Colorado animal control refuses to return long time family pet claiming it’s a wolf-hybrid

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In Aurora, Colorado, the family of a black German shepherd named Capone, rescued nearly a decade ago, is being held captive by Aurora Animal Control as they claim the dog is a wolf-hybrid.

According to KdvrNews, Tracy Abbato, the owner of ten-year-old Capone, rescued the dog from the Adams County Animal Shelter where he was classified as a German shepherd mix. The family’s veterinarian also agrees, but someone at the Aurora Animal Control insists the dog is a wolf-hybrid. On February 24, Capon jumped the fence in the family’s yard – the first time in seven years since the family lived in the neighborhood. That day Aurora Animal Control picked Capone up, and when his family went to the shelter to claim in, they were refused.

“They say he is a hybrid-wolf now and don’t want to release him back to us because he is an exotic animal,” Tracy explained.

It seems Animal Control has concluded the dog acts like a wolf hybrid which includes his mannerisms, behavior and physical characteristics. Tracy doesn’t have a doubt in her mind that Capone is a domestic German shepherd blend. Meanwhile the city is running a DNA test to determine his breed. It is not clear when results are due back  – at which time if Capone has any wolf blood in him, he could be ordered to be euthanized or transferred to a sanctuary.

Besides Capone’s two canine companions missing him at home, are Tracy’s children as the dog is considered a beloved family member.

“I don’t understand. This dog has a loving caring home,” Tracy told KdvrNews. “People who abuse dogs, leave them outside in 2-degree weather, how do they still have their dogs?

The family has hired an attorney who will appear in court and ask that the dog be allowed home until the results of the DNA tests are available. Tracy faces charges of allowing a dog to run at large, keeping an aggressive animal and keeping an exotic/wild animal.

(Photo of dog suspected by AC to be a wolf-hybrid – family supplied)

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  1. This Dog is not a Wolf Hybrid. Give the Dog Back you Idiots at Animal Control. What right do you have to say Different from what Vets. say.

  2. Tout les chiens décendent du loup, ceci est complètement ridicule. Encore un exemple de l’aberration et de l’ignorance de (l’humain, et qui subit encore, les animaux. Quel monde désespérant.

  3. Doesn’t look like a hybrid to me. I knew one. sweetest animal ever. He was a Husky-Wolf hybrid.and he was great around kids. He often slept outside my SRO as he was protective of me as I was pregnant with my daughter at the time. He was just the most beautiful dog.

  4. Ridiculous! The dog is obviously a German Shepherd and a beloved family pet of many years. The animal control should be ASHAMED of themselves for STEALING a beloved family member. TERRIBLE! Please … animal control officers … do the right thing and return this beautiful BELOVED FAMILY MEMBER back to their human parents. Thank you! ~ NW Florida

  5. I’m not understanding “Where has the logic gone”. Capone is a 10 year old boy, rescued from a shelter as a pup. He too old to reproduce, he’s not a threat to anyone ! Regardless of what his breed is, what does it matter at this point in his life. To reunite this family would not be putting anyone at risk! Capone needs to be reunited with his family immediately, it would be an opportunity for Animal Control to show they are doing something Right in this world instead of being idiots. Making decisions that ruin happy lives for humans and canines alike, is not an option in my eyes !!!!!

  6. I’m so so angry that some idiot in animal control is getting away with this! There are so many people that abuse their animals, leave them chained up in horrible freezing weather for years and or neglect them and they get to keep their dogs and a dog that is a beloved family member they want to pull this bulls**t……..those that are responsible for this injustice to this dog and this sweet family should not only lose their job but be put away in a mental institution for stupidity!

  7. What kind of BULL is this? The dog jumped the fence, got picked up and Aurora Animal Control is holding him hostage until results of a DNA test? This is absurd! This DOG has never caused any problems and jumped a fence, and why charges of owning an aggressive animal, has he shown any aggressive tendencies? I would be thinking no! Give these people their DOG back! I think Aurora Animal Control should be going after someone who is abusing their pets not a loved family pet owned by responsible people! I will keep this family in our prayers, I can’t imagine what they are going through!

  8. I believe the vet over some asshole from animal control that Capone is a dog and not a wolf hybrid. I hope the family succeeds in getting their beloved Capone back.

  9. SHAME on you Aurora Animal Control!! Do you seriously have nothing better to do then to destroy a dogs life & his families because you FEEL his a wolf-hybrid even though he’s he’s not viscous or attacked anyone. How about you focus on the dogs that are abused, neglected & need saving NOT a dog that has been with his family for 10yrs & has NO behaviour issues!! Regardless of what the DNA test says he should be with his LOVING family for the rest of his life!! If he never got out of his yard by accident this wouldn’t be an issue! You are an absolute disgrace & I pray the DNA comes back in the family’s favour & they continue with legal actions. How the fuck do you POS sleep at night knowing you’re destroying a an innocent dogs life when you’re suppose be helping them. My dog is a Shepard mix so I guess she must be part wolf-hybrid!! Fucking goofs!!!

    • this is a very cruel and mean thing to do to an innocent dog and his family !!!!! this animal shelter is terrible and I feel sorry for all the animals there and I would be ashamed to work there because they are mentally and emotionally abusing this dog and his owners !!!!! SHAME ON THE PEOPLE AT THE AURORA ANIMAL SHELTER !!!!!

      • It’s not the animal shelter. This dog was ADOPTED from an animal shelter. It’s the piece of shit animal control who confiscated the dog. Assholes, the entire bunch of them. It’s not the first time this same ACO has done this type of crap, including KILLING innocent animals. These people need to be FIRED and the entire ACO be replaced with people who know what they hell they’re doing. Even the dog’s vet said it was NOT a wolf hybrid. What a bunch of morons these sorry excuse of animal control this is! May you rot in hell. If the people in charge, including the Mayor and the Governor don’t step in, their tenure in politics is coming to an end…and rightfully so.

  10. Sounds like they have idiots at that shelter. The owner can prove that the dog was listed as a GSD mix from the adoption papers. Where is the aggressive charge coming from? ONE time the dog gets out and they want to charge her for the dog running loose? Sounds like the idiots are bound and determined to get this dog killed – they are SO sure it’s a wolf hybrid. Will they even believe the DNA results? I hope they get the dog back and then sue the pants off the idiots who refused to give him back.

  11. Keeping an ‘aggressive’ animal? Where is there any indication in this story that Capone has ever been ‘aggressive’? Animal control needs to take a chill pill. Mostly untrained personnel who take the job because it pays something more than flipping burgers. Requires about the same level of vetting.

  12. I have a black belgian mallinois. This dog looks like a black german or belgian shepard plus a malinois or australian shepard … deff not a wolf hybrid. I do call her my little wolf tho 🙂

  13. This is unbelievable to me. First, he LOOKS like a shepherd, not a wolf, to anyone with eyes who knows anything about dogs (and wolves). Second, charging that his behavior in the shelter is leading them to any kind of conclusion is LUDICROUS! Any dog who’s been living in a happy home for 10 years is going to react BADLY to being in a shelter, particularly one who came from one! Thirdly, charging the family with having an ‘aggressive dog’ is plain wrong, because it’s solely based on BIGOTRY based on their baseless ASSumptions that the dog is a wolf hybrid, which he undoubtedly is not.

    I really think too many people hired at animal control and shelters don’t have the brains God gave turnips, and those in places like Denver and Aurora are so full of bigotry they need cleansing anyway.

  14. This is BEYOND RIDICULOUS! It’s pretty easy to tell if a dog has wolf in it. You look at a single hair and if it has more than two colors in it, there’s wolf in him/her. In this case, since the dog has been with the family for NINE YEARS with no incidents, they should just get off their high petard and RETURN HIM! IDIOTS! And a charge of “keeping an aggressive animal”? PUH-LEEEZE!

  15. Although this is a really sad incident for everyone involved, especially the dog, people need to remember that Animal Control Officers tend to be highly specialized in animal breeds. They generally have a better idea, even over veterinarians, what a breed may be. From this photo you can’t tell the size of Capone. Mannerisms are also inherited and this is something the officers would take into consideration. They aren’t doing this because they WANT to. They have to follow the law and, just like the ridiculous pit bull ban in Aurora, they don’t get to pick and choose what laws to enforce. This is an unfortunate incident. However, it wouldn’t be an issue if Capome hadn’t benn running at large. The fact that there is a potential for an aggressive animal citation also raises a red flag that there may have been an incident with the public. Keep all this in mind when blaming the officers who are doing the job they are paid to do.

    • If this is true that Animal Control Officers tend to be “highly specialized” in animal breeds then which “experts” should we believe? Adams County Animal Shelter said this was a German Shepherd Mix when they originally adopted the dog to the Abbato’s and yet the “experts” at Aurora Animal Control say Capone is a Wolf Hybrid? I’ve seen too many stories of dogs mislabeled at shelters to share your confidence in an Animal Control Officer’s ability to know what breed a dog is. The breed is in the eye of the beholder as we see time and time again when judgements are made about dogs that look like “PItt Bulls”. I have had German Shepherds for the last 20+ years and I don’t see any wolf in Capone, I see a 10 year old black German Shepherd, a faithful family dog who jumped a fence (hardly running at large), was picked up and now someone who thinks they are a “know it all” is keeping him from going home to his family. I pray to god they don’t put him down or take this family pet to a sanctuary, he will never survive a pack of wolves,

      • Being off leash and off the property of the owner when not in a designated area, such as a dog park, IS running at large. I worked as a vet tech for 6 years AND an animal control officer for 3 years. So I know first hand the training an animal co trol officer receives. Also keep in mind how the media spins a story to cause the most uproar.

      • Teri maybe in your little corner of the world the Animal Control Officers are trained to the hilt, but I’ve seen too many idiot Animal Control Officers out there to believe that many aren’t just hired off the street. You are a vet tech and a former Animal Control Officer, can you look at this German Shepherd Dog and honestly say it is a “wolf hybrid”.

      • I cant believe you believe me. you should let that go. Its not good to hold a grudge. It just hurts you.
        Blow it off . of course I didnt mean it.

      • Julia, you are just as bad as this nitwit Teri. I also work in animal rescue, alongside both veterinarians and animal control. I can tell, with certainty, that animal control is NOT specialized in dog breeds. Veterinarians have spent countless years becoming proficient in their chosen field. ACO has NOT. Get off your high horse and see this for what it is. It is pure BS and a power trip; it has absolutely nothing to do with a hybrid, which this dog is NOT! It’s pretty obvious that he’s a GS mix, most likely with belgian mallinois thrown in the mix.

      • Abby and Sadies mom,

        That’s funny, considering I had to complete one full year of on the job training, many, many hours of specialized training on breed specifics and had to pass multiple written tests to become state certified in all areas of animal welfare, including breed identification, to become state certified. I worked in veterinary care for 6 years prior to animal control as well. I don’t know what area of animal husbandry and welfare you work in but maybe you should act like an adult and ask questions before you judge someone and call them names like child.

    • Given that multiple separate news outlets have reported the incident and none have been able to report the reason behind the “aggressive animal” citation, it’s actually pretty safe for people to assume at this point that the charge is based solely on the Aurora County Animal Control’s assumption that the animal is a wolf hybrid without any actual aggressive behavior being shown beyond what was required to capture the animal in the first place. Which, by the way, is a perfectly normal reaction for ANY animal attempting to be captured by someone it doesn’t know and trust and in no way indicative of whether or not an animal is domesticated.

      • To hold an animal like this, it would have gone through multiple people. They would have to agree there is probable cause to hold Capone. As the shelters are always full, they wouldn’t do this for no reason. Plus the paperwork alone would be a deterent to hold an animal unjustly. If there is no wolf in his DNA they also wouldn’t be charged for holding him that long. Again, you obviously don’t know how the law works. Educate yourself a little before you pass judgement.

      • Tina,

        I am not. I am stating that this article does not cover the full story so it isn’t fair automatically blame the officers and/or the government. To properly place blame we need to be properly informed.

      • No tina,
        what she is saying is….
        may have happened.
        is now that he is in the”system” behind shelter walls he passes from dept to dept, they call a few”experts” then they decide if the 10yrs pet should live or die.
        And how they can cover it up and get away with it. All because colorado becomes a pussy when it comes to big dogs.

    • Teri,
      A quick DNA test will tell if a wolf has been backed into its bloodline. But 10 yrs a pet why isnt this taken into consideration.German shepards were perfected in 1900 here in the states we Unsuccessfully tried to create a monster by breeding them with wolves. They Became deadly, they were all wild animals could not be controlled and all had to be killed.
      Because the differance between a domestic dog and a wild wolf is A dog can listen and obay. A shepard
      was breed for loyalty and has a working “with” charater because he wants to be a part of life with humans.
      If you put food out infront of a domestic dog he will look to see if its ok. he is working with you. A wolf will knock you down . This is the question with any half dangerious half breed.
      Is he more dog or wolf. He is more dog. Because its been 10yrs with out inncident not 10 weeks. Does he respond to tests as a family dog or a blood thirsty and violent wolf who is trapped in a corner . I know these appitude tests exist. If they are being fair with this family let the family pet prove himself and call it a day.
      A real hybreed should not be able to reproduce. Another indesputable indicator its a dog with perhaps another doubious relitive who may have had physical features of a wolf. I would do a little police work.
      10yrs ago how did you come by this animal and yes i am comcerned with the history of its littermates. Maybe since this dog is socialized and a loved family pet it should be returned immediatally. Animal controll why dont you do a little old fashion police work and find out where and how the other dogs from this dogs litter is. Who knows maybe they can save a life instead of splitting up a family and killing a Good family pet.
      We here all know there is no sancuary waiting to save him. He will be killed. And he is innocent of all crimes

      • How they came by this animal is Adams County Shelter in Colorado. They adopted him from them. Pretty sad when one Shelter appears to disagree with another in the same state. So who is highly trained and who is not? Which Shelter? Give this senior back to his family people. They have been wrong about what looks like a Pit Bull too. So again, who is highly trained?

      • Ellen in a nutshell Capone is a dog if he were a wolf he would have displayed wolf mannerism years ago. Yes?

      • Exactally Linda!!
        If this is a trial for his life then let it be based on his charater of 10yrs.
        Let him live colorado! and stop with your open war on bears, wolfes and sleeping bears..

      • Barkley’s Mom, I live and work in Colorado. I personally know Aurora Animal control as my ex husband works there. So I can tell you with confidence that their officers are thoroughly trained. Just looking at a picture can’t tell you the entire story. No insult intended but most of the people on this thread don’t seem to have a true understanding of the law. We definitely don’t have the full story. This is perfectly representative of America today. People make snap judgments being partially informed. It is upsetting to see this misguided reactions time and time again.

      • Actually Ellen, any breed of dog can have food aggression. Just because a dog is part wolf doesn’t mean he WILL have food aggressive. Also, the majority of people are either blinded to the faults of their children and their pets or don’t have knowledge to see the issues. Everyone wants these officers to just take tye word of anyone they come across. The testing needs to be done. Hopefully, no wolf is found and Capone can go home.

      • Teri – If your law says you take away a family’s dog after they have had it for 10 years and the dog has not caused any problems before this, then you people are just plain mean! You nor anyone else have come forward with any other information indicating this dog has caused any problems. It’s pretty apparent that you have written this dog off and even if it comes back with NO DNA evidence of it being a “wolf hybrid” this vendetta against this dog will continue. No disrespect intended.

      • Barkleys mom,

        There is also no true indication that there have not been issues. The article does not state why they want to charge with posession of dangerous, just that they do. All charges have to go through the court system and, speaking from ecperience, most judges will proceed with caution. NO officer WANTS to take someone’s pet. In general, you will not find anyone more pro animal than an ACO. Just because you don’t see their soft side does not mean it isn’t there. They are strong because of the terrible things they see animals go through in pursuit of defending the voiceless. None of you have any understanding of how or why the law works. If you do you aren’t showing it. I’m sorry but the disrespect I have seen here proves nobody has an inkling of what an animal control officer goes through. It’s disgustingly misguided and misinformed.

      • Teri, The problem is a German Shepherd Dog is being held in “jail” at $15 a day cost to the owners when any other dog, the Owners would have paid a fine for the dog escaping and taken him home. Some one in the ACO has made the determination that a dog that has never in it’s 10 years had any issues and seemingly comes from a loving family is a “wolf hybrid” and because he looks like it, is a menace to the comunity. Where is their defense of the “voiceless”: here. This Dog, the one they are supposed to be protecting, is in real danger of being killed or sent to an animal preserve where he will NEVER survive among wolves. So don’t tell me these ACO’s have any compassion for this dog! If they had, they would have let the people pay their fines, take their dog home, and not started this whole mess by saying the dog is a “wolf hybrid”. They obviously don’t care what “terrible” thing they are putting Capone and his family through!

      • Barclay’s Mom, you are absolutely correct. There are multiple stories with this same ACO concerning other animals that were confiscated and/or destroyed, then they found out it was a mistake. Their attitude? OOPS! Sorry about that. That entire team is a DISGRACE! I hope the owners of Capone have a good attorney to fight this tooth and nail and once Capone is returned to them, ACO should not only be reprimanded for their reprehensible behavior, but also reimburse this family for all out-of-pocket expenses. The longer this GERMAN SHEPHERD is held in this tiny jail, the more stressed he’ll become. Methinks that’s what ACO wants to happen to justify destroying this magnificent creature. Teri is clueless. I also have a legal background, work with vets and ACO in a metropolitan city near Boston, have years of training myself in rescue. If I named the rescue, everyone here would know and understand from where I speak; however, I cannot drag the organization into my personal views. Suffice to say, Teri thinks she knows what she’s talking about, but she does not. Keep up the good fight people and don’t let up on the pressure. Get the local government involved too. Nothing is worse for their political career than bad publicity. Turn the heat up!

      • Also,
        To help people to understand how misinformed Ellen is, wolf hybrids ARE viable. Wolves also listen and obey but work through a strict hierarchy. Wolves can be very emotionally attached to there packs. Animal control is not going to search for the litter. If they did, and they reside in Aurora, they would be obligated to impound these dogs as well. If at all possible, animal control will return Capone. They want a happy ending too.

      • Teri, Many of us already know the amount of “misinformation” Ellen doles out. I try not to respond to her but sometimes her statements make my blood boil and I can’t help myself.

    • Ellen,
      Do not presume to answer for me. I think I have made it very clear as to my stance on everything. All I have said throughout this entire post is that we need to have more information before we can make a full judgement on exactly what occurred during this period. To just presume the officers want to be assholes is completely asinine. I can definitely say, without a doubt, that I am far more educated on this topic than you and pretty much everybody else on this post. I’ve tried not to be insulting to everyone but you seriously take the cake lady. You have no idea what you were saying at all. You have some serious problems.

      • Although some of you may not believe it, I am very happy to say that it looks like Capone should be home by Wednesday! I am so happy for the family but mostly Capone.

      • Many of you here? barkleys mom? You speak for many? how they feel ? about a stranger?
        And since I got ya here ,
        What Is…
        One peice, Of Misinformation !? That you might be Used to?
        Show your work, Barkleys Mouth.

      • Oh Ellen, you have no respect for me or my opinions so lets suffice it to say it’s just another one of my crazy statements. You of course are an expert on everything!

      • ya got that wrong teri.
        The differance between a wolf and a dog is hard wired.
        A dog likes you and a wolf hates your guts. your confused because youve seen some nice DOGS who have some Domestic Traits that are wolfesk but they are dog.
        The simple test. buy the second heat cycle you know if you have a dogg or a wolf.
        The unfortunate thing a wolf half breed is a menice caused by the careless of humans.

      • “Although some of you May forget “teri”, We are each bombarded with pet rescue up dates.
        Yes. We know.
        Will you be retiring soon after?
        May be, returning to disney land?

      • Teri, Thank you for the update, I do hope it’s true. I believe you are happy he is going home, I never though you were against the dog, you were just sticking up for Aurora’s stupid laws and the ones who were supposedly upholding them.

      • Presume to answer for you?
        No, that Answer was Pure Ellen. You see it is the truth. Your slop is way to confusing.
        Tina was confused, by you. You take to long to say nothing. As for your pedestrian job and your ” Far more educated on the topic than anyone else on the post?
        Poor , poor Teri.
        You! Are not Exactally an Overachiever,
        Are you Teri?

      • No Barkleys mom . You are mistaken I do value your thoughts, opinions and input.and i think iv agreed with evey opinion you have had , for quite some time now. And i do apreciate your experiances And the fact that you run a large dog safe house.. And im sorry you think I dont get your crazy.
        Like it doesnt take one to know one.

      • Oh come on ellen, you once told me that you and nobody else wanted to hear my :”life experiences” and I was nothing but an old woman with nothing worth saying.

        “Bitch, bitch do nothing productive, just bitch and try to justify it with their miserable and common as hell personal experiences. and life story.

        Whats next barky?
        are you going to tell us that you survived making your own peanut butter sandwich when you were 5…
        and some how survived it.
        Your a keeper.”

        Sound familiar? This was on a story about a woman who had taken her two dogs to a shelter and dumped them to “save her marriage.As I said you have no respect for me or my opinions, don’t try to tell me you DO!

      • ellen cottone another rude comment directed my way ”

        why do you boar us with your personal life? this isnt a personal add. you are so demented and crazy.
        you take up way to much space with your nonseanse.
        We are not intrested in knowing you better.
        you are sickning . do something meaning ful with ya sad old hideious life.
        God i cant stand your mouth and your ass commentary.
        Your like the worst rerun.”

        enough said!

  16. They rescued from a Shelter. They should involve that Shelter. At this point in his life, they should leave him in his home. He isn’t 2, he is 10. Geez!

  17. Let Capone go Home !!! He have live in this family sins many year ???????????? LET HIM GO HOME ????????????????????

  18. That’s ridiculous. They need to give them their baby back. When people care of their animals they have this done and the idiots who don’t take care of them get away with it.

  19. This is pathetic!! You have a German Shepherd that has been raised and loved by a family for 10 years and now you want to keep this senior dog from his family, even though a veterinarian has said he is not part wolf and you feel as if you know more than he does? Seems to me you should be giving him back to his family and doing what you get paid to do, ‘find animals loving homes’ NOT taking them from them!!!

  20. Poor Capone. First time in seven years that the dog jumps the fence and it’s immediately picked up? Did the neighbors try to contact the owners before calling in Animal Control? It sounds paranoid but it could be that the neighbors thought it was a hybrid and tempted the dog into the yard with the intent of calling Animal Control. Weirder shit happens.

  21. Please do a story explaining the DNA test being used. This is very important because the test can not determine content percentage, so Capone could have a grandparent two generations back with only a very small percentage of wolf which would then be almost negligible in Capone, but no difference would be shown in the test from him or a high content wolf-dog. That’s just completely wrong. Further, Colorado law forbids keeping exotic animals, including wolves; however, it provides no definition for what constitutes a wolf. This is very important as all dogs have wolf ancestry. Further, the test being used is not scientifically conclusive as the the assays are super sensitive and prone to contaminants —and it’s not cut and dry for analysis. The city is talking about putting this poor dog in a wild life sanctuary or even euthanizing it. He’s merely a 10 year old (senior) dog that has never hurt a soul. These actions by the city are outrageous and amount to an illegal seizure and retention of personal property. Please do a story explaining this so that people will understand the rights at stake. Thank you.

  22. Sounds like these animal control people have to much extra time on their hands , better fire some !! Give the dog back to his family !!

  23. The fact this family rescued this beautiful dog and now can’t get him back is beyond ridiculous! I rescued a wolf cub when he was only 3 weeks old! I had him with me for 14 years! He had 4 brothers and sisters as well as my daughter! Bum never showed his wild side to any animal or human! This dog has given nothing but love! Has shown no aggression! With all the animals needing homes and good homes hard to come by this makes no sense! Let this handsome boy go home where he belongs!

    • Exactally,
      You had a dog. No one has ever domesticated a wolf . Its against the law to own a wolf cub if you had him for 14 years and never turned on you it was a dog. that had some wolf like physical charateristics but not mentally. When that wolf reached sexualy maturity they become uncontrolable. Plus there is a feeding issue. only they know what they need, humans dont. No wolf has ever grown to love a human its just the opposite they get more and more hostile.One thing a wolf wil never do …..Is comply with humans. As time goes on a wolf will attack you to get away from you.Are you telling me your wolf walked on a leash around the neighbor hood? Played fetch?
      No i dont think so.
      You had a loving dog for 14yrs . You did not have a wolf sitting on your couch. Its absurde.

      • Toellencottone: second time I am publicly spanky you lady! Your ignorance is off the charts! He was indeed 100% wolf and he never turned on me! That’s number 1 ! Number 2 I have been in my field since 1982! I have been doing wild rescue since 1973! Before you think to correct someone you better know who you are speaking about and to!

      • oh Kathleen,
        I am speaking to you. Yes you had a dog for 14 yrs. im sorry you feel the need to spin your fantasys
        as to it being a wolf. But if it was a wolf it would became obvious at about a year old that he will never be a family pet. its impossable, never been done and its not going to have been done by you,
        falted mortal. And about your public spanking!?Alittle early for moskitos, Isnt it?

      • Terrrriii!!!! (hi!, i missed you)
        Its not my job to educate. thats a painful process..But it is my moral mission to enlighten. Im logical. Its actally hard not to believe Ellen I make perfact sense I think You know with out question that every bold statment I make is the truth and that it comes from a long standing, deeply personal,
        embedded relationships with the species we have talked about here.So i try to add to peoples knowlage data bank. I feel like it makes the world a better place. Working with the truth wastes less time less time wasted, more saved soals.
        Isnt that why were here? Im sorry Im one of those people. You can see my goodness and grace or you feel like i tweak the deamon who lives inside of you. Its the mix of birth order and the miniute i was born.
        “This creature (me, me, ellen!) Speaks the truth and sermons the world” Nobody should be mad at me for more then 3- seconds. I love you all. You all have big hearts i know that.

      • Ellen,

        To properly enlighten the populace morally you have to be informed. As I have stated in many comments we DO NOT have the full story. To place blame at this stage is pure ignorance.

      • Ellen,

        No. I do mean pure ignorance. And yes I am afraid of ignorance. We all should be. Knowledge leads to success. Those without it drag us down. And as far as what I know… I have provided my credentials. You, however, refuse to answer what makes you someone worth listening to leading me to believe what I have seen all along… you are a google happy blowhard who has no basis for what you feel is fact. So instead of lecturing someone who HAS been educated maybe you should take the time to educate yourself.

    • with all do respect teri,
      What makes you ask?I know my comments are bold and unyealding and i respect you as an allie and an informed concerned animal activest but nobody has ever asked before . What i am and how i came to be.
      What makes you ask?
      I think i know the answer.

      • If you ate going to attempt to educate people you should be able to provide a reason as why we should believe what you say. Otherwise you are just google happy and we know the internet is full of false informatiin.

      • Would be pure speculation, you mean?
        Pure ignorance? Isnt That what you are afraid of Teri. Us knowing you dont know near enough?
        To speak out about anything

  24. Ridiculous!!! So pathetic!! And besides, from everything I have read it is LEGAL to own a wolf hybrid in many states INCLUDING COLORADO!!

  25. This is pathetic and totally ridiculous! And besides, from everything I’ve read wolf-hybrids are legal to own in many states INCLUDING COLORADO!!!!

  26. I had a German Shepherd that looked just like this dog but his color white was a silverish color instead. Shepherds have a greater risk of giving bad results in their dna findings of being part wolf.

    It is mainly that they are the closest bloodline to a wolf than any other animal on earth duh! That could also be the reason they look so much a like as well duh! Ever sat there and thought for a moment of why a Shepherd and Wolf wandering in the woods alone and happen to cross each other end up parting ways or staying close by without fighting before any other breed. EXAMPLE: The reason they are thinking it is part wolf. Duh!

    The Animal Control Agency in question really truly and thoroughly needs to be investigated on everything they have the control of doing because it seems they are mainly out there to harm and/or hurt animals and their owners.

    I read stories of this agency all the time and it’s never about the good of the animal.

    To the owner of the dog. I recommend you getting a good lawyer and veterinarian that deals with these types of animal problems such as their dna. It is way to close of matching things in the dna of these animals that could lead to a mistake for the worse.

    Years ago we had no laws that would deny you an animal with crossed bloodlines with wolves as well. So how in the world would they know if the cross was recent or a cross that happened over two-hundred years ago in the blood of your dog.

    I hope everything works out for you and your animal. The best thing you can do is keep all your animals away from these people.

    This agency in my opinion and most likely in many others would be. If you don’t believe your dog jumped the fence. It probably didn’t. They more than likely took it from your property without you knowing.

    For those of you that wonder why I feel this way towards this agency. Well’ it’s probably cause THEY HAVE DONE everything I have mentioned in the past.


    • Actually, if you read recent DNA reports, breeds like the shih tzu and pekingese have much more similar DNA to a wolf than GSD does.

      • Also, there are specialist in the field of DNA testing. It’s easy for them to say if a dog is a wolf hybrid.

      • Teri,
        You are the only person to call this dog by its real and proper name
        GSD. It is indeed.
        German Shepard DOG.

    • The more I thought about it the more I wondered how a 10 year old German that had never jumped the fence before did so at this age. Usually by 10 mine have been having trouble just jumping into the car let alone over a fence.

      • Hey Barkleys Mom,
        Your right! what aboul hip displasia.
        You got it
        Trechery against a human family and their well behaved family pet

      • That should have been German Shepherd, My typing is off today! You’d never suspect I made a living typing would you?

      • I cant believe you take the stupid things I say to you to heart Barkley’s Mom. I was trying to annoy you. its not how I really feel feel about you.

  27. This is highly illegal.

    Per Colorado exotic species law: “Section 1103, part A. Domestic animals – The following animals are considered domestic and are exempted from the requirements of Wildlife Commission regulations:

    Domestic dog (Canis familiaris) including hybrids with wild canids;

    Being wolf/dog hybrid, if he even is, then he is recognized by the State of Colorado as a domesticated dog and therefore, legal.

      • then its not set in stone it should be easy to challange. Lets do what a certian pop cultural figure does. he would sue. witch is just a way to buy time till we figure something out.

      • Teri what laws were broken other than the dog jumped the fence. Anyone else would have been given a citation, but, not in this case.

      • how can a law be broken in colorado if the family legally adoped from a colarado animal shelter?
        I would say its original adoption papers shown to the judge should be enough to get him out of this dangerious situation .

  28. are they nuts..DNA and all….Count the dogs teeth..Any one that knows anything about wolves know they have more teeth than a dog..And who cares anyway..Did she bite someone…NO Was there any aggression shown..NO…so give the family back there pet dog… YOU shouldn’t have any right legally to keep the dog if it hasn’t shown any agression or bad behavior..and IF it is a hybred its minimum..That is GS do…so sad people have to be bullied because someone has a badge and in control so they use it to keep a family seperated from there beloved dog.

  29. I do agree with some. Wolf hybrid or not. He is 10 years old. Hope they dont tear apart a family, right or wrong (on their assumption) wolf hybrid or not. He already doesn’t have that much time before he will pass. This jail sentence, will be tough on that ole boy!

  30. Big fish in a little pond, let it go., The dog has no red flags and is a well loved family member . No harm done, Thanks,

  31. This happens too much in Aurora. I’m going to bet that the shelter directer makes money off of this somehow.

    Maybe she gets a kickback from the animal behaviorists that people have to use? Maybe the city enjoys the funds it makes from the fines?

    It’s hard to get answers from Aurora.

    The citizens of Aurora are working on stopping this nonsense. Please pray that we do.

  32. I do believe their legislator is now involved with this case. There is another story now on this case saying that. It’s Nationwide news now too.

  33. Teri,
    Dont be so hard on your self. Your short comings are all part of the process. Dont worry. Youll get there

  34. Hey Barkly Mom And Teri,
    What !?
    Something flip your brains back to high school, girls room mentality? What Exactally did i do to you? Or any one?
    Whats Next?
    Are you Going to Beat me up after school?
    Whats the matter with You!?

  35. Teri,
    What is the misinformation I have given?
    Since youv pretty much been harassing me for days now with childish , envious slander.
    So ill make it easy. What is the misinformation? And on whos authorty? Is what I say deemed Misinformation?
    Show your work.

    • Ellen, if you are such a legal expert, what is the problem with telling people what your background or expertise is? Just claiming everyone on this site knows nothing about the law compared to you comes off beyond condescending. I can’t believe how you give no credentials or much fact to back you on many things and declare everyone else basically blabbering idiots and expect to make friends. These people are animal lovers and activists, myself included and are very passionate about these cases. I am a paralegal with a year of law school and I don’t claim to know everything about the law, but you would have to agree that some of the laws need reform because they are ridiculously antiquated. Maybe that’s the case here on why this poor dog was held, but who would know, if no details of why they took such action is even disclosed. Why is it so secretive regarding the dogs actions after the escape; did it or did it not do something that would warrant such a hold. “Looking” like a hybrid claimed by an animal control officer and not an expert should NOT be enough. That’s as idiotic as seizing all dogs that look similar to pit bulls (BSL). This caused this dog to be held at the owners expense, so I would think everyone would be transparent about what happened if that was justified. Lastly, I own a ranch with fish, birds, animals, and I did own a lovely, red wolf hybrid (mixed with Australian shepherd) and he lived a long peaceful , nonagressive life with me and some other rescues. All I want to know is, did this loving family get their pet back?

      • Sherry yes they did get Capone back. They didn’t have to pay for the boarding. I guess they didn’t update rabies vaccines and Capone was not registered. There is an update post about this story.

      • Sherry,
        Your Awesome. I think your being a little harsh with me. Im sure I did none of those things. I did not imply anything.I Just contribute my personal hands on experiance.
        I think what has happened in capones case. and this is what we pet rescue report people would probly agree is they had an M.O and People took it to the streets and the people and the dog won. I think these game wardens were trying to get away with it . Laws dont need to be changed they need to be challenged and redefined.Very few laws have been updated in the new century and recent dna tecnology is a big reason for the change.
        This was every bit a case of mistaken identity. And he was almost tried, convicted, sentanced and executed by a closed door kangaroo court. I think they would have lied about the results to save face. But im sure we both agree is that basic rights have have to be extended to the animal and wildlife world. Im curious about your wolf hound. Iv only known wolf/GSD mix. Your dog would be an intresting mix. A long standing cattle dog who works well with people and a wild child who likes do do his own thing. That could actally become a superior new dog breed. But im curious , were there others? and were they neutered? I wont reply. This Information helps me understand the world better.It would give me something to think about.

  36. Well well well having been an advocate all my life married to a police sergeant 35 years and a retired firefighter I am absolutely amazed at the ludicrous answers being given here so I’m going to put my two cents in
    1)here in Virginia Animal Control Officers attend the police academy for training that’s a three month school they are taught how to defend themselves and animal care is at the bottom of the list
    2)Colorado has always been known for its yuppie with it no knowledge laws and stupidity
    3) Animal Control Officrs are NOT above a licensed vet therefore who is at the top admin office that is allowing a less than minimum wage civil servant dictate bloodline in an domestic animal who is there just in a charge of being loose with permission
    4) Anyone who has been involved with animals at all can plainly see he is a shepherd mix the nose the tail the backbone but more importantly the facial features do not represent a member of the wolf species
    5)Has anyone there checked the upcoming political races is someone trying to get re-elected or running for a new office ?
    Because as far as I am concerned that’s the only reason this three ring circus is going on ! Not for the animals being it not for the good of the family just for the entertainment of some idiotic jackass
    And in my book animal control officers are the most inane incompetent pieces of trash I have ever met
    To even think they would have knowledge of different breeds or DNA has made my sides hurt from laughing
    Return the dog home to his owners and if owners have a great attorney file suit againest everyone who offered their half assed opinion !


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