Dashcam captures dog being pushed out of car in Tampa, Florida

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A local man witnessed a dog being pushed out of a car in a Tampa, Florida neighborhood.  Jarit Gaddis was driving through the South Seminole Heights neighborhood on August 7th, 2017 when he spotted a gold, four door, 90’s model Chevy Cavalier stopped in front of him. What happened next surprised him.

The driver’s side door opens and a male, fawn colored, red nosed Pit Bull jumps out. The door shuts and the Cavalier starts to drive away.  The dog, not sure what is going on, tries to run after the car but cannot keep up. Gaddis, a dog lover, tried to call the dog to him but the dog was frightened and took off running.

Gaddis was able to record the entire act on the dashcam in his car and posted it on Facebook. According to the video, Gaddis was going northbound on North Boulevard from River Heights Avenue when he spotted the Cavalier stopped in front of the Common Ground Christian Church. When Jarit Gaddis notified the local police, they informed him there was nothing they could do as the incident was not considered abandonment or neglect by their standards. Gattis then notified the Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center, the local Animal Control for the Tampa, Florida area.  Animal Control did contact him back advising they would be filing felony or misdemeanor charges if the driver of the vehicle was located,

Gattis contacted Fox 13 Tampa Bay News with the video hoping someone would recognize the car and the dog and come forward with information.

On August 8th, 2017 Hillsborough County Pet Resources Center issued the following statement:

“Animal Control officers are reviewing dash-cam video of the incident taken by a nearby motorist. Anyone who has information on the incident or the identity of the driver is encouraged to contact Animal Control at (813) 744-5660,” they wrote. “Pet Resources officials remind anyone facing difficulty caring for a dog or cat that the PRC shelter on Falkenburg Road is an open admissions shelter and accepts all dogs, cats, puppies or kittens regardless of age, breed, size, or medical condition. Abandoning an animal on the side of the road is never an acceptable option and could leave the pet owner facing animal cruelty or neglect charges.”

Meanwhile the brown pit bull is still at large. Local citizens have been searching the area as well as a P.I. Members of the Common Ground Christian Church are also helping in the search for the dog. The dog is described as a fawn colored male pit bull, 60-80 pounds and not neutered. Anyone who recognizes the car or dog needs to contact the Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center.

You can watch the video here.

Jarit Gaddis told Fox News 13 Tampa:

” It’s inhumane. It’s disgraceful. It’s horrible in my opinion. It’s just not okay. You don’t deserve an animal. I don’t think you deserve a child if you have one, if you could be that heartless to just put an animal on the side of the road.”

After 3 years, stolen dog reunited with owner thanks to compassionate shelter workers! Read all about it here.

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5 replies
  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    I saw a report about this several days ago, I’m appalled that the dog hasn’t been found and nobody has turned this POS in!

  2. audrey says:

    Tthe police didn’t think this was a case of abandonment and neglect? Sure is! Were they just lazy and lax of performing their duties because it was just a dog? Assholes!

  3. Nancy Raymond says:

    How can authorities even suggest that this is NOT abandonment????? This poor dog was literally dumped by some fucking scumbag who drove off – and these idiot Florida cops DO NOTHING??????? If there is dash cam video there is a license plate and that can be enhanced to see it – this whole thing is bullshit – PLEASE DON’T STOP LOOKING FOR THIS POOR TERRIFIED DOG – He is not a criminal, he is a victim of some soulless maggot.


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