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Cat rescue issues heartfelt plea for two bonded and overlooked pit bulls

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A cat rescue group has issued a heartfelt plea on behalf of two bonded, and overlooked, pit bulls. Two days ago, the group, Magnificat Cat Rescue and Rehoming, reached out to Facebook followers about the bonded dogs who desperately need somewhere to go (together).

The group first explained the sad sight inside of a Newark animal shelter:

Yes, we know we’re a CAT rescue. But when we went to the Newark, NJ animal shelter this week, we had to walk through the room with the dog kennels to get to some cats. What we saw made us want to cry: cage after cage with pit bulls and pit bull mixes, the kind that always end up in municipal shelters and rarely get adopted.

And then highlighted the bonded dogs who were snuggled together in one kennel:

We stopped short at a double cage, where one bed was empty and the other held two pit bulls, a grey one on the bottom and a black one sleeping on top of him, in exactly the same position, head resting on head. They looked like a dog sandwich. We tried to get a picture of them that way, but the one on top opened an eye and was immediately galvanized by the appearance of visitors.

The sweet boys (who are said to be brothers) were “mad with joy” to see human visitors. The rescue described the joyous greeting:

Grey Dog and Black Dog went mad with joy at meeting us. We’re cat people, as you know, but for a crazy moment, as we were being licked and pawed by these two lover boys, we almost changed allegiance (don’t tell our cats!). We hated saying goodbye almost as much as they did. Their tails drooped as they were being led away, and they turned to give us one last pleading look.

The dogs are in need of a home together. Please take a moment to network their adoption information.

  • Identification numbers: gray one is #18370 and the black one is #18371
  • Newark, New Jersey
  • Animal shelter website here
  • Facebook thread here



22 replies
  1. Roselyne CORNETTE says:

    Il leurs faut une famille aimante rapidement, surtout ne pas les séparer. Se sont des amours de tendresse. Faites qu’ils soient sauvés.

  2. Rosemary says:

    With everyone banning the breed of Pitt bulls and crosses, just what do you think is going to happen to all those that are in rescue centres? NO ONE wants to adopt because of the stigma “they are a vicious and uncontrollable breed”
    Most if not all of these beautiful creatures will be put down just for that reason.
    It’s not the breed but the irresponsible owners that should be held accountable. They are the ones that train these dogs for fighting and then throw them away when they can’t make enough money from fights or breeding.
    Hopefully those two pitties will be able to find their forever home, together. Here’s hoping.

  3. Kathleen Drude says:

    I live in New Jersey and the fact that the shelters here are filled with pit bulls is heart breaking because it’s thru no fault of their own! These beautiful loving dogs have a reputation that they don’t deserve! This story has just thrown the spotlight on what the breed is all about! They are fiercely loyal, loving, mushes! They love nothing better than to cuddle with you! The fact that a crew who rescues cats has made a plea on behalf of these two means a lot! Please there must be a family out there who has a home and room for two very special kids! They must not be separated that they would not survive!

    • Darla says:

      It speaks volumes about these dogs to have a cat rescue trying to help. It’s heartbreaking to see all of the pitbulls in shelters.

  4. Nancy Raymond says:

    PLEASE SOME KIND PERSON RESCUE THESE TWO BOYS – Pit Bulls are NOT vicious, dangerous animals – they are loving faithful beautiful dogs – it is the fkng dirtbag humans who have given them the undeserved reputation – HUMANS ARE THE DANGEROUS ANIMAL.

    • Sherry says:

      Nancy, you are so right! Pit bulls are one of my favorite breeds . They are loyal, funny and loving. I have a ten year old pit bull that has been my best friend for nine years and she is a gentle giant. She is the most docile dog I have ever owned! All that pit bull hype is human’s fault. Like Caeser Milan said “Don’t fear the breed! Fear the owner!! They say Pit bulls are euthanized more than double the amount of other breeds and they are the most abused dog as well. So sad. I speak out on behalf of them and hope others like you will continue to speak up and defend this mistreated, misunderstood breed.

  5. Kranky says:

    These are the most loving dogs you will ever get so bloody sad they are all pining away for love. It is all human beings bloody fault. Dogs only want to be LoVED ????????????????

  6. Phyllis. Goicoechea says:

    It’s humans fault their is so many homeless animals because of being to cheap to have them fixed , and then when they have babies they dump them! It should be our responsibility to take care them by adopting them our donating money to keep them out of kill humane society’s or shelters.I hope they get adopted because they are sweet dogs.

  7. Ruth Muir says:

    Contact Villalobos Rescue in New Orleans, LA. Owned and operated by Tia Maria Torres and her family. They are dedicated to Pitties and make every effort to keep bonded animals together. She has the show on Animal Planet, Pitbulls & Parolees. They might be able to offer some help. They need to stay together. Hoping for that ❤????????????????

  8. Mel Trott says:

    Pit bulls are such lovely dogs!!! The responsibility is with the one holding the lead not the breed!!! Anyone blaming the dog is damn foolish!!! I hope these two lovely dogs find a home together!!! They must not be separated they’ll die unfortunately!!! The same as if they stay at the shelter!!! If you can help please find it in your heart too help these loving animals!!! ????????????????????????????????????????


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