City worker who stabbed dog is fired

Dog stabbed by city worker
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A worker for the City of Buffalo, New York, has been fired from his job as a seasonal parks employee after a woman’s dog was stabbed. According to WGRZ News, 46-year-old James Craddock was not only fired from his position, but he is facing multiple charges, including aggravated cruelty to animals, criminal possession of a weapon and menacing.

Craddock is accused of getting out of a city vehicle to confront a woman who was walking her boxer mix. The city worker, make that former city worker, allegedly exchanged words with the woman and then stabbed her dog before driving away.

According to Fox 19, Jillian Mann’s dog, Audi, had to undergo emergency surgery for her wounds. She told the news agency that the stabbing appeared to be intentional, stating that it was, “like he wanted to kill her. He knew what he was doing. He wanted to kill her.”

Audi is recuperating from the attack at her home, but she has a long road to recovery. The city parks commissioner has assured the family that they will not need to worry about veterinary bills from the attack.

More news and updates at this link to National Animal News Facebook page – here.

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  1. Wow, there are decent people out there. Hats off to the City of Buffalo, New York’s Parks commissioner. Glad she doesn’t have to worry about the vet bills. Hope they put this barbarian UNDER the jail and forget him. Hope she and the dog recover from this. Prayers to you both.

  2. Workers exposed to dogs seem to try to get away with murder and then have their employer protect them. WILL NOT WORK. It started not working whe\n meter men would kick people’s dogs. Stabbing and hurting in any way is unforgivable. Hope the judge nails him properly.

  3. Ok, what is missing here, a city worker just stops his car gets into an argument with a woman and stabs her dog? Why? I’m am glad the POS was fired and charge for this and that the city is paying the vet bills but what the H is going on? Prayers for this woman and her dog, I can’t imagine this is so strange!

  4. SINCE this PUKE is a Federal Employee and was working at the time this is a federal case and HE NEEDS to be placed in a federal for a long! long! long! time…

  5. Glad City of Buffalo is paying all bills and this guy gets put in jail for a long time. Although the recovery will take a while, the doggie is on the road and she will have a good life with her guardian.

  6. I live in Buffalo, NY and am so proud that the city stood up and did the right thing – this hunk of maggot puke got exactly what he deserved – this guy has harassed the woman before – expressed his hatred for pit bulls and finally got his useless ass fired for attacking Audi. He is also facing aggravated animal cruelty charges and I hope we have a judge with a backbone who will give this scumbag the maximum. Audi is recovering at home and I hope he gets the justice he deserves.


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