Charges or not? Decision reached after utility worker kills dog in yard

Utility worker accused of killing dog
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Last Friday, a utility worker contracted to do surveying for AT&T fatally shot a dog who was inside of her yard in Livonia, Michigan. According to Monday’s Fox 2 Detroit News, the man who fired the gun will not face any charges.

According to the shooter, a man who works for Metro Engineering Solutions, the dog lunged at him from a yard next door to where he was attempting to read a meter. The dog, named “Katie,” was in her own yard which was surrounded by an invisible fence.

According to the prosecutor, the worker had no way of knowing that the dog was contained by an invisible fence, so he was within his rights to shoot her. AT&T has released a statement about the tragic situation which ended the dog’s life:

“1. We expect our employees to comply with all applicable laws.
2.  We are aware of the situation, reviewing the circumstances and surrounding facts, and conducting our own investigation.  Once that investigation is complete, the Company will determine whether any additional action regarding its employee is necessary.
3.  We’ve instructed our employee to fully comply with local police in all respects, if requested.
4. The Company is also prepared to fully cooperate with the police, if requested.
5. At this stage, the Company has not been advised by the police as to whether they believe that any laws have been violated.
6. If and when such a determination is made, the Company will be prepared to take that fact into consideration.”

Share your thoughts in the comments – was the employee within their rights to shoot Katie? Should utility workers be allowed to carry a gun?

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    • AGAIN LIES TO COVER UP MURDER!!!!!! this POS needs to be fired and jailed….the dog was in her yard and because he says “she lunged” that makes it ok a family member is killed – THATS NOT JUSTICE…..this company should be ashamed of themselves…this poor dog is dead because of a gun happy animal hater….no contact with the owners that the dog was doing anything towards his safety NO JUST BLEW THE DOG AWAY..LIES AND LIES….SHAME ON ALL INVOLVED….hells waiting for this creep…..THIS DOG DESERVES JUSTICE….TRASH SUB HUMAN

  1. I can see both sides of this story, I think the worker did not know there was an invisible fence for this dog, there should be large signs for this and he should be aware of that. That being said I really don’t think that utility workers need to carry guns.

  2. Sorry. I totally disagree with this decision. In many areas without fenced yards, staking pets or electronic fences are “the norm”……. VERY common in the Midwest, East and South…….

    This cruel POS simply wanted to kill a helpless animal and should be terminated from his job ASAP…….

    This cruel POS and the companies he works with should all get sued by the pet owners…….

    Hope he gets some “street justice” ASAP……. If my furbaby had been killed in my own yard, I would be finding a way to get even…… legal or otherwise……..

  3. This is EXACTLY what I expected! I wish nothing but bad for this dog killer! I hope the rest of his life is overflowing with pain, misery and bad luck! He is a POS! And I’m shocked that AT&T allows their employees to be working with a loaded gun,it’s unacceptable and dangerous! Is he going to shoot a customer that startles him or catches him off guard? Just another example of a dogs life having no value to humanity! AT&T should be sued because this dog did not need to be killed,and as far as not knowing about the electric fence….I don’t buy it because of the very prominate collar dogs wear when there is an electric fence! SMH

    • I’ve had an invisible fence for over 25 years and most people (at least if they have any brains) can tell my dogs are contained in one by where they run. This scares me that someone can shoot a dog in it’s own yard and get away with it! This also scares me that a meter reader is wandering around residences with a loaded gun! I would also like to know if this moron had a permit to carry! I would be suing this POS and AT&T!

  4. NO he was NOT within his rights to shoot a dog in another yard and NO he should NOT be carrying a gun while he is reading meters! This enrages me! My dogs are contained in an invisible fence and so help me if this POS had killed one of my dogs, there wouldn’t be a need for charges as I would most likely take matters into my own hands. The bottom line is the dog WAS in a fence, whether he knew it or not and I can’t believe the dog even got close enough to “lunge” at the jerk. May be the “law” is protecting this POS but I would be suing him and AT&T! I haven’t had much use for AT&T in the first place and this certainly won’t make me want to deal with them EVER!!

  5. THERE SHOULD HAVE BEEN CHARGES BROUGHT AGAINST THE WORKER AND THE COMPANY. There is NO excuse for this murder. This dog was in HIS OWN YARD and no where near this worker. What is a utility worker doing with a gun in the first place??? Really!! Is a meter going to jump them and take their pencil away from them. This is sickening. I would do everything in my power to sue everyone of them. You don’t know just how PISSED I am right now.

  6. How can a dog lunged towards someone from an invisible fence in one yard to another? This doesn’t sound right. If the dog escaped from the invisible fence that would be a different story.

  7. straight up Bull Shit, whatever happened to discharging fire arm in residential area,nevermind the dog was on its property, get a lawyer and sue the shit out of them, may not bring pup back but maybe get some satisfaction

  8. I DO NOT LIKE the invisible fence….due to this reason. THEY CAN’T BE SEEN!!! However, I can not believe AT&T allows guns to be carried on the job. Why not just carry mace or pepper spray? Killing an animal that is in his yard…is just not right. Granted this guy could not see the invisible fence, but I do not think he should be allowed a gun on the job. He is a meter reader….not a banker or jewelry sales person!!!!


  10. Why on earth did he have a GUN ON THE JOB? I have never heard such crap. I hope there is justice for this dog that lost her live for no good reason.

  11. Another cover up for a utility worker who carries a gun to work – I don’t believe one word of this piss ass story – he killed a dog for protecting its own property – the dog could not have come near him w/an invisible fence – this whole story stinks to high heaven –

  12. What a crap result. I would petition the court. Watch lots of us sign. Poor baby was in her own yard. If she lunged at a utility worker she saw him way before the line of the fence. To carry a gun to work because he might experience something? Next could be a dead human. He needs prosecuted and a civil suit.

  13. What a SORRY ASS state of affairs. Once again, the authorities do NOTHING and the hideous abuse and cruelty towards animals continues to escalate. There are evil freaks out there that are going to continue bringing society down until government does something to harshly punish them. It’s not as tho this psycho woman shot a tin can. This was a pet in her own damn back yard. SICKENING>


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