Crated dog abandoned in the water in Alabama

Crated dog abandoned in Alabama
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A dog in Alabama is lucky to be alive – the Labrador retriever (mix?) appears to have been dumped, in a crate which was zip-tied closed, into the water along Bangor Hollow Road – a dead end, dirt road, in Blount County. Miraculously, the dog had a few inches of air which kept him alive and someone found him before the unthinkable took place.

A Facebook post about the upsetting situation was made on Sunday – the post reads, in part:

The person who found it managed to get the crate strapped and drug it out of the water, it only had inches to breathe. A rescuer rushed to get it. It is now at a vet, was checked out, and will be there tonight and watched over. There are things wrong with him that this event did not cause, but he is in good hands now.

The dog was taken to Dr Lee at Lee’s Veterinary Hospital, the dog is listed as Cleatus Dean, under Tina Dean. Donations are being taken for the abandoned dog at  (256) 734-1177.

The authorities have been notified about the situation – if anyone has information, they are asked to call the police in Blount County.

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  1. The COMPLETE PSYCHOPATH that did this REALLY NEEDS HANDS ON JUSTICE & to NEVER BE SEEN AGAIN>>> OUR COUNTRY is getting OVER WHELMED with VERMIN that should not be SPAWNING any OF SPRING!!! Where in the Hell are they coming from…I used to think it was Generational BUT Now I am leaning to the VIDEO GAME & IPad groupies that are in FACT OUT OF TOUCH with Reality!!! There parents are so busy they don’t have a CLUE what the Teen and Young Adult Children are doing for entertainment!!!

  2. What kind of monster does this? Prayers for this dog, I hope he will be alright and I hope they find the POS that did this!

  3. Thank god doggie is alive. The asshole who did this needs to be put in a steal crate & dumped in the bottom of ocean & die creep ???? bg

  4. Oh my God, What is wrong with People???? Karma will get whoever did this. This Scum needs to be Horse Whipped to never end.

  5. Unconscionable,brutal cruelty! Thank u God for this poor dogs rescue,praying he makes a complete recovery and finds a wonderful loving home!


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