Cottonwood man arrested after dragging Chihuahua behind truck for half mile

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A Cottonwood, Arizona man was arrested on Saturday after authorities stated he dragged his tiny Chihuahua tethered to the rear of his truck for a half mile before someone flagged him down to stop his vehicle. According to the Cottonwood Arizona Police Department,   spokesperson, Sgt. Monica Kuhlt said Destry Lynn McClure, 52, had dragged his four-year-old dog named Leia in the area near Main Street.

The Chihuahua was immediately rushed to a local veterinarian where it appears most of her injuries were the result of road rash. Whether the dog suffered any internal injuries or broken bones at this time is still unknown; she will remain at the veterinarian hospital for the next few days under close observation.

 “I’m amazed little Leia survived being dragged on pavement for approximately ½ a mile let alone appears to only have suffered road rash injuries,” stated Cottonwood Spokesperson, Sergeant Monica Kuhlt. “I also want to thank the witnesses who saw this and acted so quickly.”

When questioned, McClure told authorities he forgot Leia was tied to the back of the truck. Officers on scene suspected McClure may have been under the influence of alcohol and possibly prescription medication. McClure was booked into the Yavapai County Detention Center on charges of animal cruelty (felony) and driving under the influence (misdemeanor). Additional charges are possible – pending McClure’s blood results.

Get well soon Leia. 

(Photos of McClure and Leia courtesy of Cottonwood Arizona Police Department Facebook page)

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23 replies
  1. Sheri says:

    Worthless POS SUB HUMAN IDIOT!! WTF!!
    Why in the hell would you of tethered a tiny chihuahua to the back of a truck??
    Sending prayers to the precious FURBABY????

  2. Marsha Flynn Squibb says:

    Omg! Why aren’t I thereto punch the fckn fat redneck alcoholic till I kill him!You are USELESS!!!

  3. linda says:

    What a dumb fuck! I’m also surprised Leia survived. I hope that there is nothing else wrong with her other than road rash.

  4. Sheri says:

    I hope that Lela was taken away from him. It doesn’t mention it in the article. He certainly doesn’t deserve to have this sweet little girl. I hope she recovers and finds the loving home she deserves.

  5. Gizmos Mommy says:

    God help me for saying this but I am so fucking sick of reporters referring to maggots like this as a man. This rabid, disease ridden, fugly fubar maggot puke bag savage scum-sucking parasite is not a man. “It” may be male but it is not a man. Why can’t reporters use male and female????? They can they just won’t. Are they afraid people might confuse MALE for MAIL????? Whatever the justification, give me 5 minutes with this slime bucket and I’ll teach “it” a good lesson starting with permanently wiping that smirk off its mug.

  6. Donna Schneider says:

    This man is obviously a peice of garbage!! Have another drink you moron!! Don’t forget to tie a rope around your neck just in case you forget were your brain is!!!

  7. Cynthia Como says:

    OMG! What a sorry excuse for a sub human! I really don’t care what he was under the influance of I’m not so sure I even believe him! THANK YOU GOD for the person who came to the rescue of this tiny dog! I will be praying hard for Leia’s complete recovery and that she gets the loving caring family of her own! GET WELL SOON LEIA!!! Special baby

  8. Adrienne says:

    Jail time for this “thing” as well as paying all the vet bills too. He should be on a list of those never to have any pet.

  9. Jill kurth says:

    Do Not let that darling dog go back to that ABUSER!!!!!!! Drunken idiot…he knew he was back there tied to the truck………….!!!!

  10. Bunny Peters says:

    Useless POS…… NO excuse for this cruel action……. Please lock this fucking idiot up and lose the keys…… really a waste of resources to keep him alive…… execution would be great!!!!! He will burn in Hell forever for his cruelty. Would love to see him get there soon……. Just can’t fix stupid……..

    The terror and pain that furbaby suffered makes me cry…… I hope this little treasure survives and can find a loving furever home ASAP!!!!!

  11. Roselyne CORNETTE says:

    Oublié, il prendrait pas les gens pour des cons. Ce BÂTARD doit terminer ses jours en prison dans les pires souffrances. Consanguins, parasites, HONTE à lui et à la mère qui a engendré cette pourriture.

  12. Tracy Whitcomb says:

    That rotten bastard needs to be drug behind his truck for a lot longer distance!!!! I hope he rots in HELL!!!!

  13. Nancy Raymond says:

    Destry Lynn McClure should be hogtied and chained to the back of a Ford 350 and dragged thru the middle of Cottonwood where everyone could throw rocks at his useless butt – to do what he did then pretend he ‘forgot’ about this tiny dog is a bunch of BS and no jail time is enough – he should get the same amount of mercy he gave this little dog – NONE!!!


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