Caught on video: Three thieves try to steal a puppy from Ventura adoption event

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Does anyone recognize these three individuals? A security video from a Ventura, California animal rescue organization captured three thieves attempting to steal a puppy Wednesday evening. According to the Facebook page of Paw Works, three individuals entered the adoption center located in the Pacific View Mall shopping center and tried to steal a fluffy little dog named Ripley.

The public is being asked to look at the photos and read the descriptions of the suspects:

Wanted individuals for theft:

1. White/Hispanic looking female. She is 5’4″ ish black hat, black shirt and blue jeans. Despite the appearance in the photo this was a female.

2. White/Hispanic male with a dachshund terrier mix.

3. White/Hispanic female with what looked to be a one month old tabby kitten with white paws.

Paw Works volunteers are concerned these people might be going around the area of Ventura stealing pets. The other pets the thieves were carrying did not come from Paw Works. Please contact the police or Paw Works if anyone had any information. Ripley is safe.

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  1. These criminals need to be found immediately! Who knows what kind sick perverted torture they are putting these poor animals through!

  2. OMG! These poor animals! This is a nightmare,so very worried about these poor animals! Praying these crooks are identified and throw in jail

  3. Oh dear heavenly father do not let these worthless excuse for human harm these babies. PLEASE REPORT THESE MONSTERS if you know them!!!


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