She couldn’t refuse: Rescuer heard a cat cry for help over the phone

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On Saturday afternoon, animal activist and talented photographer John Hwang, captured a heartbreaking moment in time of a cat in desperate need at the Baldwin Park Animal Care Center in California. So moved by the helpless cat’s plight, John asked for help on his Facebook page:Valentine the cat 2

“… She barely lacked the strength to meow. Parts of her fur were hard, caked with mud and feces. Her eyes were shut with mucus and other fluids. Her past story is not known, but her very difficult life was evident. She placed her head on Elaine’s shoulder. Her paw resting on her arm. A staff worker wrote on her kennel card ‘nice cat.’ That despite everything she has endured she longs most to love…and be loved,” John wrote.

Immediately, advocates began to share the cat’s plight, and so it came to be that Toby Wisneski, founder of Leave No Paws Behind, was called to help. The organization provides hospice care, comfort, love and a safe haven for the terminally ill and the hard core cases; at the time of rescue all animals are immediately transferred to their partner veterinarian.Valentine the cat 2a

“This is heartbreaking. We are going to name him Valentino,” stated Toby. “I just received an SOS from Elaine Seamans asking if we could help this sweet old soul. ( He is being passed by more then likely because he is testing positive for eggs and mites. I heard his little cries for help over the phone and my decision was made!..”

Within an hour, Valentino was safe and had already arrived at the Pet Doctors of Sherman Oaks. His eyes are so badly infected he can’t open them, and his head feels like a helmet because he is so crusty from dirt, dried up feces and urine, yet he is described as sweet and grateful. Already Valentino knows he has been saved. He will need a foster care in the Los Angeles area. Please email [email protected] if you can help.

Updates on Valentino’s condition will follow.

Donations to help Valentino can be made by clicking here.

Check out Valentino’s short video:

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  1. What a wonderful little cat ???????????????? He Deserves really help !!!! Whish him a careful foreverhome ????????????update please! !!!

  2. Thank you for giving this angel a second chance god knows what he went thru but every animal deserves respect and safety if only for that short time before crossing the rainbow bridge thank you from my heart to all who helped

  3. Awwwwww Valentino love your name my little baby it breaks my heart to see what the streets did to you:(((
    Your saved sweetheart!!!!!!!

    • I am so grateful to hear Valentino is getting helped! Poor baby, I wished I could help Foster, but I am too far away! Keep strong my sweet friend! I hope and pray that you will be comfortable soon. God help you!

  4. Valentino has been saved by the best rescue ever. Leave no paws behind is fantastic and Toby is an amazing person. Another life saved from pain and sorrow.

  5. Seems this save was to deflect the current situation with Brian, whom she has totally ignored and has deleted, removed and blocked posts when people ask questions…Where’s the transparency we expect from a reputable rescue?
    You cannot solicit donations, then ignore genuine concerns and questions from people who donated.
    Ruke of Thumb…..Do they answer rescue related or specific animals in their care questions posed by others? If no then stay clear.
    – Ask for copies of their 990 (IRS tax return) and application to obtain the 501 c 3 status. If they refuse
    to give it to you – report them to their state Attorney General’s Office and the IRS.

    She is paying herself almost $40,000 a year out of donations that she receives as well as using those donations for one of her own dog’s who she claims is her mascot dog yet she constantly post they are her dogs…..She uses other people’s money for her dog’s spas, vetting needs and foods. If you look closely on her receipt in which most of the time it’s blurry or portions are cut out, you will see her dog’s name on it….This should be an eye opener, dogs needs our help, but at the same time, people needs to know, not all of their hard earned working money is strictly going to that dog in need….There needs to be transparently at all times!

      • linda, Brian is one of the most popular rescues LNPB has ever had, he has been adopted but is going through a terrible ordeal now & Toby has totally turned her back on this situation in more ways than one, and I can totally assure you that no real, compassionate, devoted rescuer would EVER do this! Shame on Toby & LNPB!

    • I find Kimberlys above post to be extremely accurate & she says what a whole lot of people are thinking! The fact that Toby & Leave No Paws Behind has turned their backs on one of their most popular rescue dogs during his great time of need is unconscionable, Brian is one of the most awesome rescue stories to come out of Leave No Paws Behind & he & his adoptive Mom Dana & fursister MJ are in a very bad situation right now & Toby has completely turned her back on them even going so far as to remove Brians photos from her page & removing all posts mentioning Brian & blocking anyone who mentions Brians name on her page! Who does this? Definitely not a compassionate rescuer who truly cares about animals who have been adopted from them!

  6. LNPB has historically rescued abused sick dogs from the shelter system and I have donated many many times. Moved to tears sometimes by the horrific images uploaded onto social media.
    However following the lack of transparency surrounding Brian’s current situation (please see Life of Brian on Facebook) then I would urge others to exercise due diligence before donating.
    There are many questions being asked of this rescue and most are being deleted without any satisfactory response. In fact no response at all.
    Rescuing animals is only the start of a longer process to provide long term care and support. I believe Brian the abused boxer has been denied this.
    However in the interest of fairness I’m quite ready to listen to LNPB side of the story. But it seems nobody from the rescue wants to provide this.


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