Coyote in Alabama snatches three-month-old puppy from backyard

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In Mobile, Alabama, a family is mourning the death of the their three-month-old Jack Russell and Chihuahua mix puppy from their back patio by a coyote. Multiple pet owners have recently reported their pets missing, and last week small traps near the Yester Oaks neighborhood had been set up. Since then, one coyote has been trapped.

Charles Buford never expected any predatory animal to sneak into his yard, and when he discovered his family’s puppy missing in the morning, was sure someone had stolen the pup. In West Mobile, in an area where most families have their backyards fenced, a coyote managed to sneak into the Buford yard and snatch the family’s puppy named “Spot” from his little bed. A home surveillance video confirmed the attack, and as the coyote ran off, Spot could be seen in the animal’s mouth.

Buford’s young daughter Destinee cried as she told reporters from Fox News how she would play with her puppy the moment she came home.

Rest in peace Spot. Why didn’t your family keep you inside their home at night?

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(Photos via screenshots from video and Fox News)

Video can be viewed by clicking here.



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18 replies
  1. Diana Roby says:

    Great question, why was he outside? Run free at the Rainbow Bridge, Spot. I’m so very sorry this happened to you when it was so very preventable.

  2. Bunny Peters says:

    RIP Spot. Your humans failed you. They did not watch over you and keep you safe from large predators as they were supposed to………….. a 3 month old puppy MUST be kept inside where s/he will be safe…… I would NOT leave a 12 week old baby outside, EVER………

    This poor baby never had a chance…… Absolutely heartbreaking………

    Where I live, in a suburban area, it’s not just coyotes that attack small pets, it’s also large birds of prey. My neighbors lost their cat to a large hawk (I found her remains in my yard & wish I could “unsee” it)……. we have 2 raptor migrations each year, so vigilance is essential…….

    If you have small pets, YOU MUST keep them safe from predators (animal AND avian)…… it’s YOUR JOB as a pet parent………

    RIP Spot. Sorry you were failed by your humans……. can’t fix stupid…….

  3. Helen says:

    It’s outrageous that anyone would leave 3 month old puppies in the backyard overnight without supervision. While I’m sorry for the family’s loss, they failed to keep their pets safe and allowed this tragic event to occurred.

    RIP puppies, you’re free to run and play without harm.

  4. Adrienne says:

    I know the family feels terrible, but as others have stated, why leave a puppy outside at night? Should have been inside safe and warm with family. No second chances with this pup. Maybe they didn’t want the pup to pee inside the house and that’s why outside? Sad for all.

  5. Cynthia Como says:

    I hate to be mean BUT WHY IN THE HELL WOULD ANY LOVING PET OWNER LEAVE A LITTLE PUPPY ALONE AND UNATTENDED ALL NIGHT OUTSIDE?????? Sounds like another human who has no damn business owning a pet,even if it’s a goldfish! OMG THIS REALLY PISSES ME OFF!!!! I have ZERO sympathy for these so called owners and so much heartache and sympathy for this helpless little fur baby!! WHAT F*CKING ASSHOLES!!!!!!!! RIP BABY SPOT❤️

  6. vicki hood says:

    Spot should have been in the house if he was a family member. If not thought of as a family member he should not be with that family.

  7. Linda Patton says:

    Humans are pure idiots! First of all why would anyone leave a young puppy outside alone all night? I’m at a loss for words! Guess they got it just to throw it out in the yard like a piece of trash, never considering it’s a baby and needs human contact, needs cuddles, love, attention. Imagine being left alone all night, in the dark, scared of the new sounds, no one to comfort you to let you know your safe. Imagine how that baby felt when that coyote came threatening it, the fear, the cries for help that went ignored. I’ll never understand why some humans get animals they obviously have no idea what compassion is or means. My next gripe is why do humans move out in the wilderness, into the habitats of wild animals and not expect this to happen? The poor coyotes have been shoved back so far they have no place to hunt for their survival anymore. Stay the fuk out of these areas!!! Stop building in the only hills/wilderness that’s left. They were here first, they have the right to the lands they’ve roamed for hundreds of years… how do you expect them to survive? Feed their young and themselfs? Coyotes walk down streets of cities everywhere, they’ve taken to digging in trash cans, it’s not right. Humans need to stay in humans places, and if you feel you must move out there take proper precautions to keep your family safe. I feel horrible for the little puppy, it didn’t deserve to die like this. It didn’t deserve to be tossed out like last months trash either. They’re proubably looking to kill every coyote they see now, rather then use the minds they have which isn’t much and relieve it was hunting to survive. I hope they never get another animal as long as they live….. as I’m sure it’ll end up outside just like this poor puppy did too. Hold your heads in shame you freaking idiots!!! Do the animal kingdom a favor and never get another as you have no idea how to treat one. To the puppy… please forgive us, I’m so sorry you got stuck with such vile humans. Run free across the bridge, jump and play with all the others who crossed before you. Your in a much better place now, your safe, your loved, your free!!!

  8. Linda Szymoniak says:

    The owner discovered that the puppy was missing in the morning. Who the h*** keeps a 3-month-old puppy out in the yard all night – alone? Poor puppy was failed by the people who were supposed to love him and keep him safe. A neighbor of mine saw a coyote right by her garage – maybe 250-300 feet from the fence to my yard. I have three Coonhounds – hopefully a coyote wouldn’t go after a dog that big, but since my dogs are never outside alone, I hope I can keep them safe. There are some feral cats in our neighborhood. I fear for them.

  9. Nancy Raymond says:

    Charles Buford has no one to blame but himself for letting a puppy run free with no one watching – coyotes do what they do and YOU were responsible for Spot’s safety and you FAILED. Living in an area where coyotes roam is your choice and you need to be on alert and ensure the safety of your animals, again, you did not – don’t blame the coyote – they have been pushed out of their habitat by humans.

  10. linda says:

    WTF?! Why would anyone leave a pup even a dog out at night? Makes me wonder if they ever allowed the pup indoors. These people should not own any pets. RIP Spot. Your family failed you miserably.

  11. Duree Douglas says:

    The sheer stupidity of pet owners is amazing. Leaving a puppy outside without supervision at ANY time is a special kind if stupid. Shame on these ignorant jerks. They put more emotion into the loss then they did in protecting the poor puppy. The idiocy is beyond belief. They don’t deserve to have ANY animals in their care. Dogs or cats!!!

    • Bunny Peters says:

      I agree with you!!!

      I saw the news video and was horrified to see the dog bed on the driveway, no protection from the elements let alone predators (animals or birds of prey).

      These POS’s didn’t care enough about their precious little treasure to keep him safe in their home. Responsible pet parents keep 12 week old babies in their homes NOT outside, unprotected……

      The ONLY being I have sympathy for is Spot, who lost his life due to his POS family’s stupidity……….. These POS’s should be on the “DON’T EVER ADOPT” list…….. can’t fix stupid but can prevent future tragedies……..

      Poor precious little treasure didn’t have a chance and died a horrible, painful, terrifying death…… my heart broke for his tragedy (Spot never had a chance to grow up and be a beloved family member)……

  12. pennysdachshund says:

    A couple more ALABAMA MORONIC People!! With absolutely NOT an ounce of common sense, responsibility, compassion, or sense of safety issues: Surprised their daughter was out there sleeping along side her pup… so mom and dad could be alone!!! Good God that little dog should not have had to be dinner for a carnivorous animal to consume ..

  13. BA says:

    Poor Innocent puppy….I just don’t understand what a 3 month old puppy is doing outside, at night????? I do not understand – they loved this angel yet didn’t realize spot was missing till the morning???? WHAT!!!!????? I am so so sorry for this puppy…again they pay with there lives because of irresponsible dumb humans!!!!! just heartbreaking and disgraceful


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