Colt attacked by cougar during birth recovering from injuries

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In Norco, California, a colt named Charlie was attacked by a cougar while being born just three weeks ago. Shortly before the New Year, Phlicka had been giving birth when the cougar attacked. Owner, Diane Truxillo heard a commotion from the dogs that something was going on and rushed outside to the barn.

According to AbcNews, the family dogs chased the cougar away, but not before the rare newborn Knabstrupper foal was critically injured.

“You could see his carotid artery. You could see that the membrane covering the carotid artery was the only thing that wasn’t broken,” stated Allyson Gagnon, the veterinarian who treated Charlie. “He wanted to live. He really wanted to live.”

Phlicka was also treated for her injuries to her eye while she stayed next to her foal as he slowly recuperated. And for nearly three weeks, Charlie had the most dedicated and loving care. Supporters in the Norco community helped with donations to pay Charlie’s veterinarian expenses. Family and friends call it a miracle.

(Photo of Charlie after cougar attack screenshot via AbcNews)

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    • Marcia says:

      You don’t always know when a horse is birthing. He had her in the barn because he knew it was soon. We’ve missed births by checking on them, eating dinner & checking again only to find a baby on the ground. It’s not like humans.

  1. Vicki Cantlon says:

    I had a cougar attack and kill my two dogs in my back yard. I hate those cats and if given a chance I would kill them all!!

    • Hope Cox Parido says:

      Viki you have to remember one key thing we (humans) have encroached on their terrain and hunting grounds when we choose to build our homes, farms, and ranches there…..I’m sorry this baby was injured…..but if we are to live in these areas we have to know things like this can happen not justifying it but saying humans are just as much to blame as these cats and killing them or wishing them dead is not the answer….also glad this baby is removing and that the dogs saved it’s life by raising the alarm to get the owners attention

      • linda says:

        We are to blame. Where I live I have seen many possums, rabbits and raccoons get hit by cars because of building new homes. Even turkeys have been spotted. Coyotes have been spotted because wooded areas are next to none.

    • Roselyne CORNETTE says:

      Et si l’être humain arrêtait de s’approprier plus de terre qu’il n’a besoin, chacun resterai sur son territoire……..

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    I know they have to eat, but how sad a couger would go in a barn and attack a colt like that. Good doggies scaring it away. So glad little Charlie is doing ok and on the road to recovery.


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