Company responds to woman’s claim about popular dog food causing harm

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Recently, a woman utilized Facebook to warn the public about the potential danger of a popular dog food. The woman, “Katie,” claimed that Taste of the Wild was responsible for her dog’s sudden and violent illness. The dog, named “Creasy,” was vomiting blood and his condition was “touch and go” for several days.

Katie’s Facebook post was virally shared (nearly 20,000 times) and on August 2, the Taste of the Wild issued their own response via its own Facebook page. The company’s response reads:

Taste of the Wild family – We want to address some misinformation that’s been circulating and calling into question the quality and safety of our food. While we can’t stop things from being shared online, we want to clear up confusion and alleviate worry.

We have received calls and emails from concerned pet parents asking if Taste of the Wild is causing any of the following: (a) bloody diarrhea, (b) vomiting, (c) elevated liver enzymes or (d) pancreatitis. The answer is “No.” Veterinarians frequently see these conditions in pets and the causes for each syndrome are almost always unrelated to their food.

Most recently we have been getting questions about bacterial gastroenteritis. In rare occasions, bacterial gastroenteritis (vomiting and/or diarrhea), is the result of eating dog food. Taste of the Wild has not had any confirmed bacterial gastroenteritis cases.

Taste of the Wild added:

While we certainly do not want to minimize the illness of anyone’s pet because that is a very stressful and worrisome time, we do need to look at overall incidence of pet illness-specifically vomiting and diarrhea. At any particular time over 2% of the United States’ dog population is experiencing vomiting and/or diarrhea.

From looking into what customers have reported to us, we have found nothing amiss with the food. We have no clusters of concerns from any geographical area. We want to make it clear that there are no issues with our formulas, and our food continues to be safe to feed your pets.

With regards to the consumer complaint site, Consumer Affairs, Taste of the Wild stated:

Consumer Affairs is an online complaint site that doesn’t validate the information posted or allow companies to contact customers unless they pay a monthly fee. As part of this fee, Consumer Affairs will hide negative reviews for companies. We don’t support that way of doing business. If there is a problem, we want to be notified of it. That’s why we have a customer service group and our product specialists are available to address all questions from our customers.

Read the remainder of Taste of the Wild’s response, as well as consumer responses to the statement, at this link to Facebook.

As for Creasy, he did turn the corner and recover from his illness. A company representative who reached out to the Pet Rescue Report has stated that a veterinarian confirmed that Creasy’s illness was not a result of his dog food – Katie has since removed her post condemning the dog food company.

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  1. I saw Katie’s post and I think Katie owes an apology to the company. If my dog ever got sick by vomiting, blood included I obviously would bring him/her to the vet and wait for their diagnosis before accusing a dog food company. Curious as to what Creasy ailment was.

  2. “Katie” should have checked out her facts BEFORE she posted something online. Because she posted, she could have done tremendous damage to the company that makes TOTW when it could have been something totally different and at least get confirmation from her vet before she makes any accusations. TOTW might have a libel suit against her for posting when it wasn’t true. Maybe she wants to think about that before she does anything like that again.


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