Careful: Fall in love with ‘trick loving’ Aussie shelter pup

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At the Ventura County Animal Services located in Camarillo, California, animal advocate and popular volunteer Jill Dyche has a special way with shelter dogs. Besides being the vice president of a software company, a best-selling business book author and an ardent lover of cupcakes, nothing takes the place in this woman’s heart more than a dog in need. And Oreo, an Aussie mix was no different; he was an owner surrender, but there’s no mistaking how smart this dog is and with just a little encouragement is talents quickly emerge:

“Oreo LOOKS like one of those scruffy terriers that guy rescues and then trains to do all those insane tricks on TV. So we decided to see if he knew any tricks.”

It didn’t take long before Oreo “showed his stuff.” With a few treats as an incentive, Oreo sat on command, gave the “high five” and rolled over. Someone loved him at one time, so why not again? According to his description on Jill’s Facebook page, the shelter describes Oreo’s disposition:

“The shelter says Oreo is a 9 year-old  ‘Aussie mix,’ but whatever. We think he’s younger (7?) and we KNOW he’s a terrier. He is quiet in his kennel and a ‘gentleman.’ Though a bit nervous when he first entered the play yard (he kept to himself and was skittish), Oreo warmed up. Big time. Again, watch his video.

He’s good with other dogs, but we’ll say no little kiddos as Oreo can be initially nervous around people. He’d be the perfect family pet with older kids. God knows what tricks he could learn next.”

Oreo: #A468231
Ventura County Animal Services
Ventura County Animal Services
600 Aviation Dr.
Camarillo, CA 93010
(805) 388-4341

Adoption Hours:
7 Days a week, 1:00pm – 6:00pm

(Photo and video of Oreo the Aussie via Jill Dyche with Ventura County Animal Services)

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Check out Jill’s interview with Oreo. This is one special dog. Please share his story with friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives.


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  1. What a star already!! Thank you, Jill, for taking the time to “showcase” this angel!! Please give us update on his “sure-to-be-soon” ADOPTION!!!!


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