Man wanted in machete attack has been captured

Captured: Man wanted for stabbing dog with machete

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A man wanted for a machete attack on a woman and her dog has been captured. According to Monday’s MassLive, the suspect, identified as 45-year-old Thomas Vargus, was arrested in Pennsylvania on Sunday.

Vargus allegedly launched a vicious machete attack on a dog in Taunton, Massachusetts, on September 18. After the attack, the Taunton Police Department recounted the crime to Facebook followers:

As you may recall, on September 18, 2017 a male party attacked a dog outside of a residence in the area of 21 Church Street. Witnesses reported a male subject attacking a woman and her dog.
The suspect was described as a male party dressed in black with tattoos on his neck. When officers arrived the witnesses stated that the male party was screaming “I’m going to kill this ****ing dog. During the attack on the dog the owner was injured as well. The female victim sustained many wounds from the attack.

Acting on a tip, multiple agencies worked together to apprehend Vargus at a home in Marcus Hook. Vargus will be sent to Massachusetts to face his charges for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and animal cruelty.

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6 replies
  1. Barbara Garabedian says:

    Sick bastard I hope you die & be kiilled with a machete I & die from n the door y deserve god bless doggie I pray he will be back to health bg

  2. Adrienne says:

    A “pretty face” only a mother would love-NOT! What is wrong with people and what makes them do insane things like this. A machete? Just happens to be carrying one around? Lock him up and never let him out again. Better yet, this country should find a deserted island and put these cretins all together and let them duke it out. Drop food and other essentials off by plane and when that island gets too crowded, find another. Then hopefully normal people can be safe again.

  3. Red says:

    HOPE THIS USELESS excuse of skin is NEVER released. He needs to be locked up with a very large, mean, nothing to lose animal lover!!!!

  4. Nancy Raymond says:

    Thomas Vargus needs to be treated EXACTLY as he treated an innocent dog and a defenseless woman – may he get a l-o-n-g prison sentence and some seasoned inmates find him in the yard, give him a shank in the gut he so well deserves – and, oops, no CO happens to see it.


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