Cops rescue pup destined for Asia meat market again in NYC during blizzard

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A four-year-old pooch, who had been rescued after having been destined to be dog stew in the Asia illegal dog meat market, was rescued a second time after she ran away from the rescue organization in Manhattan during last Tuesday’s blizzard. According to the Animal Haven in SoHo, Pandy, the mixed-breed adorable pup had been on her walk early that afternoon when she became spooked and bolted away from her handler:

“She was being walked today by one of our incredible volunteers in the winter storm and got away from him. We are heartbroken and have been searching all over the city in the bitter cold and snow. She was lost in Soho at the corner of Grand and Lafayette and was last seen on 18th Street just north of Union Square about an hour ago. She is microchipped and wearing a purple collar with a leash attached. Please note that Pandy is extremely shy and may try to run if you approach her,” the group posted on their Facebook page.

And so frightened little Pandy ran nearly 40 blocks to the entrance of the Lincoln Tunnel where she could easily have been killed in the heavy traffic, but fortunately she was spotted by our boys and girls in blue – this time by the Port Authority of New York and the New Jersey Police Department as she was just about to enter into the tunnel. The officers weren’t aware of Pandy’s plight, but were able to grab her dragging leash and transported her to the ASPCA on East 92nd Street. From there Pandy was were able to be identified and returned to the rescue group via her microchip.

Pandy suffered from the cold and bleeding paws; she seemed to need some extra love from volunteers and the police – everyone was happy to oblige. After all, Pandy had already traveled more than 8,000 miles to come to New York and ran 2.5 miles in the city during the snowstorm. What a lucky little dog!

(Pandy photos saved from Thailand meat market courtesy of Animal Haven, Port Authority Police Department

For more information about adopting Pandy, click here or call 212.274.8511.

Could it be that Pandy has nine-lives just like her feline friends? What a story this pup could tell if she could only talk.

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25 replies
  1. slv says:

    Thank you!!!! The torture and pure hell that the Asian meat market dogs go through is absolutely heartbreaking. How could anyone treat an animal like that??? Shame on you who torture and kill man’s best friend. And shame on you who look the other way and simply do nothing to stop it.

  2. Kathleen Drude says:

    She is one of many that we have rescued from Asia! I’m so glad they were able to find her and help her! Please these dogs need homes that are loving and peaceful! Adopt or foster don’t let their lives being saved be in vain!

    • ellen cottone says:

      When you say ” we” I know you mean American and Internatioal animal rescue groups.
      But what exactally has been your part in The Last 3- yrs? In locating back wood dog meat farms? Paying or legally seazing the animals, getting them them on a plane and filtering them into alrady over populated( Thank god) no kill agencys and averloaded fosters?Here in the states

      • Kathleen Drude says:

        In response to Ellen cottone: I go to the Asian theater you idiotic excuse for a human! I’m in the middle of all that insanity! Who the fuck are you? I haven’t seen you over there in fact what exactly is it you do besides talk shit with words you can’t spell! Bitch don’t even write in response to me! You are one of the reasons I can’t stand the majority of human beings! Just so you know you brainless thing my whole life is dedicated to animals! I go where I have to! You go no where and it shows you backwoods ignorant piece of useless skin!

    • ellen cottone says:

      That was a big one Kathleen. Do you feel better?
      But let me ask you . Did you do anything right now to help the needy? To Help with the positive out come for the hudreds of dog meat refugees filing into our shelters with little or no public notice?

      • Kathleen Drude says:

        I don’t give a fuck about humans I don’t give a fuck about you I don’t give a fuck about your innane comments! I don’t give a fuck about your stupid opinions because much like assholes you seem to have many! Bitch crawl back under the rock you crawled out from under!

      • ellen cottone says:

        You should do something about all that self hate boiling deep inside.
        It gets in the way of ,
        Tha Better Kathleen. The good one. The one who helps.

    • ellen cottone says:

      You should do something useful with all that fire burning deep inside.
      Dont let it get in the way of good Kathleen. The one who gets things done.

      • Kathleen Drude says:

        In response to Ellen cottone: ok you backwoods ignorant buck tooth idiot! Don’t dare to address me on any count! The fire within? What the fuck would you know about it you sit in your trailer and make your innane comments! I’m out here doing what needs to be done! Wow for a veterinarian which I recall you said you also are you sure as hell don’t do much! And what schools did you go to? Yea that’s what I thought, bitch like I said don’t address me until you have some street cred! Unless you don’t know what that means either! Jackass bitch!

    • ellen cottone says:

      I dont say things like fire within kathleen.
      And i never said I was a vet. Iv never said anything about myself no matter how much you yell and flap around. Why would i be talking about myself to an unhindged stranger. Hello ! this is pet rescue report not online dating ya bone head.
      You keep referring to me as a vet and asking me if im a vet at the same time?
      You seemed a little confused, again your blood pressure just spiked into the danger zone again.
      But dont worry. Some day youll convince an online entity (compleat and unimportant stranger) about what a rational , mature, educatded acomplished, respected professional working in the “thick of it” as you say, you are.
      But as for the here and ones buying it.

      • Kathleen Drude says:

        In response to Ellen cottone: you really are an inbred hill billy backwoods glue sniffing shit eating thing! Please stop showing your ignorance by trying to use words that you have no clue how to spell! Sweetness I don’t have to prove a fucking thing my name who and what I am stand tall! I use things like you for amusement! That’s about all your good for! But hey don’t feel bad you do have a purpose! But please by all means keep spouting your nonsense it amuses me!

  3. ellen cottone says:

    Little miss butterfingers should not be Talking on her phone while walking a newly arived refugee from tropical asia.
    Pandy took one look a NYC blizzard, A Cross town Bus and 5- drunk Islanda fans stumbling out of the garden and thought, Wow!?…
    I Have Got To get The Hell Out Of Here!!!

  4. ellen cottone says:

    Im just not sure you know the amount of blood and guts and terror involved in the danger in this particular international rescue. Giant trucks with animals and people are going over clifs.
    The law is still on the side of meat farmers.the humain chain from asia to europian, meditarian,central ans south america and europe are taking the personal risk and financial blow.
    The deal was we promised we would adopt them out.
    These are one generation gems people. they are the first to make it our alive before the laws change and the stories of the bond between these dogs will be ledgendary.
    They have come to far and seen too much to be sitting in a dog shelter.
    Find out who has them in your town. Have an event, Have a big party for them. Present them, tell there story and follow thru.And if there any dogs left over have an event in a differant parking lot 2-weeks later. And Kathleen, dont worry about my spelling. I know you know what im trying to say.

  5. ellen cottone says:

    Another group refugees immagrating into the united states seeking the american dream.
    Have been thoughly vetted.Lets not leave them hanging in yet another cramped metal cage.
    Lets not leave them to languish in dog year time. Dreadfull dog year time.


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