Cow rebels and kills Georgia farmer by ramming him against fence

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A cow killed a north Georgia farmer after ramming the man against a fence as the man tried to force the cow to move. William Parris, 72, suffered massive chest trauma and died on Wednesday at an emergency room  hospital.

According to the New York Post, Floyd County Coroner Gene Proctor told the Rome-News Tribune, that first responders tried to revive Parris, but to no avail. This was the first death attributed to a farm animal. Initially Parris had been conscious, but began to feel weak when help arrived.

It is not known if Parris had been trying to move the cow into a different pasture or if he was loading the animal up to be heading to slaughter.

While most people think that bulls are dangerous, few people realize that cows, particularly those protecting their newborns, can be extremely dangerous. It is recommended if people find themselves in a situation with nervous cows to move  away carefully and quietly. Make no sudden noises, and the cows will most likely leave you alone once they have assessed you do not pose a threat to them or to their young.

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  1. Well I was raised on a farm with cows and bulls hogs and chickens. You kinda learn to respect animals so sorry about the mans death but truth be told if she thought he was going to hurt her calf

  2. Wouldn’t it be too late in the year for a newborn calf? They are born closer to spring, right? They start calving after Feb, and thru June-ish? At any rate, livestock must be respected, if for no other reason but their size and strength.

  3. Sorry but I am on the side of the cows. We (HUMANS) have tortured them long enough just to have them “on our plates” and it is time for them to fight back. They KILL baby calves for veal, impregnate cows for their milk and kill their calves, slaughter them for profit, kill wild horses because they graze on grass intended for the cows. SORRY BUT I HAVE NO SYMPATHY FOR THE DEATH OF A FARMER SUSTAINING THE CHAIN OF MURDER. Hurrah for the cows!!!!!


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