California couple accused of torturing a young boy

Couple accused of torturing a boy
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A couple in Murrieta, California, has been arrested on accusations that they tortured a young boy. According to Thursday’s KTLA News,  the child is in “grave condition, and his father, 33-year-old Benjamin Matthew Whitten, is behind bars.

The local authorities arrested Whitten, a Navy machinist, and his 25-year-old girlfriend, Jeryn Johnson, after finding the five-year-old child with severe injuries and comatose, on Tuesday. The authorities were alerted to the situation when Whitten called 911 to report a medical emergency with the boy.

Responding officers noted that the boy was “frail and malnourished.” Neighbors observed paramedics performing CPR on the boy before he was taken to a hospital for care.

The authorities were able to get a search warrant for the couple’s home – they discovered 11 dogs, four cats and some fish living in the residence which was described as “extremely unsanitary.” According to CBS Los Angeles, the couple had a “passion” for rescuing neglected dogs.

The boy was air-lifted to another hospital in San Diego County – he is said to be still “fighting for his life.” The couple is facing multiple charges, including torture and child abuse.


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  1. I will never be able to wrap my mind around the horror that the monsters out there, masquerading as humans,can do to their fellow human beings,children and animals! And just like the innocent animals, the evil scum that hurt,torture and kill helpless children never seem to get enough punishment for what they do! I have lost count of the horrific cases of child abuse and child murder where the perpetrator gets as little as 10,12,15 years of incarceration! I strongly believe that if u snuff out the life of a child it should be a MANDATORY life without parole sentence! I’m beyond sickened by the unimaginable suffering and pain this poor little angel had to endure! These maggots do not deserve to breathe our air! I have a feeling this little boy is not going to survive this unimaginable,horrific torture that was inflicted upon him! Wonder where this child’s mother is. SO,SO SICKENING!!!!!

  2. I expect since a human child is the victim that these two hunks of maggot shit will get severe punishment and yet those that torture and abuse animals get no punishment.


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