Unexpected guest found in attic

Couple discovers an unexpected creature living in their attic

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If you aren’t a fan of reptiles, more specifically, a fan of snakes, you might want to skip reading further. A couple in Florida recently made a rather shocking and unexpected discovery in the attic of their Englewood home.

According to Wednesday’s publication of the Miami Herald, Bob van der Herchen went to his attic to investigate the source of sounds that he had been hearing…he expected to find rodents, but he was surprised to find a six-foot boa constrictor.

unexpected guest found in attic

Amazingly, experts believe that the unusual house guest had been living in the attic space for upwards of four years! The reptile was coiled up in the insulation – a snake wrangler was called to remove the unwelcome “guest” from the home and it was relocated to a more suitable home.

It is surmised that the huge snake crawled into the attic space from a nearby tree…trim those trees people, trim those trees!

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  1. Daniel Clarkson says:

    There must have been sufficient food up there for it to survive, unless it was eating out at night. A 6 foot Boa Constrictor isn’t something that wouldn’t be noticed anywhere on the ground during the day.

  2. Sherry says:

    LOL to both Daniel and Ellen. I am an animal lover, but I do keep my distance from snakes…They just scare me if I know they can strangle a dog or small child, call me silly.


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