Cattle fell from overpass

Cattle fell to their death from freeway overpass after truck crash

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Drivers on  I-15 , near Riverdale, Utah, were met with a horrific scene on Wednesday after a truck crash. According to KUTV News, cattle being transported in a semi-truck fell from an overpass onto the freeway below when the truck crashed – many of the cows died and others were injured.

The truck carrying the cattle was traveling on Interstate-84 when the accident occurred – according to the Salt Lake Tribune, the weight from the cattle shifted and the truck turned over. The state patrol has reported that the driver of the truck was speeding.

The accident killed many cows, but the number dead has not been released.

(Screenshot via Salt Lake Tribune)

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11 replies
  1. Christine Brown says:

    The driver should be charged reckless driving and be made by the courts to pay the bill with the cows who have died and injured. Lose his job. Have his driving license taken away from him and do time in prison

  2. Adrienne says:

    Driver was speeding and hope he died since he caused this tragedy. Hopefully the cattle that died went immediately and the others will be ok, even though I am certain they are not going to a free life.

  3. Truth777 says:

    Hope they get a Sanctuary out there to help alive down cows now.. and the ones still alive. Im sure the dead cow will be slaughtered … hope they make sure they are all the way dead.. and not butcherd alive just because they are DOWN.

  4. Dee pruitt says:

    As much as I HATE to say it, the COWS are better off dieing this way. It’s a shame they weren’t all killed. Do you have any idea what men working in a slaughter house do to THESE POOR CREATURES before they MURDER them ? They are TORTURED !! These people who work at these horrific places are heartless soul less zombies with no conscience !!!


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