Cruel man accused of beating puppy

Cruel! Man observed beating puppy before stuffing dog into his trunk

A heartless act of cruelty was recently observed in a Walmart parking lot in Slidell, Mississippi. According to Friday’s WGNO News, on August 10, horrified witnesses watched 39-year-old Louis Ladner beat his pit bull puppy for an agonizing 10 minutes before he tossed the screaming puppy into his trunk.

The shocked individuals who bore witness to the cruel situation called the local authorities- when the officers responded, they were initially unable to locate the puppy. Ladner himself took the officers to his trunk where the puppy had been stashed away after the beating.

Ladner’s pup was handed over to a “responsible party,” and the police took the alleged abuser off to jail on a charge of animal cruelty. The suspect is no stranger to the wrong side of the law – he is also facing outstanding warrants for aggravated battery with a dangerous weapon and operating a clandestine lab.

(Booking photo via WGNO News)

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  1. Susan Brummett says:

    They watched him beat the poor baby for TEN minutes? Sure, they called the police, but they just watched? Beyond my comprrhension.

    • Sherry says:

      right. My passion for the animal would overpower my fear of an ass kicking and would make me run over there and tackle him. I think my piercing scream alone would at least make him stop concentrating on the puppy’s beating. Well, what about an update on this puppy; this is crucial PLEASE. By the way, there is NO Slidell, Mississipi; they mean Slidell, Louisiana which I live thirty minutes from. I don’t hear about many cases like that here, although there is a dog fighting abuse problem in this state farther north. People often raise pitfalls for profit and show them no love and teach them aggression; and this gives a miserable life and outcome for the dog usually. Luckily, they recently busted a couple of those operations. They better give him a serious punishment. I’m going to keep track of this case. I might even show up for this maggot’s court hearings , etc. to speak out on this. Think I will take my most obnoxious big mouthed friend to raise hell so they don’t just give a slap on the wrist. Will get busy writing letters and complaining . This chump has the head of a warped looking watermelon by the way; looks like someone beat his head for longer than ten minutes. Cave man; COWARD.

      • Nancy Raymond says:

        We are definitely on the same page Sherry – I too, would just react and attack this hunk of sewer slime in a heartbeat – no way could I stand and watch someone abuse any animal – Louis Ladner is nothing more than a waste of flesh and blood who needs a massive dose of street justice.

    • Mary Mooney says:

      I couldn’t agree more. Record the initial minute or so for evidence, but intervene immediately. This guy looks like he posed no threat to humans, beating a poor defenseless animal. Wish I were there when it happened, he would have been in the trunk.

      • vicki hood says:

        Don’t want to hit him with your fist? pick up a stick, a rock or even a shoe. How can you watch 10 minutes of pain for this innocent? Citizen’s arrest—Look it up. Old law still works.

    • pennysdachshund says:

      Although I totally agree with YOU! Being a nurse for many years,, I am versed well enough to know THESE psycho -bastards can TURN on a person IN SECONDS and may have a gun, knife, acid, and Poof the intended rescuer ENDS UP VERY DEAD themselves. I go that if at all possible to keep an eye on the abuser, get a license # car, make , model . description and call emergency 911 immediately. Only intervene if it is crucial at that very moment.. hopefully YOU have a weapon!!

  2. Adrienne says:

    Beat the crap out of him, then toss him in his own trunk for 48 hours and lets see how he is after that. Should be in jail forever. Sick of reading about so-called humans who do this to animals. Punishment should fit the crime, eye for eye, tooth for tooth punishments for these things.

  3. Ann Dolak says:

    Im gladthis pup was taken from his IDIOT owner& owner was arrested MANYThanks to those witnesses who reported him!Plz keep us updated omln the pups health.

  4. Linda Patton says:

    The first article, the one of the man beating his puppy then stuffing it in the trunk must pay for his horrific act! I don’t understand how the witnesses stood there watching for about 10 minutes as this innocent puppy screamed in pain, fear, agony. Document the act but don’t just let it go on for 10 minutes! There is no excuse for this kind of torture he forced this pup to endure. He must go to prison for a few years, he must pay for his crime!!! Praying the puppy is okay both physically and emotionally. It will take much longer for its emotional abuse to heal, to trust humans again, to feel safe. Humans are this worlds biggest monsters, they cause the most agony, the most pain, the most deaths…

    • Sherry says:

      We are definitely the beasts to fear most on the earth, sadly. It’s disgraceful. I’m sick and tired of this bullshit that is tolerated by the justice system. I have a noose ready for tboth he abuser and the judge that doesn’t punish severly enough.

  5. Barkley's Mom says:

    I hope the responsible person the pup was handed over to isn’t any relation to this POS! He should never be allowed near another dog as long as the fool lives! Maybe I am a fool to be willing to intervene, but I wouldn’t have stood there 10 minutes watching the thug beat the pup without trying to stop him. I would have called the police first, but no way am I watching that pup scream while this thug continues to hurt him!

  6. Sherry says:

    Guys, I’m not kidding, I’m gonna try to cause this man some grief. He just happens to be close enough to my hometown that I can drive out there and become a nightmare for him. I’m gonna make calls and write letters . I feel like being a bully and taking out all my anger towards animal abusers like him, directly on him. The way he took out his uncivilized conniption fit of violence on this poor pup. I have a couple of pit bulls and I am really taking this personally. I may not get what I want accomplished, but he and his lame attorney and the Slidell court are going to know who the fuck I am .I will leave out the vulgarity. I am a paralegal so of course, I can clean up my language and correspondence to be professional. They will respond more to that than to a loose cannon. So I will pretend I am not a loose cannon. lol.

  7. paula calabrese says:

    i agree i wish i had been there I would have made sure that this Sick Bastard WOULD HAVE BEEN BEATOn and thrown i n the trunk hes a F—-king sick psycho path i hope by now action is taken they throw the book at him, this is what i cal a reral class a animal abuser probobly a child abuser also ihave no remorse for any body who puts a hand on animals or children. i sincerly hope that legal action is taken that he doesnt get a slapp in the wrist. animal abusers should be registered like child molesters. i hope why in jail this sick Bastard gets his as beaton by those inmates Karma is a bitch i hope it goes around Good!!!!!!!

  8. paula calabrese says:

    If i had been ther i would have called 911 immediatly and tackle to save the puppy i hope he remains in jail and rotts.. thank you for the people who called the police and thank God the pup survived i hope he finds a forever home to people who are true animal lovers//////

  9. Helen says:

    Hogtie him, throw him in the trunk of his car and then set the car on fire! Let him experience the fear and pain this poor pup had to endured.

  10. Cynthia Como says:

    Can u imagine what this poor puppy endured when nobody was around? I’m relieved that this was done on front of witnesses! I must say I’m very concerned about who this so called “responsible party” is! I thought the animal being abused is suppose to be seized until he case is resolved and then re-homed. I would be worried that this “responsible party” is some relative or friend! One good thing is this POS will most likely be in jail for a long time with those other charges he was wanted for! I hope some prisoner mops up a cement floor with this violent assholes face!

  11. Red says:

    How do you stand and watch FOR 10 FREAKING MINUTES?!?!?!!?? I couldn’t do it. None of my business? HA HA You beat an animal, I will make it my business even if I am the one taken away by police, at least I will have stopped a needless beating!
    Thank you for calling the police….but I would have done that IMMEDIATELY, then found me a very large stick to hold him off until the police arrived!


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