy home with 28 pets

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In Franklin County, Kentucky an adult daughter has been accused of leaving her 75-year-old mother lying on the floor covered with animal feces and urine as 19 cats and nine dogs lived in various stages of disturbing neglect in their filthy home.

According to Sheriff Pat Melton from Franklin County, after entering the home on Stable Lane last month, first responders had to rush outdoors when unable to cope with the acrid smells in the house and the filth. According to Lex18News, Heather Rash has been charged with the neglect of an elderly adult and animal abuse.

“To let a woman, your mother, lay in the floor in a pile of feces for several hours and you wouldn’t pick her up because you were afraid of losing your animals,” said Sheriff Melton. “That’s inexcusable.”

The State Journal reports  Franklin County indicted Rash, 41, Tuesday on charges of neglect and abuse to her mother, Dixie Rash, along with cruelty to the 28 animals found in the residence. She was indicted on charges of  knowingly abuse/neglect of adult by person, a Class C felony, and three counts of cruelty to animals, second degree, a Class A misdemeanor. The Commonwealth’s Attorney Larry Cleveland stated:

“The 75-year-old woman is found in the house —with cat and dog feces several inches thick — she’s on the floor and can’t get up. A lot of these dogs came from the animal shelter, and they wound up going back after this. Four of the animals had to be euthanized because they were in such bad shape.”

Authorities stated the neglect of the woman’s mother and the pets had been going on for an extended period of time – even possibly over a year according to the sheriff. The elderly woman has been taken into state custody and is receiving proper care. The Franklin County Humane Society are caring for the surviving animals.

(Photo of elderly woman living in filthy home via Lex18 screenshot and Franklin County Sheriff’s Office)

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7 replies
  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    Just looking at the pictures makes me ill! That and the fact I will be this age in the not too distant future. She really cared about her Mother and pets didn’t she! It’s always puzzled me how anyone can live in that filth!

  2. Johanna Pontin says:

    I cannot even imagine that mother and daughter have no more respect for life in general. Have they ever experienced some sort of love, compassion, loyalty at all? If not, these poor pooches would have given them all of that. But some people may be immune to any sort of feelings?


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