College students expelled after sicko initiation contest to kill the biggest animal

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After disturbing photos and graphic footage of  college students stamping on a fox cub’s head and slitting its throat emerged and went viral on Snapchat and other social media venues, one student at  Hartpury College in Gloucestershire, has been expelled and other students suspended for the egregious acts of animal cruelty. Police and the RSPCA  continue to investigate claims of animal cruelty after a ten-second video showed a student stomping on the head of a fox and then slitting its throat.

According to the Daily Mail, a female freshman shared the ten-second video of the animal’s torture with the following explanation:

“Got the f*cker!”

Just days earlier, a dead cat had been found after a sophomore posted a photo holding the animal by its paw and smiling. Students called the photo and  deed, “pure evil.” What makes the torture of the animals and the alleged motivation of the students even more egregious are claims that the killing of the animals and then posting their photos, had been a competition to see who could kill the biggest animal. The cat belonged to two employees of the college who found their pet and originally thought she had been hit by a car.

Hartpury College has since expelled one of the students following the cat incident and announced that “students have been suspended” over the death of the fox.

Social media exploded with anger and disgust over the situation and called out the students as “subhuman scumbags.” The college has been facing harsh criticism for allegedly sweeping the disturbing incidents under the rug, and alumni, students and the public are calling for an independent investigation. Other students claim this sick competition has been going on for years – killing the largest fox, cat and badger.

Hartpury College teaches professional training in animal care, dog grooming, and equine studies. When police stated the fox cub had not been tortured, but instead had been struck by a vehicle, social media erupted questioning how a student shown beating it and slitting its throat could have been an act of animal compassion putting a suffering animal out of its misery. Students fear the cub had also been part of the hideous contest.

(Photos via screenshots from video and Daily Mail)

To view the brief video, click here. WARNING: Extremely disturbing and shows violence against a baby fox.

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20 replies
  1. Angela says:

    Discusting the students want expelling and locking up if they can do to a baby animal they can do it to a child young peodos there’s no difference !!

  2. resqdogz says:


    There is NO REDEMPTION for anyone who would participate in such barbaric acts as such an early age, and once that line has been crossed it becomes more and more easy to transgress yet again: ticking time bombs, domestic terrorists in the making…

    What conscientious enterprise would employ ANY student from this “College [that ostensibly] teaches professional training in animal care, dog grooming, and equine studies”???

    If I were a fellow-student there, I would sue each participant for the cost of my education AT ANOTHER INSTITUTION, since (if it’s true that this has been “going on for years”) no ethical business would hire a product of such a tarnished institution!

    My GOD, where are those prior graduates “practicing”… and what horrors have they committed, being so horribly desensitized by this “initiation ritual” in their formative collegiate experiences???

  3. maxiemom says:

    This is sickening, and those are monsters who belong behind bars for life. So this has been going on for years? Find every single one of the f*****s who participated and lock them up, too. Subhuman filth like this doesn’t deserve to walk around free, and certainly not where they can live normal lives, have children, and infect future generations.

  4. linda says:

    OMG! Such bastards! This is a school for animal care? I’m sure there are medical schools that could use a few cadavers

  5. Nancy Raymond says:

    Harpury’s only concern was the loss of college tuition – if social media had not posted this deplorable cruelty NOTHING would have been done – ALL of these piss poor examples of humans should have been expelled AND arrested for animal cruelty. Hartpury did as little as possible to punish them. These punks need a severe dose of street justice and I hope they get it. Sometimes nothing else works.

  6. Roselyne CORNETTE says:

    Tou les assassins d’animaux doivent être éliminés, ils ne méritent pas de respirer le même air que leurs victimes. Se sont des parasites, des dangers pour la société. Pas de pitié pour les barbares , adolescents ou adultes.

  7. Danielle says:

    Who raises these kids without compassion or respect for life? It’s scary that people can get enjoyment out of torturing and killing an innocent and defenseless animal. A baby fox, a cat??? This university had to know this was going on and I agree that if I had a child there I would sue for their tarnished reputation. I would think twice before hiring a student from here knowing they probably were aware of these horrific acts.

  8. PRICHARDS says:

    Suspended??? Good, but what about some serious time in prison to give them time to think about how those innocent animals felt.

  9. Kathy w brooks says:

    Harpury College needs to be investigated, as this has been going on for years. They should be shut down. The students involved, as well as those who are complicit, should be given a fair trial, to be followed immediately by the execution.

  10. Elaine Briden says:

    Those fucking monsters should be in jail, whats suspending or expelling going to do. That’s not teaching them anything, they are getting away with it. Send a strong message to other fucking misfit losers who get the idea and think its ok.

  11. Sherry says:

    This is so deranged and repulsive I had to skip over some of the gory details. Who the hell are they letting in to college these days? These people are and always will be ZEROES in society. You can’t punish them enough in my eyes. Stomach turning.

  12. Audrianna says:

    Wait I found the biggest animal! ITS THESE PILES OF GARBAGE!!! I guess we aren’t officially in The Purge now, can’t wait to see how they feel. Sicko, attacking a family cat & a poor baby fox. WHAT DID THAT FEMALE WENCH POST??! “Got the F**r”? Heartless evil SOB. They deserve this to follow them for the rest of their lives. Release names already!!!

  13. J. Martin says:

    I’d love to beat the fuck out of this evil POS and then cut this bastards balls/pecker off .. so the likes of him can never reproduce

  14. Bev Woodburn says:

    All the vile and evil animal torturing psychopathic depraved evil students must be all put to death by torture the same as these monsters committed against their innocent and helpless victims endured. Make sure to kill the monsters slowly and let them suffering in excruciating agony the same as their innocent victims endured. These monsters are the future serial killers so kill the vile and eviul monster now.


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