Community outrage after man tried to put child on back of a seal

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Who wouldn’t be outraged after seeing a man trying to put his child on the back of a seal at the Winterton-On-Sea beach in Norfolk, United Kingdom?  A Facebook post reported the disturbing situation on Wednesday afternoon stating:

“WE’VE been told a man had to be stopped from putting his child on the back of a seal at Winterton beach so he could take a picture. If this is the case, not only is it an act of gross stupidity, it shows a stunning lack of care for the tot’s safety.
Just to remind people the seals at Winterton and Horsey are wild animals. They are not tame. They have a nasty bite and can be aggressive if they feelthe need to defend themselves. The beach is their home and they should be treated with respect.
Please enjoy the wonderful sight of these amazing creatures in their natural environment.”

And then came the warnings any and all adults should already have the wherewithal to heed:

 “…keep a safe distance, do not let your children or dogs approach them and if you see a pup in the dunes leave it well alone. There is plenty of room for us all to use the beach without causing distress to anyone – animal or human.”

Dr. Ben Garrod, an evolutionary biologist, expressed his dismay for not only the child but also for the seal pup asking what can be done to secure the safety of these wild animals?

Come on everyone … stop using wild animals who have every right to share this Earth with us for photo opportunities just to text to your friends and family. Our wildlife deserves better.

The Winterton-On-Sea Facebook page was filled with comments just like these:

Hazel Kirby There are some stupid people out there




Dave Runagall Can’t believe someone would put a child on wild seal no brains 😡




Stacey Ortiz Thankfully both the child and the seal were alright and here’s hoping that the parent learned their lesson.
Such beautiful animals and so amazing to see them enjoying themselves on the beach every day. We’re very lucky!

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5 replies
  1. Diana Rowell says:

    What would this man do if I came into HIS house without asking permission and jumped on top of your child, so I could get a picture? Call the police and have me arrested, right? There you go moron, grow up and use your brain.

  2. Nancy Raymond says:

    Another friggin’ loser whose brain is stuck where the sun don’t shine. Watch, this won’t be the first time he puts his kid in danger – some people should have been aborted before birth and this idiot is a prime example.


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