Chihuahua dressed as ‘It’ clown takes over social media

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In Rochester, New York, there’s no shortage of Stephen King’s popular novel “It” fans. In fact, a 13-year-old blind Chihuahua named Wiskey might be a huge follower – that is according to the pint sized pooch’s human, Mercedes Murray.

According to  Mercedes’ Facebook, who admits to being  an avid horror movie fan, especially likes the character of Pennywise. And for those unfamiliar with the book or the movie, that creepy Pennywise is the dressed up clown that reeks havoc wherever he appears. According to CBS News, the little pooch gets dressed in an outfit everyday, and appropriately dresses up for every holiday.

As pictured, Mercedes decided on the Pennywise persona for Halloween, and even though she can’t sew well, she obviously has a great imagination.

“I can’t sew, but I took a lot of hours to figure it out. I sewed the little sleeves. I made sure he had three ruffles, I got the balloon,” Mercedes stated.

And then came the clown hair wig made by gluing tiny pieces to a sock. Next came the perfect setting as he posed in front of a drain pipe. Why … of course!

“The first people to share it were in different countries so I really underestimated the power of the internet and social media, really underestimated it,” said Murray.

And after more than 123,907 shares (as of yesterday’s count), Wiskey now has his own “fun” page on Facebook. After all Halloween can be fun for our pets too – as long as we are all very careful. Some pets just don’t want to get dressed up, but that’s okay too!

(Photo via Facebook)

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