Crisis at one Texas animal shelter

Crisis at Texas shelter where 59 puppies are taken in during one hour

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For anyone who doubts the ongoing crisis of unwanted pets plaguing our nation – look no further than one animal shelter in Houston, Texas. On Friday morning, the volunteer-run Facebook page, Harris County Animal Shelter Volunteers reached out to Facebook followers about the deluge of puppies received in JUST ONE HOUR:

The Harris County Animal Shelter received a shocking 59 puppies in just under 1 hour yesterday; every one of them needs just one person to step up for them to save their life.

The shelter is full… So full that sweet dogs and cats who have done nothing wrong but exist may never see sunshine and grass again.

In a disposable society, unwanted pets pay the price – with their lives. This terrible problem is at just one facility – the same problem exists across the country. If rescues are not found in time, the puppies who were taken in at the facility will die.

From the shelter volunteers:

If you live in Harris County and can temporarily foster for transport, email to learn more and ask who is in need of a foster for the shelter. If you live in the area but not specifically Harris County, comment below and we will try to find a rescue.

If you are interested in adopting, please make it out to the shelter this weekend. You are their only hope.

For those who believe this is an isolated situation – take a peek at the terrible situation in South Carolina. So many unwanted pets that the shelter is “storing them” in the kitchen and bathroom. Read more here.
(Image via Harris County Animal Shelter Volunteers Facebook page)

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17 replies
  1. Adrienne says:

    There must be a mandatory spay/neutering program in every town throughout the United States. we adopted a 6 year old female who was not spayed and had to be done before she left the facility. How many politicians have a dog/cat and yet don’t even consider how to best control this over population of these animals.It could be under control if there was mandatory spay/neuter programs and heavy fines to owners if not done and possibly removal of their dog. Would also solve the problem of at home breeders throughout this country. Breeding your dog so you could make some money on them only to dump them when they can’t produce anymore.

  2. Sheri says:

    ???? HOW MANY WILL BE SAFE????
    ????HOW MANY WILL DIE????
    ????????LET’S GET THESE FURBABIES OUT????????
    ????SHARE ????SHARE ????SHARE ????SHARE????

  3. SusanBiss says:

    I hope other shelters step forward and take some or all of these puppies off their hands. There has to be shelters all over the country looking for puppies. PLEASE, I ask of all shelters help these puppies out of their overcrowded situation and help them find their forever home!

    • Andrea Frediani says:

      Unfortunately this is not isolated…most shelters are continually at or over capacity. Not to mention understaffed, underfunded, and overworked. If only the solution were so simple!

      • ellen cottone says:

        The solution is freespaying.
        With a 25 lb of dog food free as a bonus to owner.
        That’s right pay would still be cheaper and less heartbreaking then killing 5million good dog’s a year.
        And good will be plenty with out all the extra hungry orphans.
        That’s a simple solution that will change this situation with in a year and for ever

    • ellen cottone says:

      Susan. Do you realise this is puppy season and all over the country people are bringing in puppies from strays ending up on there property
      And Texas shame of not spaying there “live out side dogs”
      This is 3months after the first heat cycle of spring.
      No body anywhere are looking for baskets of puppies .
      They are looking for somewhere to put them.
      They need adopters,fosters, food and space

  4. Roselyne CORNETTE says:

    C’est inadmissible, tout ces ( maîtres ) devraient être fichés et ne plus jamais posseder d’animaux. Un animal c’est pour la vie, on ne s’en débarrasse pas quand on part en vacances ou quand il y a un problème. HONTE à vous tous monstres que vous êtes.

  5. Cynthia Como says:

    OMG! When is our society going to say NO MORE!!! WHY IS THIS ACCEPTABLE IN OUR SOCIETY??? We are suppose to be the richest nation in the world,we are a nation with a reputation for loving our dogs,we are a nation that is filled with smart resourceful people and this is the best that we can do??? ITS TIME FOR THIS COUNTRY TO SIT DOWN AND PUT OUR BRAINS TOGEATHER AND FIND NEW AND DIFFERENT SOLUTIONS TO THE MASS OVER POPULATION OF DOGS AND CATS!! I will NEVER,NEVER,EVER ACCEPT THAT WE CAN FIND SOLUTIONS THAT CAN AND WILL WORK! There needs to be a national ban on all breeding of dogs for a five year period,it won’t kill a human being if they can’t breed and sell dogs temporality! And the money wasted in this country on the most asinine things could be used for mobile spay and neuter vans with vets willing sand able to volunteer time and expertise for the good of dogs and cats! We need to take a hard stance on everything harmful towards our companion animals because like all problems ignoring the issue will not make it go away,continuing to ignore the issue will not make it improve! WAKE UP AMERICA……THE KILLING OF MILLIONS OF DOGS AND CATS IS SO SO UNACCEPTABLE AND IMMORAL! Companion animals are continually used to better human life and they have earned the right to be LEGALLY protected from harm,to NOT be disposal le like our garbage,to NOT be killed by the millions for just existing and having no home! Why does making money off dogs trump their well being? WHY? It’s so fucking shameful! It should rise above the dogs life! They are Gods creation just like all life is and their lives must be respected and protected! I will die with a completely shattered heart and soul if the sad situation with our companion animals does not drastically improve! And it can if society would just toughen up and at least TRY!!!! So many tears I shed over this moral crime and the unjust treatment of dogs,who just want to be loved and give love! ITS WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG!! OMG! ITS SO UTTERLY WRONG!

    • Carol says:

      I ban on breeding and free spay neuter sounds great. Many states have free or very low cost spay neuter, but unfortunately there are still so many pet owner who will not get it done. Too lazy, too stupid or they just don’t care.

      • ellen cottone says:

        Cheaper to spay then hire vet kill techs
        Removing euthanasia facility’s frees up space for adoptable animals.
        Fire vet tech crews and hire former animal trainers to properly train and talent scout for companion and service animals.
        We can change this.
        Create jobs and a whole new culture of creating jobs for animals with benefits.
        We can change this and cheaply

  6. Carol says:

    These idiots are too stupid or too lazy to spay and neuter their pets. Poor dogs just have litter after litter and the low life owner dumps puppies over and over again. I thought humans were supposed to be smarter than this.

  7. Barkley's Mom says:

    Those precious little faces are tearing the heart out of me. What is wrong with people, when did lives become so disposable? Sharing in New York State, I hope and pray it does some good.

  8. Tracy Whitcomb says:

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!! These people are just HORRIBLE!!!!! Please help these poor innocent babies.

  9. Carrie Ainsley says:

    Adopting an adult from the shelter would also help the puppies by creating another space and lessening the crowding. My local shelter received over 100 in one day and that’s when I adopted my last dog. She’s a senior Great Dane that had to be kenneled alone because she was sick. Her kennel housed multiple puppies after she left.

  10. ellen cottone says:

    Well Texas,
    Once again your paws are full.
    So put a notice out for volenteers, A good old fashion local shout out call the local girl scouts, boy scouts, They need public projects and the exposure. call on the loving bored to death elderly they need to be in on something.
    and retirees any one who has the time and some love.
    Its show time.

    Its time for the puppy paraide thru not your local mall but one in the next county.
    59 puppies and there 59 volenteer handlers. each pup with a baby bonnet or fancy vest banner that says
    ” looking for love! in all the right Places!”

    And you do your puppy march at a publisied and an announced time And the puppy brigade marches, handlers carrying each pup and you march , all of you in a straight line thru the mall. You march and you show your wares.
    The puppy brigade and march.
    Let the masses try and get those desperatet frightened faces out of their mind.
    every handler will promote the dog they are with.
    Put out a notice. Organise it. This will take less money and energy then what you have planed,
    texas shelter in crises
    Time to shout it in the streets!


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