Cops shoot man’s pet pot-bellied pig and dump its body in the woods

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A resident of Slatington, Pennsylvania is heartbroken after police shot and killed his beloved 100-pound pet pot-bellied pig. Lance Sherer, 47, said his pig’s name was Oscar, and he didn’t find out about Oscar’s tragic fate until the next day.

According to the Morning Call, on July 21, police were called about a disturbance where a pot-bellied pig had been acting aggressively and reportedly had bitten a woman. The pig did not break the skin of Kathleen Williams, after having wandered into her yard; he just left a red mark. When authorities arrived, the pig turned his attention to the officer and was said to have grunted and charged.

“The officer took his gun out and shot him one time. After that, the pig was in distress, so the officer shot him again out of compassion,” stated Police Chief David Rachman who defended his officer’s decision to shoot the animal. “I stand by what my officers did. We had to stop the threat. This was something that had to be dealt with at the time.”

Police then dumped the pig’s body in the woods along the Lehigh River.

When Lance Sherer found out about Oscar’s fate, he posted his grief and the tragic tale on his Facebook page stating:

“R.I.P. Oscar you will be truly missed by many. You were my best friend and loved by all. Your life was way too short shot down by police for showing the love and playfulness that you brought me and many others. I will never let you be forgotten.”

Sherer continued.

“I spent this evening searching for the remains of Oscar after he was shot was thrown like a piece of trash near Lehigh river in tall grass just out side the runways in slatington airport. Oscar is Home wrapped in his favorite blankets. It took all I had to dig his grave. Thanks for all your support. I will work to see this never happens to a pet in slatington again. As this is common practice in slatington as to how to handle pets.There  have been countless remains that discovered while fishing near this area. We all now know this is Slatington’s pet disposal.”

Owning a pig in Slatington is against the law, but advocates and neighbors question why Animal Control wasn’t summoned to the scene to assess the situation and corral the pig. Police Chief Rachman maintained Oscar had been aggressive and no one knew where the pig came from – and a 100-pound pig was potentially dangerous.

Perhaps Oscar wasn’t being aggressive, but merely playful? After all he didn’t break the skin of the person who said he had “bitten” her, and there’s little doubt if the pig wanted to hurt someone, he very well could have caused some damage.

Rest in peace Oscar – sure sounds like your life was snuffed out way too soon.

(Photo of pot-bellied pig via Facebook)

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18 replies
  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    So Police Chief David Rachman “stands by what his officers did”? Even to the point they took the pig and dumped it’s body in the woods? Then he is as big a jerk as the officers. Certainly this could have been handled better than this. If they are in the habit of disposing of people’s pets like this then something needs to be done about it! So sorry for Lance Sherer’s loss of Oscar, it’s too bad he got loose and went in harms way!

    • BA says:

      SHAME ON THESE OFFICERS….pure disgust!!!!! killing this poor pig and then dumping like trash,,,thats abuse and lies will cover up AGAIN gun happy creeps…PA BE ASHAMED……YOUR DISGRACFUL

      • Teresa Rodesillas says:

        Pigs are Gods animals and this is truly cruel and careless to the animal and disrespectful to the owner. He should have been given a respectful return to his owner to take care of his
        Poor body these police maliciously terminated. Animal control should have handled this call or a pig rescue center who is knowledgeable of the pigs behavior.

  2. Adrienne says:

    Big, brave police officers, afraid of a pig and couldn’t wait for their target practice. Didn’t they think that the pig may have belonged to someone? How many loose pigs are wandering around in their town? I would take them to court for reckless treatment of an animal and discarding it like trash.

  3. Red says:

    I will never understand why police have to KILL an animal. Carry a net, taser…anything other than resorting to murdering a family pet. I would be willing to bet if you surveyed every officer that deciding to KILL a pet, you would find NONE OF THEM HAVE A pet…. You just do not understand the love between a pet and owner if you do not have a pet….so since they do not understand the pain they will inflict on the family, they just murder the animal. Are they chicken or monsters?

  4. Cynthia Como says:

    I’m starting to really dislike law enforcement,once again why did they not just tase him??? Of course now a days it doesn’t matter if ur pet is in or out of its yard when police arrive! RIP OSCAR

  5. BA says:

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!! NOT only do they slaughter this angel they dump him in the woods like garbage!!!!! where the proof the pig was aggressive? what did this sub human do to Oscar???? what more lies to cover up slaughter????? these creep gun happy cops need body cams so the lies and murder stop!!!!! they stand by what this creep did REALLY…no way or chance to be humane GOD FORBID….there are careless and gun Is a disgrace..shame on all who defend this monster….

  6. Nancy Raymond says:

    Another bunch of out of control cops who cannot handle any situation without pretending to be John Wayne. I do not believe one word of that laughable excuse – just another blue wall cover up by Rachman who wasn’t there and is only playing the usual cop ‘game’ of a so called ‘attack’ to cover up their incompetence. Then these so called ‘compassionate’ cops dumped Oscar in the woods and never bothered to contact the owner. So par for the course.

  7. pamela bolton says:

    REALLY??? And they couldn’t dodge a pig? What the Hell are they doing on a police force if they can’t side step a pig !!!!

  8. linda says:

    RIP Oscar, but, why did your owner leave you outside while he was not home. A bad choice ultimately led to your death from the POS cop. Wonder how far the neighbor’s yard was from Mr. Sherer’s. If she knew him she could have notified him instead of calling the police.

  9. Tracy Whitcomb says:

    You Cops need to find another job if a pig or a dog can scare you into shooting!!!! This is HORRIBLE and this HAS GOT TO STOP!!!!

  10. Lance says:

    Oscar was an indoor pet. Only would be out with me just as you would with a dog . Thank you all for your support. The cop that shot Oscar . Was at my house unknown to me I do not know there names my truck was vandalized 10/31/16 the officer that came was Jarrod Bulger. The same cop that shot Oscar . They did not know I had Oscar? I live infront of slatington police department.


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