Strangled dog found on side of road

Cruelty Investigation: Dog found strangled to death on side of road

An animal cruelty investigation has been launched after a disturbing discovery was made in Covington County, Mississippi. According to Monday’s WDAM News, someone hung a black and white dog from a tree along Oil Well Road.

The cruel and upsetting situation was initially made on Saturday – the dead dog was found with a tightly wound cable around the neck (described as a speaker wire), which has since been taken by the local authorities as evidence. The canine also had wounds on the side of the body which indicated that he (or she) may have been dragged. Between Saturday and Monday, someone picked up the body and used a yellow rope to hang the dog from a tree.

Tragically, residents in the area have stated that incidents like this are not a rare occurrence. The maximum punishment for animal cruelty in this area is a $1,000 fine and up to six months in jail.

Anyone with information about this cruelty case is asked to reach out to the Covington County Sheriff’s Office at (601)765-8281.

(Covington County Sheriff’s Office via Wdam News)

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